My love for you kkb… episode 9


Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for this love and support.. lokha sis.. I will obey all your orders…. so be happy.. now back to story…

Abhi takes water bottle from car.. and gives to pragya.. pragya drinks water…
Ab; just relax… take a deep breath it will make you relieve from tension..
Pr; then why abhi.. its not possible for you… why can’t you control your emotions… abhi have no answer to tell her.. as he knew that what is said is right.. abhi.. it’s always like this.. in case of love… there are some people who love to be loved.. but they will not get a true love.. some people will get it… they will love each so deeply… but they too lose their love.. only some people are too luckier to be loved by someone.. and live with the same.. abhi… why this love is such a complicated thing… but a simple feeling… abhi smiled by her question…
Ab; pragu… no one in the world doesn’t understand what love really is.. love is a simple feeling.. deep enough… cute… filled with emotion.. as this is a such feeling so there will be complication… the one who solve all this complication is entering to a beautiful world of love that’s why…
Pr; but… there are still less people who will solve all this… some drop it with first footsteps..some at middle.. some goes till last part just one step to that world… but they step back..
Ab; yes…
Pr; abhi can I ask you one thing..
Ab; yes pragu..
Pr; abhi. How much you love your sree..
Ab; Pragu.. I don’t knew till now how much.. but now I live my life just for her… I want to make her alive in me.. otherwise.. I will… and look at pragya… and remained silent… let’s stop the topic…
Pr; k…

They start their journey again… and reached at tsan island…
Pragya is moving the curtain of her room.. and sees door to balcony and goes there.. and look at the blue sea… feel its soothing breeze… it was at that time abhi enters..
Ab; pragu… can I ask you something.. I don’t knew if I have the right to knew about it.. but I feel if we share our sorrow or anything in our heart to some other person it will be good.. not to the person who is close to you.. share it with a stranger.. in our case we are like that n.a…. pragya look at abhi..
Pr; abhi.. you can ask me anything no need of this much…
Ab; sometimes we need it… as I am asking you about your personal matters..
Pr; k… I knew you want to knew who is arjun.. and if he is my lover.. then why maa.. couldn’t allow us together…
Ab; yes..
Pr; abhi… how will I introduce him to you… I see arjun first…

Fb shows..
Pragya is walking through the road with her bags to college… and she is going to cross the road as bus stop is on other side.. it was that time her eyes falls on a person.. who is struggling to cross the road.. he is a blind person…. he ask her to let him help to cross the road.. pragya smiling agreed.. and hold his hands and help in crossing…
Man; thanks…

Pragya stands in bus stop waiting for bus.. at that time bus comes… pragya moves to get bus.. but it doesn’t stop.. but at this time she saw something which make her shock.. it was the person which she helps sometime before.. he is running behind the bus.. but he fails.. with sad face when he turns see pragya… he smiles foolishly.. pragya gave an death glare..
Person; sorry chashmish…
Pr; what chashmish…
Per; the one who wear chashma is chashmish right.. and don’t look at me Like that.. I am not a blind person.. I can see everything.. even that bulging eyes in your eye socket which is in way of swallowing me.. actually I have a problem..
Pr; problem??
Per; yes one syndrome..
Pr; what?
Per; I am feared to cross the roads.. I can’t do it alone.. I need someone help if I ask anyone help directly they thought that I am joking.. so I did this idea.. sorry for making you fool..
Pr; I knew its all cheap boys plans to be with girls..
Per; hey chashmish.. mind your language I am not a person as you think…
Pr; what ever you are I don’t care… she goes…
Per; this much Attitude to girls is not right.. she don’t knew who is this arjun..

After sometime…
In a class room… some group of people enters the Class.. where actually class is going on..
One student, sir.. we came here for election campaign..
Sir; k carry on..
Student, hello everyone… I am not familiar to all of you.. as you all are first years… I am arjun… second year student of bsc electronic… I am going to participate in union election as chairperson.. so please support if you all trust me..

A girl voice is heard… how can we trust a person who is so coward.. how can he full fill all the responsibility all students look at her.. it was none other than pragya… ar; chashmish.. tum..
Sir; if your campaign over.. please leave.. all leaves.. arjun and pragya look at each other..
Arjuns friend riya: arjun… who is she…
Ar; miss. Attitude..
Ri: what?
Arjun explained everything happened to her.. she started to laugh aloud..
Ar; don’t laugh it’s all because of you.. everyday you came to help me.. and we go together right.. but today without informing me you left.. then what will I do..
Ri; you can ask any boys help right..
Ar; as I see such a beautiful gorgeous… then how can I..
Ri; what?
Ar; nothing… screen freezes on arjuns face..
Episode ends..

I knew its small.. try to upload something long…

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