My life with you (os)

hey guys this is ____ I”m a silent reader but i thought of wriitng this os only for sissy srimathi who is celebrating her bdy tmrw so i wish u a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
(dont mind if there r lot of correction):-)

The bell rings as pragya entered the classroom everyone is happy to see her after long days all had a enjoyment and the class overs she went out he saw him “Oh no again how many times i have to say him” as soon the skl ends she was walking in the campus path to reach the bus she moves to ano path were there is no bus as she saw our rockstar car abhi was waiting in the campus for her till morning (some small fights of abhigya made them seprate ) as pragya was in her mother home not went to mm for 2 weeks as abhigya was confessed to each other but she came to her mom hse as she was missing her mom

As she passes abhi’s car abhi stops her pragya”Im really sorry i have’nt been with u like that pls let start from first just for small fights ur putting so much senes to bad fuggy”
pragya says”how may times i said don’t come to the campus why can’t u understand”.abhi”Fuggy im ur hubby i have whole rights on u”.Finally abhi convienced her to go to MM.
as dadi was so happy to see her back from her home they have some chit chats in the hall abhi was looking at her but she don’t mind it and start to chat with other as abhi went to his room by seeing her behaviour”

as it was late all went to their own rooms pragya went to her room he saw abhi was laying on bed she knew about it she can’t even see him like this
she goes and layher head on his chest abhi i think u may be angry on me right but i so sorry i wont be with u like this promise.But abhi don’t mind r see r listen her she felt sad to bring back him she just kiss his left cheek but he doesnt respond so she give ano 1 in right cheek he even does’nt respond to it then she came closer to him lips soon she crushed her on his first abhi dosen’t respond for it soon it bcm more passionate for them….
As abhi started her kiss all over her body by making her comfortable with him for pragya it’s not rare it’s usual to make him engertic soon they started to roll over one another and they made this night more lovable for them(i dont know to write mature content 🙂

As pragya wake up to see abhi”s arm on her and some of their clothes on her she remembered how weird they were last night.soon she went to washroom and get ready for skl as abhi was sleeping in bed like a kid.She kept his morning coffee and placed a kiss on his forehead
It was nearly 9 pm
Abhi woke and see and shout Fuggy….fuggy…
robin enter and says sir mam went to skl at 8:00 itself sir
abhi soon drink the coffee and start to compose music as valentines day is coming soon and want to give her a surprise
As time went it was nearly 6:00
pragya entered the room and see abhi in the balcony as he was drinking she cant see him drinking so she went to correct some papers
It’s nearly to 10:00 abhi came inside and see her correcting the papers
pragya was in a mind to say to abhi abt her contunation of her job but seeing his state he thought to discuss it later

As it was nearly 2 weeks gone
pragya was coming to home only at 6:00 r sometime 7:30 due to some night studies
one day abhi said her directly that ur my wife but u r not caring me only caring abt urself and scold her as she can understand the pain not as a teacher as a wife
So she started to live in home not to go for skl for job she took care of him but she stop speaking with him and sleeping with me abhi felt something to make her happy and pragya also thought abt something

As abhigya are talking with both of them and caring abt each other soon they bcm to attach with each other like before but they r prending to be angry on each other one day abhi went to his concert and pragya also came to concert but bcs of osme drouziness she came bck to home saying to dadi as the concert was over abhi searches for pragya but she was not here soon all went to home abhi rushed tohis room and see pragya was feeling some more dizzy he was abt to call the doctor but pragya refuses as abhi agreed and soon the slept in each other arms

As days passed it was valentines day abhi woke up soon and decorate the room with lot of flowers and lot of her pics in his room pragya woke up to see this she was so happy as she was till dizzy as abhi say her get ready soon as tdy is valenties day and presents a red nettes saree where she is most naked as abhi came to home night and wonder is she is my fuggy?!!! aww fuggy ur to beautiful said abhi. Pragya “tq my darling” as abhi hold her hands and rush her towards down.”Ouchhhh! its paining said pragya.abhi turned towards her and askes waht happened are u alright.”You are hurting others”said pragya cutely. Abhi was clueless and thinks whom does other refer to when we r only in this room.
Pragya thinks he understand it.Abhi does’nt understand anything and pragya gives some clue and kept her hand in her tummy.Abhi asks did u have stomach problem tdy oh no all plans r wasted and started to bla bla .Pragya thinks it useless to give him a clue soon she bring the report of her pregnancy and abhi was happy to read it and she lift her and start to spin pragya stop it!!!abhi kepp his ears on her tummy and start to speak hey my lil princess mein tumhara papa hi!!.Pragya says how u know it would be a princess no a prince when a princess have it it must be a princess like u and abhigya went to the concert and abhi says to all his fans That junior princess like my wife r a juniour mehra was coming everyone was every happy to hear and abhi start to sing tum hi ho for his pyari wife

as months passed pragya delivered a beautiful princess as abhi” wish abhi was very happy to hear that the mother and the child was healthy soon abhi and bulbul started to fight for a name and finally abhi selected the name SRI as everyone gave them privacy abhi was pragya was seeing theri cute pricess and abhi says that it has ur mouth pragya says it has ur eyes to tiny the family end with their precious smile on their face
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
so i hope all liked it pls comment me to show ur support and i wish my sissy srimathi
A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SISSY (actually tmrw is ur bdy but tmrw is skl for me do i can’t upload it on morning so i update it tdy itself dont mind me)

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  1. Srimathi

    Sruthi my cutie pie I never expected this u ll write an OS aww that was so cute…U r awesome and beyond the age hats off…..Honestly im dumbstrucked such a cute gift from my dear sister love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a lot………………….big hugggieeeeeeeeeee and tons and tons of kisses muaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-* :-* :-* loads and loads of love thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much feeling filled love u a lot baby………Long live,,,stay blessed…god bless sweeeto…………… u love u loveu love u………….

    1. Riyashri

      Tisha Di Pretty Please ……..Update your next update and Pls do read My Comment as I can’t meet u but can only tell what I wanted to tell u WHOLE-HEARTEDLY !!! Love U Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………………………………………………………………….Much…………………….. HAPPY B’DAY Sri Akka !!!

    2. advance happy birthday baby

      1. Wish u a very happy birthday in advance ??.May God fill ur life with full of love and happines.?

    3. sritz aka sruthi

      my plsu sis u deserve to be happy in this world u bcm my happiness even when u make me smile r sad actually when ur busy in ur work i was happy and feel proud to be ur sis everytime i don’ know u loved it r not but stay blessed
      PS:- actually im in comment blocker on insta so only cant wish u dear sorry

  2. Hai sritiz beautiful gift for u give it to srimathi… so sweet super…

    Hai srimathi sis advance “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

    1. sritz aka sruthi

      ahh tq sugan

  3. Suha

    nice os.. write more..

    happy birthday srimathi sis!!!

    1. sritz aka sruthi

      Soon ill try to post more tq so much suha

  4. it was super i loved it

    1. sritz aka sruthi

      tysm monesha love u

  5. Superb os loved it??and sri akka means is it my dear tisha diii if yes iam really happy but whoevr may be advanced happy bday?and if its my tisha diiii a very very happy bday diii love u loads???

    1. sritz aka sruthi

      tq saranaya di love u

  6. Riyashri

    That’s really sooooooooooo sweet of u ! I too love her soooooooooo much
    Sri akka if u read see this comment then please do check your eternal love FF epi 39 comments I had already wished u in advance !! Hope u see it and know that u Hav A Sis (me) who will be Loving u forever !!! Love u loads Sri akka !
    Once again in advance “HAPPY B’DAY “!

    1. Riyashri

      If u get time Tisha di Please do read Comment no 21 and 22 without fail in your last update of Eternal Love FF !!

  7. wow..supr… nice…

  8. VarshaVenkat

    It was lyk…”wowowowowoow”…I cant say anything….also d way it ended was short . Sweet…..lovely…..n convey my wishes for ur sissy….srimathi…..ok na…di??

  9. nice……..

  10. Fabulous and fantastic

  11. superb OS KEEP ROCKING nd SRI diiii wish u a vrry happy b’day rock ur lyf in ur style dii bcoz its the best than nything loads nd loads of love keep nailing ours nd urs world lv uuuuu muaaaahhhhhhhh

  12. Hai Sri advance “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Intha birthdaku ungalooda anaithu azaigalum ninaiveranumnu god kitta pray pandran and then repeated INIYA PRANTHANAL NALVALTHUKKAL

  13. Srimathi

    Thank u each and every feeling blessed that u all wished me in advance thank u so so much Humbled thanks again stay blessed always God bless all ??????????

  14. Advance happy birthday ???????
    May god bless u ???nd missng if ff very much try 2 upload it pls?enjoy ur day

  15. awesome in advance happy b day darling

  16. awesome in advance happy b day darling ??????????????????

  17. Many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday Tisha (sri). ..n waiting for ur ff enternal love

  18. its awesomeeeeee ya sritz………………….OMG u said 2morow is hr bday tat means today…………today is tisha diiii’s bday……. Mannnnnnnnyyyyyyy more HAPPY returns of te day diiiii……….. may u get all te happiness nd sucess in te world……….. may god shower all te love nd blessing on u!!!! LOVE U A LOTTTTTT DIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIIIIIII………..Muuaahhh…………

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