My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 31..Anshi Surprises Everyone..


Shivani in shock..
sh:-are you crazy!!!
Ak:-I’m not..
but you should come tomorrow …
i can’t aki..
aka:-shhhh… tomorrow is my birthday! ☺
Sh:-wow… it’s amazing but ..
aki :-come on yar..
your my best friend yah.. please ….
don’t disappoint me tomorrow ..
tomorrow is special for me…
I’ll introduce you to my family …
shi:- I don’t like this party and celebration ..
aki:- If i told tommorow in party..
we never celebrat big party on that day …
because my chachi died in that day when i born..
aki:-it’s ok..
it’s small cake cutting only…
my family only in here..
so you and radhika are special cast here…
please come…?
shi:-?Ok…. but not much time …
(remember something)

hey.. wait ..
why you called me as
vyom in palace ..
in mind.
how will i tell him about shivangi and vyom..
Aki:-hey ..
what happened ..
only mom call me like that and also babhi uses sometimes
how will you know that nick name…
shi:-(in mind)
but his nick name is vyom…
nothing secret ..
radhika came to the pooja na so she told me … you’re mom
speak about you that Time she used that …
my mind also attached in that name..
aki:-If you like this then call me as vyom..
shi:-mm..(in mind.. if shivangi is correct then.. no akash is not that and that anamika name..
i should check once)
aki :-(kk call aki to out side)I’ll call you later…
shi:-ok bye….

shivi looks on…

… hall…
bedi mansion …

why you called everyone here…
dadi:-(smiles)If everyone arrived …
madhavi:-yes ma… anshi..kk..arjun..anami..
sakti..rajan everyone in here ..
dadi:-where is your friend .. she also stay here na so she’ll also allow to hear our good news..
Rajan:-good news…
dadi:-yes ..

arjun goes to kala and call them also kala ..karan and his father come ….

everyone are in hall…

Aki:- please break the surprise dadi i can’t wait more..

dadi:- ok… ok.. I arranged date for arjun and anamika marrige..

ar:-(tension) but dadi.. how will i married before anshi.. she is elder to me na..
madh:-yes ma.. he is correct ..
dadi:-(looks towards anshi.. anshi is in blank mood) what’ll you say for this..
rajan:-don’t force her ma..
sha:-yes mom..
dadi:-don’t you shakti.. you never get married now don’t spoil her life..
sha:-(smile) ok..ok..
aki chuckle …
kala:-mummy ji but anshi is good in everything so she’ll decide na…
didi:-everything is correct kala but when will it’s happen after my death or before ..


dadi:-mmmm… anshi if you love someone then tell me.. I’ll never reject your wish..

akash:-(towards kk in low tune) hey kk.. this is chance for you.. tell about RG…
kk:- (low tune)not radhika..I’ll tell about shivi and your dating …


akash:- sh.. sh…

dadi:-what ..

kk:-anshi only scold boys never love anyone..

kk smile towards aki and
aki in releave ..

anshi:- nahi kk…
I’ll marry dadi..
i love someone he also love me ..


ra/ma(looks surprise)

sh:-it’s good to hear you..

anami:-who is that ..

i love him and he also love me..

(karan looks at her and smirks… anshi looks at him blankly)

dadi :- karan if you love her..

kara:- I’m sorry to hide this we love eachother ..

akash and kk in disappointed state..

arjun:-when this happened …

anshi:-we meets before in one meeting and he proposed me i scold him but he always help me in meeting ..
(she remember varun.. how he help her after she rejected him..)
(she discribe about varun)
he cares me a lot…
he support me a lot..
so i accept him …
when i meet him here then i proposed him..
i rejected many one for him..
but i didn’t know he is kala aunty’s son..
I love him(in mind .. i love varun..?)
(smile) ?..

dadi :- then two marriage will happen in one stage..

madhavi and anami hugs her..
kala bless them..
kala’s husband hugs karan..

shakti(towards aki in low tone):- it’s big gift for you birthday na… whish and hug your jiju.. kk you also..

aki:-(angrily) it’s my waste birthday ..(runs towards his room…)

everyone are in shocked ..

madhavi:- what happened ..
kk:- I fight with him so ..
sh:- I teased him about kk..

dadi:- tomorrow is his birthday you two played with him like this go and pacify him..

sakthi and kk leaves..

rajan:-(in low tone to madhavi) madhavi you also go in sometime to say sorry ..

Mad:-yes ..(in mind.. i also scold him na..)

…….in shivi room…

she checks the files of shivangi …

shivi:-(in shock…)what anamika sign as shivangi’s sister … if this shivangi is the one who bhabi of aki….

episode ends with shivi confused face..

precap:- shakti:- If you know who is that shivani..
Ra/mad:-who ….

next will come Tuesday ..

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