My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 30.. Nishi love Akash…

chapter :- 30…

Rajan stops madhavi from scold akash ..
madhavi angrily looks at him and leaves from there..

aki:- (shouts) moms listen to me once..
shakti:-(hold aki from goes after madhavi) stop aki.. (he signals rajan to go after madhavi)

Rajan leaves from there to his room..
aki:- why you stop me chachu…
sh:-don’t worry your dad will convince your mom.. cool down and why you guys are silent …
your chachu comes after long time …

arjun and anamika smiles ..
“welcome chachu..”
they hug shakti….

sh:- where is my mom and my doll anshi and warrior kk…

arjun :- they in their room..
anami:- come papa we’ll see them…

shakti nods and looks at aki who stands in silent …

sh:-(towards aki) hey champ if you check your friend if she reached her home ..

aki:-(fastly) oh my god.. i forget I’ll call her ..

he runs towards his room..
shakti smiles ….

…….in….Gupta mansion …

nishi enters to shivani’s room…

ni:- hi… how about your trip..(sits in the bed)
shi:- radhu told this to you also ??
She is impossible …
ni:-you also..
shi:-(Smiles..)(arrage her cupboard ..)
ni:-how about the trip..
sh:-(remember the incidents)
ni:- hey …
sh:- nice …and feeling awesome …
ni:-how about aki..
shi:-(remembering his concern towards her)(smiles) very caring … loving … sweet person but toomuch talkative …
ni:-(with fack smile) nice I’ll leave …
shi:-but…(her phone rings and she looks at screen that’s aki and shivi smiles and take the phone) hello aki…

nishi also noticed akash phone call and leaves shivani’s room with annoying face..

nishi(in mind) :- what’s this? why I’m feelings annoyed towards their relationship .. they’re only friends nothing more but I’m loving akash only my love is strong than their relationship ..
(she smirks and leaves..)

shi:- yes.. I’ll say our journey as a story to my grand children .. ??? what type is your imagine .. you say.. if my life is short then how’ll i get children after that I’ll only get tickets to death ..(laugh)

shi:- hello….. hello….

aki:- (angrily) what funny in this .. I’ll break your teeth .. ghosty …
don’t speak like this again …
if your life is short then I’ll give my half life..

he cuts the call…

shivani in surprising ….

……… plays…..

sh:- he love me more than himself ..

aki calls her back …

aki:- hello ..
shi:- if you ok angry bird…
aki:-(control his smile) noooo…
shi:- ok.. enough I’m just kidding you that time sorry ..
aki:- ok.. I’ll forgive you..
shi:- great ..
aki:- (with naughty smile) but one condition..
shi:-(shocked) whatttt..
not again that 1week…
aki:-no.. it’s different ..
shi:-thanks god..
aki:-comes to my home now…

episode ends with shivi shocked puppy face and aki’s naughty face….

precap:- aki :- why you called me as vyom..
shivi in mind:- how’ll i tells the truth to him..
….anshi towards dadi:-I’ll marry…

(a/n.. I’ll meet you all Saturday guys and keep smiling take care.. I’ll come with long special epic for celebrate to complete 30 chapter …)

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