My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 29.. Madhavi scolds Aki..

chapter :- 29…

Shakti and akash enter the beautiful temple ….

[This is the temple wich kirthi died and save akash …
shakti only comes to this temple when he comes to Mumbai and aki also come with him…
now temple is in developments..
Rajan makes this temple as grand because this is the hope for him to beat gauri ..]

Akash feels the environment and enjoy it after one years ..

A:- chachu… why you not came to a shivrathri and also you come Mumbai once in year but miss that this year ..

s:-(hold his ears) sorry .. i got important work and you know as a punishment i spent one week here this week because dadi want me to arrange anshi’s marriage and fix everything right …

A:- wow … good work …
I’ll also join your mission chachu..

s:- of course…

they laugh ..

A:- chachu.. you know only my favorite .. it’s my favorite place .. if i enter here i feel something special here..

s:-(hugs aki) i know this baba.. always i want you smile ..

A:- Thank you chachu you are the best…

s:- yes I’m best ..

(they smile )

………in Gupta mansion ….

shivi rush to her room and close the door…

she searches everywhere and find shivangi is missing and remember the words of pandit ji…

“shivani .. this power will only control ghost in half time of the day.. so make everything fine before that…
god bless you!”

shivi :- i think shivangi leave from here and she’ll never leave me and aki …
my plans got spoiled and aki also falls in danger…

shivangi comes front shivani and looks at her with a sad smile …
shivi looks surprise ..

shakti drives car to bedi mansion with aki…

ak:- chachu..
you know..
we got accident but that road is empty. and when we want leaves that place that become old one and that old lady became as evilness ..
i didn’t understand why this happened with us??
what in behind that room???
why that old lady kept shivi capture and want to make me open the door ???

shakti looks at aki with smile ..
he stops the car before there home and in the car..
shakti hold aki’s shoulder ..

sha:-(take deep breath) you know dear..
i have some black magic knowledge ..
i studies that since childhood that time your dada thats means my dad scold me to leave that studies and live as a human ..
but i Denise and go on my path that time i enters one palace to study about ghost capturer…
Thats time one guru ji tell me some people capture bad ghost in this bangalow to scare the rich people to make them leave the palace and sell that to less money ..
after that ghost try to come out the house so that want to kill one innocent people with their wish..
so i think that old lady also want to release some bad ghost from that room so she capture shivani and make drama to kill you with your wish …
please promise you’ll never ever enters to that palace anymore …

akash looks at shakti ..

aki:- I’ll never enter that place ..

shakti smiles..

… shivani room..

shivi :- if you never go from here…

shivangi:- no….

shi:- what you want ..why you make me as a trouble maker?

shiv:- when i did that?

shi:-you are the one who make kk goes to jail and aki get wrong with me..

shivangi:-(smiles and her disappear from there)…

shivani looks on..

……….in bedi mansion ….

aki and shakti comes from the car rajan also reach there…

rajan :- chottu .. shakti
( he hugs them..)

rajan looks at aki’s wounded hand.. aki tries to hide..
shakti looks at them..

sha:- nothing bhaiya just a small wound…
(he covers the situation)
ok aki go and freshen up …

aki leaves and shakti looks at rajan ..

rajan (towards shakti) :- what happened there..

shakti tells everything to rajan ..

rajan :- thank god you in there in correct time else ..

sh:- calm down nothing will happen … aki wants hide this from everyone .. so i also tells him never tells this so you don’t react before him ..also don’t tell this to bhabi..

rajan nods..

ra:- why you stop me from coming there.. and why you sent me to guru ji…

shakti :- it’s not a good place to our discussion we’ll talk this later first come..

they leave in to the home …

……inside of the house..

shakti and rajan enter the home while
madhavi scolds aki..
arjun and anami tries to stop her…

ar:- ma pls if dadi listen this then..
anami :- yes mom please calm..
aki:- (little angry) what i did only went a small trip and come safely ..
madhavi :-(hold his hand) then what this wound .. this is your safety na..

kk and anshi looks on..

rajan :- (shouts) stop all this madhavi ..

they looks at him…

episode ends with rajan angry face…..

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