My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 28.. Shakti introduced with Shivi..

chapter :-28…

Anshi looks at kk with surprise ….

a:- what’s going on your mind..

kk:- nothing ….

kk leave from there…

anshi :- something wrong happened with him I’ll find that later…


akash in bed like unconscious state ….
shakti makes him sleep comfortable …
cares his hair and kiss his forehead …
shivi sit besides aki and tear comes from her eyes…
shakti look at her and also sit besides her..

shakti(towards aki) :- hi..
shivi looks at him and smiles..
sh:-hi(with sad tone)

shakti:- i know you ..your name is shivani Gupta am i correct ..
shivi :- yes..

Shakti :- (gives tea a cup to shivi ) have it .. i made this…
if you know who I’m ..

shivi nods no..

sh:- my name is shakti bedi.. akash’s dad’s brother and akash’s one and only favorite chachu ….(smile) if you wants then you also call me like this..

shivi nods..

sha:- this is my out door house .. that mean my hand made house for spent time to this garden .. i make it before long time .. after i leaves this place it became like small forest around this small house..

shi:-(smile) but..

sha:- i know you want to know how will i come here..

shivi nods yes..

sha:- my brother told me that aki come here for some works.. i also come here to visit my favorite temple before goes to home.. that time i find your broken car front this palace ..
also i heard some dangerous story about this ghost palace when I was kid…
so i enter this home to find out who trapped in this palace ..
also i have some knowledge in black magic ..(smile)

shivi :- (smiles) thank you.. I’m scare now.. i only reason to aki come here.. sorry .. i didn’t except this…
please ..
if anything happened to him then how will i forgive myself ..
he is my…

shakti looks at shivi ..

shivi:- my best friend …

shakti 🙁 smiles) ok…
aki is our blessing from god .. I’ll never allow anything happened to him.
don’t worry ..
aki tells about you many time .. but i saw you today .. but you’re not strong that much this tears are not beautiful for you..

shi(smile) :- chachu.. if you know that old lady before ..
and what’s in behind the door …

shakti:- (without smile) that’s not important for you..

shivi :- but..

akash gets conscious ..
shakti sign shivi ….

shakti looks at akash ..
akash run towards shivi and hugs she..

….ek..deewana …tha plays..

ak:-( look at her body full) if you get any injury ..
are you fine na??

shi:- shhh… I’m fine ..

shakti :- yes she is fine..

aki looks at shakti …

aki:- chachu…(shouts and jump over shakti)

shakti hugs him happily ..

aki:- how’ll you come here..

shakti :-mmmmm … i want to surprise you what not this way.. your papa tell me you come here when i come here to visit a temple … so (he narrates the full story)

aki:- oh my god.. you’re my super man chachu.. you’re the best.. what a timing but my head paining somuch ..(shakti checks his head) … it’s ok .. thank god we’re escape from that old evil and that evil palace .. i already know something fishy..

shivi suddenly remember about shivangi …
shakti feels her tension ..

shakti :- i think shivani should leave from here because her parents will search her .. because of accident both of you’re are lost your phone ..

shi:- yes i should leave ..

aki:-(tension) how’ll you drive a lone and you.

shakti holds aki from behind ..
sha:- shhhh.. i arranged her car and i also arranged a driver..

aki:- but we?

shakti:- we want to go your favorite temple!

aki:- yes… ok…bye shivi..

shi:- bye aki see you later..

episode end with shivi smiling face…

(a/n:- Aaaaa big sorry .. my phone get damage now it’s repair and come to my hands…
and now i get my fb got blocked so i write small part.. and “ss” scold me as cheater i hear this first time in my life feeling very sad and sorry for the one who miss me… I’ll write every day atfter this bye ….)

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