My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 27.. SHAKTI STOPS AKASH..

chapter :- 27 ..

shivangi feels helpless because of shivani’s trap..

shiv:- how will i save vyom now…

shivangi closes her eyes and trying to enters shivani’s thought …
because of shivangi’s move shivani also closed her eyes and feels something scary..
shivani feels the danger that in behind the door and feels some evilness..
shivani opens her eyes and shouts..

shivi :- vyommmmm… stopppp..

akash looks at shivani with shock…

aki:- what happened.. why are you shouting.?? I’ll open the door..

shi:-no.. akash ..

aki:- (with confused)  why???

shi:-I feels something bad behind this door… we should leave from here..

she holds his hand and turns to go..

aki:- but why shivani?

sh:-(she turns towards him and looks into his eyes with confidence)
If you trust me na.. I’ll never allow anyone to hurts you .. please listen to me once..

aki nods and go with her..

……na… plays…

shi:-(in mind) I looks something evils behind that door.. i think someone show to me whatever i want to leave this strange place before anything happened ….

when they leaves current gone..
The palace turn as older …

aki:- what is happening here..
how is this turning as old one..

shivani and akash in full shock…

shi:- where is that dadi.

some laughing sound come from the place ..

aki:- who is that?

kaalika comes before them in her evil avatar ..

ka:- kaalika… ha..ha..ha..

shi:- what you want you..
why you trap us in your magic ..

ka:- shut up…
(smirk) don’t speak much…
I want to done the work without violence but you guys are not ready to accept anything …

kaali throw some power towards shivi that tie her …
she try to move but can’t ..

aki comes close to her but suddenly fire catch around her….

aki:-(angrily) what you want… why you did this with shivani ..

kaali:- (come close to him) If you want your friend then do what i say..

aki:- tell me what you want..

k:-(smirks) opens the door with your blood hand..

aki looks on…

ak:- but why?

k:- If you want answer or she alive

kaali makes some magic and the fire around shivi get increase …

aki got more panic..

aki:- no…no… don’t hurt my shivi I’ll do anything for her…

he rushes towards the door…

shivangi speak in shivi ..

shiva:- shivani you make me helpless here that’s why my vyom got danger .. please stop him else his life will turn as hell… please stop him.. because of your trap i couldn’t connect with you long..
(crying) please sa…ve.. my… vy….o….m..

shivi got shocked and looks at aki who going to open the door ….

shi:- no akash don’t touch the door .. please akash don’t open the door… if you open that then she’ll kill us.. don’t touch that ….

aki looks on her with helpless ..

kaali got tension ..

k:-(angry) If you delay this fire will increase more and burn her alive ..

aki:- no.. please … I’ll open but release her from fire..

k:- I’ll do that when you touch the door..

aki:- (looks at shivi) Calm Down I’ll save you.. (smile)

shivi is crying and shouts to stop him but he ignore her..

shivangi also cry and feel helpless ..

akash about to hold the door, something hit him behind the head ..

aki:-(he hold the head) ahh ..

akash falls unconscious …

shivi gets shocked ..
sh:-akash ..(shout)

shivi get release from the fire and runs towards aki ..

palace doors open and one man come there …
he is the one who in the rajan’s family photo with vyom and rajan ..

kaal:-(looks shocked) shakti bedi ….

(Gaurav Chopra as shakti bedi ).

shakti:- you got power because for your revenge but i gain powers from birth and live with power you can’t beat me..

shakti walks towards her with angry..

kaali:-(looks tension .. in mind) he’ll kill me i should leave from here..

kaali tells some mantra in mind and vanish from there….

shivi looks on from far..

Shakti look on..

sh:- i know you’ll run from here but can’t hide from my eyes….

shakti run towards shivi and aki ..

shakti lift the unconscious akash and leaves from there with shivi …

………in bedi mansion ….

madhavi’s room..

madhavi cries..
anamika and arjun sit besides her..

anamika :- please calm down mom.. rajan papa went to get him … please ma don’t cry..

arjun hols madhavi …

ar:- please mom nothing bad will happened … you know not only papa goes there but also shakti papa already in there ..

mad:- what shakti..

madhavi face become bright
ar:-(with smile) yes ma.. choti papa
also in there..

madhavi :- when he arrived there and why rajan never tell this to me…

ar:- when kk inform about aki that time dad call choti papa..
dadi call him Mumbai to do some work so he comes to early morning flight from dhelli.. only i,dadi and dad know this .. papa want to surprise all..
i think he’ll try to tell you when you got tension about chottu but you didn’t listen him na…

madhavi feels sorry to rajan …

anamika :- you take some rest mom..

arjun gets call from rajan tells that aki is safe ..

madhavi :- Thank god I’ll do pooja now..

she leave from there..

anami :- she got more tension ..
arj:- i also.. “shivi and aki goes to jai..kaal..pur in car”.. you hear this 1 year before na .
that time person is different but the place is same…
anami :- yes… but everything now fine ..

they smile but anami got tension suddenly ..

ana:- arjun .. shivani is in with aki then if papa see her then..

ar:- shhh don’t worry i tell everything to choti papa he’ll handle ..

anami hugs him..

ani:- you got intelligence day by day na..

they smile ..


…….in dadi’s room….

dadi rest in her bed..
kk adjust the bed sheet ..

anshi and kk leaves the room comes to the hall…

anshi :- where are you lost krish..
kk:- nothing didi..
anshi :- thank god aku is coming with choti papa.. i hope he’ll come after enjoying the outing and going shopping with him( smile) i also exited to see him .. you remember, he came last here for
shivtrathri last year..
now he come here suddenly wow it’s surprise to me but now surprise got spoiled ..

(kk looks at other direct)

anshi:- kk what happened?

kk looks at anshi …
the episode end with kk’s face…

precap:- aki:- one minute why you called me vyom in palace ..
shivi in mind:- how’ll i tell him the truth ..

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