My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 25.. Vyom’s son akash..


Flash..back…continue …

vyom … kirthi… and their new born baby are in the car..
they going to meet rajan and madhavi that time their car turns as out of control to vyom..

vyom :- what happened to this car… it’s turn as out of control …

ki:- what happened?

baby stars cry because of the car speed..

car stop in the middle of forest ..

vy:- something is wrong …
come out of car …

they come out of car and vyom hug kirthi and baby..

vyom call rajan and ask him to come fast..

vyom try to come out from the forest ..

krithi:- what happened here? why this happen..

vyom :- don’t worry I’ll never let anything happened to our baby..

rajan and madhavi also arrived there…

ra:- what happened ? why you stay here..

vyom :- i try to come out but i can’t ..

madhavi :- what????


they look on…

gaurika fly on sky and smile broadly..

they got shock..

ga:- no one will come out from this.. i capture all in this forest .. you’ll die here..

vyom :- what this gauri?

gauri looks at him with angry ..

ga:- you think I’ll die in that accident ..
yes .. i die but my soul get more power because of cheating ..

rajan :- don’t be a wrong please we are innocent .. don’t punish us..

vy:- don’t say sorry to her bhaiya .. she is characterless girl… she’ll never do anything … god will never let anything us.

gauri smile to them and snatch baby from kirthi hand..

vyom looks on..

ki:- my baby.. please please give my baby..

ga:- (smirk) I’ll never do anything with you all.. only I’ll kill this baby…

all:- nooooooo….

“why you all scream now .. i also scream like this when you all snatch my daughter gaurika..”

gauri’s mom enter there..

kirthi hold her leg and cry badly ..

k:- please save my baby don’t do anything to him please ma..

rajan :- don’t say a word like mom to her… she’s heartless person ..

gauri :- shut up..

gauri tie rajan and madhavi in a rope …

ga:- I’ll never kill your baby but i have revenge with you all so do what i say..

kirthi :- I’ll do anything ..

ga:- not you.. only vyom…

vyom :- what you want ..
never think to harm my son..

gauri :- ok. I’ll never touch him..

she release baby to air but catch suddenly ..
she laugh evilly ..

everyone look helpless …

vyom :- I’ll do anything ..

gauri :- jump from this haveli..

everyone looks on shocking …

rajan :- noo…noo.. vyom no..
ma:- no.. vyom.. please calm down… don’t hear her words..

kirthi looks on as status ..

ma:- tell him kirthi.. tell him.. never do this..

ki:- fall from the mountain ..

everyone looks on..
vyom smiles…

kirthi comes to him and hold his hand..

k:- i also fall with you..

vyom smiles with crying…

vy:- i…

kirthi close vyom mouth with her fingers ..

k:- i hope.. they’ll keep our baby like prince and you promise me na .. never let me live a lone .. and also we promise our baby..

the flashback shown..

vyom speak with kirthi’s baby about to happened delivery ..

vy:- why you late from coming the world .. don’t give pain to your mom.. papa promise to you .. we’ll never let anything happened you..
mom also promise you..

kirthi also nods with pain..

vy:- please come ..

after that baby come out..

kirthi cry a loud …

vyom hold the baby and smile ..

…….flashback end….

vyom crying happily ..

vyom :- don’t cry bhaiya and my sweet bhabi.. I’ll coming soon.. (he shows baby) grow me carefully (smile) i and kirthi will always with you..

rajan and madhavi crying a lot and tell them to never do this…

vyom and kirthi comes to the end of the mountain and remember their old moment …


they jump from there


but some black power hold kirthi hand but vyom loses her hold slowly .. kirthi looks on helpless in his eyes..
vyom jump from their ..

the black power get out her from the mountain ..

gauri smile :- how you feel now .. I’ll kill you all easy but i want to show you the pain .. how hard that to lose our loveable one infront of our eyes..

gauri throw the baby in floor..

kirthi looks shocked …

kirthi runs to the child and hold him..
she run from there..
gauri follow her ..
gauri mom also run after her..

rajan trying to release the rope..


kirthi runs to the forest and fall before the naaga raj temple …
she go in to the temple and crying badly ..

ki:- (she make the baby in the floor… ) see my baby and open your eyes.. my vyom go from me and my child also..
if you never save my baby then how’ll you be a god..
i prayed you everyday and never do any crime ..
then why?????

she hold the sward and :- i know today is sivrathri.. you’re the shiv naagin..
i kill my self as you’re prasad you should save my baby’s life always and capture that gauri for return …

gauri and her mom reach there..

g:- no.. no.. if she did this..

mom:- you’ll capture the place where you die..

ga:- what will do know.. I’ll never enter there temple ..

rajan and madhavi come there from that rope..

kirthi :- you’ll never win gauri .. you’ll never touch my baby… I’ll never let you see the world…

kirthi kill her self by sward ..
and falls down the floor….
:- please keep my children safe rajan jiju and madhavi di..

she close the eyes and baby open the eyes and starts crying ..

gauri’s soul goes to the room of the palace and the temple’s threads are cover the door..
gauri’s mom also run from there..

rajan run towards the baby and hold the baby..
madhavi keep kirthi’s head on her lab..

ra:- (crying) my chottu… kirthi . vyom killed before my eyes but I’ll never ler anything happened you.. I’ll never allow that gauri or her mom get peace ..

madhavi :- my sister died rajan …(she cried badly and rajan hold her and give the baby)

rajan :- akash ..

madhavi looks on..

ma:- i know kk choose this name for vyom shake..
vyom also like this name…

ra:-(he keep his hand over kirthi head) I’ll promise you kirthi I’ll never let anything happened to him and I’ll never allow our past will hurt our future …

they cry……

…….The flash back end….

rajan holds madhavi :-
if you forget i keep our past as secret and hide from our children specially from akash ..but you spoil everything …
i tells everything to someone he’ll do everything ..
we should control mom and everyone ..

madhavi :- i know but….


madhavi and rajan turns and look on shocked …

episode ends with their shocked face..


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