My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 24.. Vyom flashback starts..


shivani comes to academy  car park that time akash call in phone …

shi:- hello aki…

aki:- yes.. aki speaking ..

shi:- what you want now.. I’m in big trouble so please call me later ..
I’m going to the important place ….

aki:- ok..ok.. pas..pas.. please take some breath…

shivi in calm tone…

sh:- ok tell me..

aki:- what tell me??
if you forget …
you promised me na .. you’ll spend the week with my schedule ..

shi:-(she thinks about her promise) (in mind) oh god how’ll i handle him..

aki:- hello madem what happened .. you come to my home and me up …

shi:- ah I’m sorry akash I’m in driving ..
and far from your home tell me .. what’ll i do now?

aki:-… it’s ok don’t worry ..

shi:- thanks..

aki:- why thanks it’s my pleasure to travel with you..

shi:-(shock) what???

aki:- turn please …

shivi turns and looks at aki who stand behind shivi …

aki:-(with smile) hi….

shi:- when you come here? who drop you here…and who tell you I’m in academy .. today holiday na.. i come here for some other paper work…

aki:- i know everything because rg is my live reporter … she know our friendship agreement ..

shi:- ohh radhika … please aki i want to go some.(in mind if i tell him the true then he’ll also fall dangerous and i don’t have time to argue with him and don’t want hurt him again again ..
  so I’ll keep him with me but never let him to know anything …) important please ..

aki:- I’ll come with you I’m also in bore for holiday .. so please let me travel with you I’ll never disappointed your works..
I’ll follow your schedule by change for agreement ..
please please(make puppy eyes..)

shivi :- ok but one conditions don’t distract me when I’m in work and never ask anything about work ….

aki:- pakka and also i didn’t want any work …..

shivi nods ..
they smile …..

…… palace ….

gaurika sound is fulfill in the palace …
someone enters the palace..
that is a old lady …
she watch the family photo of rajan.. (which rajan looks at in previous epic)
the family photo is faired by her look…

the old lady face is shown .. she is the one who in the photo … she is sit near devi dadi…

she comes near the door and trying to touch the door but can’t ….

ga:- who is that?? why i never feel you..

that lady:- because your mom kalika got more power know..

ga:- ma.. you!! where are you go so many years…(with angry )

ka:- i going to get more power for destroying the family who cheat us.. release you from this hell…

gauri :- then do that? (shouted)  release me!!! i’m waiting since 20years…..
i can’t wait anymore ..

ka:-(with sad) i can’t release you but one person will do it .. I’ll bring him here because of my powers…..

gauri :- who is that???

ka:- vyom ….(laugh)

…… car…..

aki:- one help please .. i come academy with driver .. i didn’t inform where are i going or when will return so please tells this details for, inform my family …

shi:- (with smile)  we are going to “jai..kaal..pur” and will return 4.30pm..

aki calls kk…

kk:- hello devil…

aki:- hi kk I’m going to jai..kaal..pur and return 4.30pm please inform mom. because only you’ll handle everyone specially dadi…

kk:- ok I’ll handle everything but tell me first who is with you and why you go out?

aki:- shivi is with me and also we are going out for enjoy holiday like date ..

shi:- what???(she stops the car)

she takes the phone from kk..

shi:- I’m shivi kk ..and sorry for his nonsense .. I’m going out for some other work but akash  comes her because of the nonsense agreement .. he is a liar..

kk:- if you want friendship after fight with him.. am i correct?

shi:-(with smile) how you know this?

kk- this is survives for me .. since childhood he is like this..
his only demand is this because if anyone come for his schedule he enjoyed everything and give unlimited irritate …..
ok… and one more think he isn’t a liar..
his stammering will bring his lie out ..
i think he enjoy your traveling as dating..

shi:- he is different ..

kk:- yes.. ok I’ll call you later … enjoy ..

shi:- bye….

aki:-what him tell you?? he praised me na?

shivi is driving the car….

shi:-(chuckle) about your irrational but never try everything with me…

aki:- I’m not like this he is jealous with me.. I’m enjoyable cute handsome sweet ..


aki looks at him….

shi:- if you never stop you speaking I’ll …
and never speak extra only speak when i ask…
are you understand ..

aki nods head with puppy eyes and turn in windows side and close eyes..(in mind):- hitler..

shivi smiles and (in mind):- cutie pie.. (chuckle ..)

………… …mansion ……….

rajan :- what????(shouting)

anshi :- why you shout papa? i and kk console dadi with difficult now don’t shout papa. i lie to dadi that he goes to academy .. please understand …

rajan:- ok…ok… you go doll I’ll handle madhavi …

anshi :- thanks papa…

she hugs rajan and leaves…

madhavi enters the room…

rajan in thoughtful …

madhavi :- what happened?

rajan :- aki going for academy works to jai..kaal..pur ….

madhavi :- what jai..kaal..pur… then why you in silent .. go and stop him that is not good for him … please do something rajan… go … why are you silent ..

rajan :- calm down … don’t shout if you shout then children will ask question to us… then how’ll i handle them.. I’ll handle this ..
calm down and don’t panic..

madhavi crying badly …

rajan hold madhavi but she angrily throw his hand..

madhavi :- calm down… you ask me to calm down when my son in danger .. he is a student in academy but going to work to jai..kaal..pur.. you believe this and panic for children ..children then who is akash to you?? tell me who is he?? if you love him or not…

rajan slaps madhavi hard..
madhavi looks on…

raj:-(he shakes madhavi) what you speak? who is he ? he is my son .. i love him more than my own children … if you forget the past….


before 20 yrs….

in car A man talk phone with rajan who in bedi mansion ..

ra:- where are you know..

man:- (a song is playing in background …) I’m in car going to hospital ….

ra:- i know chottu but please stop that loadspeaker … you’re going to pickup your wife from delivery but why this celebration i got panic but you in cool.. if kirthi got tension or anything happened I’m in panic but you’re cool… and stop me also …

“jiju.. please don’t panic your beta and brother are safe with me..”

ra:- kirthi if you safe na.. if you coming to home..

man :- yes we are coming ….

rajan smiles…

man:- vyom is cool always like ice-cream..

rajan smiles..

vyom :- if you want ice-cream kirthi..

kirthi hit him playfully ..

vyom:- ahh.. ok baby you want ice-cream na…

they smile ..

vyom face is shown in mirror ..
(vikram as vyom…)

The episode is end with vyom smiling face..

precab:-(next week) Flashback continue …
[ (a/n):- Thanks a lot for your caring now everything got little fine … coming next week with flashback. keep enjoying and tc….]

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  1. I have some this chapter who is jiju, who’s beta and brother?who is kirthi?pls clear this confusion in next chapter…..

  2. Dishani01

    you’re everything question’s answer are in this episode …

    “jiju.. please don’t panic your beta and brother are safe with me..” this dialogue came from kirthi…

    vyom going to pickup his wife from delivery and his wife is kirthi that’s why rajan worry about kirthi but vyom in cool mood because kirthi in car with him.. he got her from hospital… now his new born baby kirthi and vyom in there..

    so kirthi tell your beta(baby) brother (vyom) with me jiju(rajan) ..?

    One doubt jiju means brother in law ..
    am i correct .. i didn’t know Hindi

    1. Thx for clearing my confusion.And jiju means
      sister’s husband …

  3. Pasam Keerthana

    Yayyyy!!!! Excited for the next episode. Take care dear

    1. Dishani01

      thanks a lot… take care….

  4. Very nice update..curiously waiting for next update dear

    1. Dishani01

      Thanks a lot??????

  5. this something very- exciting , thrilling ,awesome ,wonderful, interesting ,creative ,etccccccc………

    1. Dishani01

      thanks a lot dear??????

  6. you are just amazing wht a superb episode loved it you re vry wxcellent writer love you keep writing dear

    1. Dishani01

      Thank you somuch

  7. Dishani01

    Thank you somuch??????

  8. Eagerly waiting for next chapter.pls update soon……..

  9. Eagerly waiting for next chapter.pls update soon…..

    1. Dishani01

      already post but waiting for published

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