My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 21.. Gaurika is the evilness..

chapter:- 21

akash in his room and looks angry ..
and shouts before ganapathi idol..

aki:- why papa… why… I’ll never speak with you.. I’m waiting for shivi since morning .. you make her state like can’t come here… everyone are enjoying but see my state … you want Partner for you to entertainment that why make me a lone..
but listen to me your plan will never happen..
I’ll never speak with you…

he sit in bed with angry and looks at his hand and find one corcaroch sit over it..

in fearing tone..

aki :- shhhhhh….. shhhhhh….. please please go from here..
(see at idol) papa.. this is your plan na.. please forgive me .. I’ll speak with you ..
please ji go from here..
save me (shouts) kk….. bhaiya … mom.. dad…. dadi… my didi… save me..

nishi hears his sound from outside of aki room ..
she opens the door and step in and looks at aki’s state and chuckle in mind..

nishi:- he have builders body but fears of small insect and shout as someone killing him…

aki:- why are you looking at me like this please save me..

nishi catch the insect and throw that out side..
aki gets relive and hugs nishi…

aki:- thank you somuch … thanks a lot… JK..

nishi also response the hug and surprise by the name JK.

ni:- my name is nishi not jk..

aki:- your my jansi ki rani… who save me so jk.. you’re given ganapathi for my safe..

he greets the idol..

aki:- thanks ji..

aki leaves the room..

nishi looks at him with loving ..

n:- somuch innocent somuch caring.. cute lovable man…

….in karan’s room…

kala:- anshi is only for you karan .. make her love you… don’t lose in her eyes… i want her as my bahu that is one solutions for our problem ..

karan looks at anshi’s photo in sharply ..

raj:- what happened if everything ok..

kar:- no…. dad…

kala:- what happened ..

kar:- i saw that varun here…

raj:- who is that varun ..

karan say something in mute..

raj:- ohhhhh… idiot .. why did like this this will damage our plans..

ka:- i didn’t know future will turns like this..

kala:- ok don’t worry … we should keep eye on him…

they nods……

…… Gupta mansion …

shivi dose first aid for abi’s leg and make him sleep in varun’s room…

shivi enters her room and sit in chair and close her eyes..

she thinks about the incident happened after meeting aki…


shivi slaps aki…
aki makes her hair beautiful ..
aki hugs her when he got fear..
aki slaps her for kk and fight with goon for her and make friendship with her..
makes her smile..
then she remember
aki told he meets her in Library…
varun told her she tells about kk..
goons told her how she beat them and notice her as shivangi and aki as vyom..

then she remember how she find the name shivangi and varun ..
and she remember how she finds the camera… and dairy..

shivi opens her eyes…

shivi :- dairy….

she opens her bag and gets the dairy and opens that…

…… palace ……

rajan and madhavi enters the palace and looks at the hall one family photo in the wall..

They steps on the stairs and looks the photo ..

devi dadi and dada in the chair …
other lady and man lookalike dadi’s age also sits with them…

madhavi and rajan stand with one new born baby (anshi)..

lookalike of aki in near rajan

one man also in near aki with hold him tight ..

one girl also in near him..

there in smiling faces …

rajan and madhavi looks at the photo in tears…

madhavi :- my vyom is in like prince always …

rajan hugs her and looks at the lady she stand near madhavi …
his eyes turns reds..

rajan :- she is the one who destroy our family … I’ll never let her gets peace.

madhavi holds him..

they going towards one room..

the room is in closed state.. many threads tied in that door…

……In flashback….

guru:- madhavi if that threads are break that means the devil gets release …
if anyone of your family’s blood only break this…

………fb end…

rajan :- thank god nothing happened to this threads..

madhavi :- i also gets confused if someone come here or anything happened ..

ra:- i told you but you only get confused ..

some sounds come from the room..

“hahaha…. you’re idiot rajan… I’m not a simple one I’m gaurika….the one who break your family and kill your bloods..
hahaha… wait and watch i will kill your children one by one… I’ll start from young. Hahaha…”

rajan gets angry and about hold the thread but madhavi stops her..

madhavi :- no rajan .. she is trying to come out with help of your anger.

rajan stops..

gaurika:- “hahaha madhavi you’re poor girl get ready to cry for your unmarried daughter hahaha …”

madhavi :-(with anger) you’re the one who unlucky gaurika who in this room since many years… you spoiled your own family and suffered your unlucky .. our children blessed with shiv ji.. you’ll never return from this hell or kill anyone ..

they leave from there and looks at the family photo of them and rajan looks at gaurika image angrily ..

they leave..

gaurika voice “ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. I’ll kil everyone ….. i feel everyone everything in this world but can’t see this but wait I’ll come from here soon……”

the episode end with that palace …

precap:- (next week)
..shivi shouts “who are you….”
one girl come front of her and shivi looking shocked …..
madhavi :- if you love him or not..
rajan slaps madhavi…
ra:-aki is my world….
i love him more than my own childrens…
if anyone touch him I’ll kill their everything ..

[(a/n):- thanks a lot my dearest readers who rides me here with 21 episodes thanks a lot… I’ll meet you all with surprise episode next week…enjoy your life and smile and feel free]

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  2. Hello dear thanks for updating two parts…anishi is elder to Arjun so she should know the past? Is Akash recreation of vyom or is he vyom himself?Plz clear all this doubts in coming episode dear and it’s a request Plz don’t stop the FF in between like many do plzz… waiting for next update dear

    1. Dishani01

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    It’s so nice. I really appreciate your work …
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