My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 20.. Shivi finds diary


akash looks everywhere in function …

aki in mind:- where is she?? shivani??

aki looks radhu there…

ak:-(shouts) hey RG !!!!!!

radhika looks at him and smiles..

ra:- hi aki….

aki hugs her…

aki:- hi… are you ok na?
r:- yes .. (smile) why are you asking like this??
aki:-(angry) then why you looking here go and speak with kk …
ra:- cool.. i didn’t find anywhere like standing single .. every time he stand with someone? ?
aki:- mmm.. ok I’ll find some way?
(looks at her again)
ra:- what now?
aki:- where is your sister?
ra:- she didn’t come here…
aki:-(with disappointed) mmm..ok..
ra:- what happened?
aki:- nothing …ok you go I’ll catch you later…
radhu nods with smile..

……hall of bedi mansion ….
Kalavathi singh bundela ,her husband raj and their son karan arrived bedi mansion ..

rajan and madhavi greets them…

madhavi :- kala last time you didn’t stay here .. now i decided you should stay here at least 1 week..

kala:-(smiles) until our work done I’ll stay here…
madhavi :- what?
ka:- about our business work … I’ll return London after finished my work ok..
ma:- of course..

they smiles..

kala in mind..( this I’ll make karan weds anshi) she smirks ..

kala:- madhavi last time i didn’t see your childrens where our anshi..

ma:- she in her room and speak with some clint.. I’ll call her…

kala:- ok… karan also go with madhavi and meet anshi … she’ll became happy to meet successful businessman..

madhavi nods and went with karan..

rajan:- come raj I’ll show room for you and kala .. i think you guys need rest..

they nods and leaves..

in anshi room…

an:- why this varun come here ..
varun :- excuse me… may i come in…

anshi turns.. and looks at him with angry and walks towards him anshi in inside of the room …

an:- what you want?

va:- you..

an:- what..

va:- i mean your phone ..

an:- why??

va:- i missed my Mobile so..

ans:- (with irritated) its old technology to gets number from girl please try some new way..

va:-(with smile) then teach me how’ll gets your number ..

ans:- (shouts) get out…

she is about to close the door varun stops her..

varun :- on minute (he says her mobile number) i know you number (he tells his number) its my number if you needs then call… when i come here i check my pocket but didn’t find my phone so turns to watch that time watch you in this room so wants help from you …what i think you still hope I’m your boy friend …

anshi close the door in his face..

var:- ego.. her full body is made by ego..

akash come behind varun..

in other side Karan comes with madhavi that time rajan call her so she shows the anshi’s room to karan and goes from there…

karan shock to looks at varun in out side of anshi room and speak with aki..
karan hide from varun …

va:- thank you akash… i search my phone ..
aki:- bhaiya i find your phone in front of kk room.. so comes to give you..

varun remember how he walks with talking phone call when he watch kk he cuts the phone and keep thet in his back pocket and leave fast to avoid him..

va:- thank you aki.. and sorry for beat you brother. shouts at you and shivi slaps you..

aki :-(with smile) it’s ok everything happened by misunderstanding and I’m sure you’ll like kk if you talk with him …

va:- (with smile) mmmm ok I’ll try .. now i have to make one important call ok

aki:- Ok i also have some work …

they smile and leave… varun didn’t look karan …
when aki cross there aki notice him..

aki:- karan bhai.. what are you searching here…

karan come from there ..

ka:- you know me..

aki:- of course but you didn’t know me.. my name is akash bedi.. madhavi and rajan younger son… my mom show your family photos to us..

ka:- ahhh.. who is that man.
aki:- varun bhaiya… arjun bhaiya’s best friend…
ka:- ohh nice..
aki:- come bhaiya I’ll show your room..

karan nods…

……… kk room….

kk in his room and akash stand in door side …

aki:- bhaiya ..

kk turns..

kk:- devil…. what you want..

aki :- i didn’t want anything but you want someone na..

kk:- what! rubbish ..

aki:- not rubbish only RG…

AKI moves and radhu stand there…

kk looks at her surprise ..

ak:- welcome to my longest warrior room… come on rg…

radhu enters the room…

….ek…deewana tha…plays ..

kk:- you’re the one who tells bhaiya to invite varun.. I’m correct..

aki :- yes but you’re late deductive.
ok bye make everything clear …
good luck to both..

aki leaves the room..

radhu and kk looks on..

………….in hall..of bedi mansion …

arjun:- anami why you’re looking like sad..
anami :-if you remember that shivrathri that change our life as hell..
arjun holds her shoulder…
ar:- don’t panic that is change now.. now everyone are happy..
anami:- how’ll you feel like this .. our life damage without any reason .. we lose our loving peoples.. i have only this family and akash is only my memory to heal my wounded heart if anything happened to him again then how’ll i ..
(tears fall from her eyes..)

ar:- shhhh.. I’m his brother this is his family .. nothing will happen..
ana:- i know but i didn’t fears for future I’m fearing for our past..

arjun hug anami and pats her back..

ar:- nothing bad will happen .. we were surfered everything already .. i will never allow our past to hurt any one….
don’t cry like this in pooja then everyone wilk question my princess ..

they smile ..

……….in other side of mansion ..

anshi :- dadi..

da:- what is in your parents mind…
where are they going today ..

anshi :- dadi… today is shivrathri… you know na before one day of shivrathri change everyone’s life… ma saw some bad dream so going with papa for some ritual in temple … they will return before pooja ..

da:- yes.. if they feel anything wrong then surely they going to the pooja because I’ll never want to take any risk with our family issue .. you go and make everything ready….

anshi leaves ….

……in academy library ….

abi and shivi enters the library with torch lights…

abi:- this is full of dark shivi .. it’s hard to find anything ..

shivi :- yes but how’ll aki meets me here..

abi:- i think some one cheat him by your name and use this darkness to hide there face and imitet your voice…

shivi :- you’re correct but what about varun bhaiya …

abi:- if you sure that girl speak with bhaiya in phone or directly …

shi:- ohh god i didn’t notice that

abi:- that is my intelligence ..

shi:- don’t speak much idiot .. I was confused that time ..

abi:- now call bhaiya …

………… front of palace ..

rajan madhavi and guru ji stand before the palace ..

gur:- if you are ready to play with evils..

rajan nods at guru..
madhavi hols his hand…

…… library ..
in call. …

sh:-sorry bhaiya. i confused you in phone last Time about kk mater.. please say sorry to him in my side ..

varun:- it’s ok dear.. you told through phone that’s why i also got confused ..

shivi :- ok bhaiya I’ll call you later .. bye..

she cuts the phone ..

shivi :- your correct abi..

abi:- I’m genius ..

he jumps in happy and smash with book raw.. books falls over him..

abi:- ahhhhhh..

shi:- what happened?

she shows torch to his face and body and find his bleeding leg and make him stand and find one diary near his leg and keep that with her and leave with abi…

……in the library some shadow ..

” you’re want to find my past shivani then this shivangi’s pain…..”

…..episode ends with that shadow …

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