My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) chapter – 19 Guptas arrive bedimansion..


The fresh morning …
The celebrations are starting ..
everyone prepared for shivrathri functions…

In bedi mansion …

Akash and kk are trying to go out…
madhavi stops them..

m:- where are you going?
today shivrathri na..
don’t go anywhere …

Aki:- mom.. please mom.. we will return soon..

rajan enters there..

ra:- not today chottu ..
today is not good for anything so don’t go out?

kk:- papa why? we will return after 2hours…

aki:- papa… today shiv ji day so how will he allow his children’s suffer please papa…

rajan and madhavi looks on..

dadi enters there…

dadi:- aki… don’t make questions please listen us once… big function is going to happens today so you should stays here..
please kk and aki listen your dadi na…

kk nods and drags aki with..

dadi also leaves…

madhavi :- thank god…
rajan :- yes .. dadi save us from this kids.. today is big day for us ..
while we check the palace they should stay this pooja.. this is only safe for them…

mada:- how will we goes palace .. will dadi allow us??

rajan :- i have one idea…

…… kk room….

aki:- how’ll we meets radhika today …
kk:- i didn’t know aki.. but it’s ok we’ll meet her tomorrow … this pooja is important than meets her..

aki nods as yes….


in bedi mansion hall….

arjun and anamika prepare to function ..
when anami goes to fix flowers arjun stops her…..
arjun :- where are you going ..
anami :- you not have any work na that’s why you question me na..
hold this chair i want to fix this flowers…

arjun nods innocently and anamika chuckle and fixing the flowers…

aki calls arjun from behind ..
when arjun turns anami slips and shouts “ahhhhh”…
arjun catches anami in his arm they looks eachother ..

….tum….hi…..ho……….plays in background …..

dadi arrived there …

da:- what happened here…
aki:- romance dadi….

arjun and anami are blushing badly..

ar:- dadi…
anami :-sorry dadi…. that …

dadi in angry ..

dadi :- what behavior this?

aki :- like dada bhaiya also fast .. bhabi also suffer like you… dad told me how your romance happen in functions ..

they chuckle ..
dadi smiles towards them..

dadi holds aki ears and pat his check ..
dadi:- enough ..

aki:- bhaiya don’t panic much…

dadi :- don’t romance here.. I’ll fix your marriage soon until than please control your self … anami comes with me we should arrange pooja room….

dadi and anami leaves…

aki comes to arjun..

aki:-(teasing tone) mmmm… mmmm.. masti na..
ar:-(blushing) shut up…
aki:- ok..pass..
(aki looks around)
arjun :- why you call me…
aki:-(playing with arjun shirt) bhaiya … bhaiya …
arjun:-(remove aki’s hand) don’t tears this tell me.. what you want…

aki:- bhaiya today pooja na..
arjun:- yes….
aki:- why we should invite varun bhaiya family also ..
ar:-(think) but how? already kk in tension and how will varun accept my invite ..
aki:- bhaiya listen to me.. now because of misunderstanding kk and varun bhaiya in distance .. also radhu, you, anami, our family everyone in confused ..
so this pooja will make everyone happy and unite.. please bhaiya ..
please invite him..

arjun:- (think) mmmm…mmmm…ok

aki jumps over him and hugs tightly ..

aki:- thank you bhaiya your the best..

arjun :-(with smile) why you so excited ?
what is the reason …
(looks towards his eyes)

aki:-ok.. I’ll tell but don’t tells anyone.. promise over me..

arjun :- what??

aki:-promise over me?
ar:- ok.. promise now tell me..
aki:- kk wants to speak with radhu …
radhika also love him… kk also have some feelings towards her..
i hope they will unite..
ar:- wow… this is good news..
aki :- but don’t tell to anyone until kk confirm ok…
now invite varun bhaiya ..

arjun makes call to varun…

…….in gupta mansion ..
varun talks to his family after ends arjun’s phone call…

varun :- i think we should attend that function ..
tej:- what that boy..
radhu :- papa i also want to attend the function … that will become happiness for all papa …
jhanavi :- they are right tej.. after jiju’s death shadvi didi also make any pooja here. we also follow that this pooja will make us pease full.. that boy is not the person who we hates so we should move on..
tej:- ok.. we will arrive there..

radhu and varun nods happily ..

just then nishi and shivani arrived there…

shivi:- where are you guys are going today…
varun :- we are going to pooja that happen in akash home ..
nishi:- wow.. nice I’ll also come there..
varun :- of course. you also never go anywhere from come India so join with us nishi…
nishi:- thanks bhaiya ..

varun smiles towards her..

shivi :-(in thinking)
radhu :- what are you thinking shivi ?
shivi :- ma.. i couldn’t attend this pooja ..

varun :- why??

shi:- girls problem bhaiya ..

varun :- ohh ok…

jhanavi :- I’ll stay with you beta..
shi:- no… ma.. I’ll manage my friend will come here… we have many works here..

jhanavi :- ok…

shivi:-(in mind) this is correct time for me to search my answers sorry i lies to everyone but it’s important for my mission ..


in bedi mansion ….

madhavi talks with servants …

ma:- don’t make any fault .. my best friend Kalavathi and her family come here.. i request her to stay here two weeks so arrange everything for them ok…

aki arrived there…
aki:- mom….

ma:-(turns and smiles towards him) what’s you want dear??

aki:- I’m so confused ma… come with me… i want to choose dress for pooja .. please come fast..

ma:-(with smile) awww.. ok ..

they leaves from hall….

arjun and kk arrange the hall….
varun and his family arrived there..
anami, dadi,rajan welcome them..

kk and radhika looks eachother ….
varun looks at anshi…
rajan greets tej…
dadi welcome jhanavi ..
radhu smiles and greets dadi..
dadi impress with her manners…

everyone going to pooja ..

madhavi makes ready aki…

aki looks at the mirror …
and thinks (shivi comes today.. so excited .. i hope everyone will like her..)

aki:- how am i looking mom..
madhavi :- like prince my dear…
(madhavi removes bad site from him..)

anshi arrive here..

anshi:- yes your looking awesome but mom you treat him as princess not prince … you don’t make me ready like this before but caring his much..

aki:-(pout) don’t scold mom my lovable jansi ki rani… I’ll make you ready and you now i have brave sibling then why should i became brave…

anshi smiles and hugs aki….
madhavi smile towards them and cry happily ..
madhavi :-(in mind) mahadev don’t punish my children’s happiness for our sin…
anshi watch her tears and sign aki ..
aki wipes her tears..
anshi:- what happened ..
madhavi :- I’m in pleasure …
aki:- never cry for anything ..
aki and anshi hugs her..
they smile …


in Gupta mansion ..

Shivani bring the pendrive from her bags..

shivani in mind:- i get that camera’s photos in my pendrive… i kept this from shop but now get time to look this…

when she on computer and put the pendrive suddenly electricity gone..
someone holds her form behind but don’t see anything ..
suddenly someone close her eyes..

shivi :- (in irritated) what kind of game this abi…

abi is shown ..
He is her badi ma shadhvi’s son…
(mishket varma as abi)

abi:- ok sorry…
suddenly electricity comes..

shivi tries to open computer ..

shi:- shittt….
abi:- what happened ….

shi:- oh god … my computer is damaged ..

abi:- what in this pendrive…

shivi tells everything to him..
abi is her best friend and close bhai..
there were born in same month and grown up together so never hide anything …

abi:- ohh god … who’s that aki.. he’ll looking handsome or less than me..
if you love him or not..

shi:- shut up .. don’t ask stupid question he is my friend and nice man.. and my brother’s friend’s brother ..
he never propose me ok… he try little but now we are friend ..

abi:- ok.. i have one idea..
shi:- but…
abi:- we should search in library also.. if akash sayed true then something connected in library ..

shivi looks at him …

episode ends with there bright face….

precap:- shivi finds one diary….

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  1. Wow amazing episode loved you are just brilliant waiting for next episode

    1. Dishani01

      thanks a lot dear … I’ll give two parts today waiting to update keep enjoy ???

  2. ””shivi find’s one diary””” that means flashback wow waiiiiittttiiinnnnnnggggg

    1. Dishani01

      thanks a lot dear ????? yes flashback but not soon??

  3. Veena Ashokan

    Sooo nice epiiii….thanks for updating a long part…. excited for next part…update soon dear

    1. Dishani01

      it’s my pleasure dearest ?????
      thanks to you

  4. Nice episode.. waiting for next episode dear

    1. Dishani01

      thanks a lot.. ??????Tc

  5. wat yaar this is sat eve still no update

  6. wat yaar this is sun eve still no update of sat

    1. Dishani01

      so sorry so sorry dears this week is full of rain thunder and lightning so i didn’t use phone so please forgive me all if that possible ..???? I’ll make next soon..

  7. it’s ok dear i’ll wait for next episode not a big issue but u have to update some day

    1. Dishani01

      thanks my dear… i already published 02 part waiting for update?

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