My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) chapter – 18 shivani in shock..


Shivani is in shock to looks at goons..
She remember how the attack she and aki…

S:- heyyy… idiots .. I’ll never spare you … I’ll call police…

N:- if you now them already shivi ..

S:-yes nishi…

She tells the incident how this goons attack her for academy papers…

N:- oh my god… wait I’ll call police…

Nishi leaves to call police …

Goons are in fear by remember her attack toward them..

G:- madam… please madam .. I’ll accept all crime in police but please don’t beat us…

S:-(in shock) but when i beat you? If you gone mad…

Goons tell she how she beats them when they attack aki..

G:- shivangi madam I’ll never come in front of you or vyom sir again..please mam..

S:-(shock) shivangi .. vyom.. what nonsense … they are got mad…

Nishi arrive there ..

N:- what happened shivi… i informed police they will arrive in five minutes …

…………after an hour ……

Ni:- why you got mood off.. police arrest that goon we also make complaint against them now what? Relax..

Shivi smiles and nods…

Ni:- tell me how’ll you now i joined this hospital ..

Shi:-(smiles) your mom tell me that’s why i come here to meet you and you should come to our home for stay..

Ni:-… I’ll stay in hotel ..
Why you struggle for me..

Shivi :- what you say… you’re neighbor in our London house and my friend.. how’ll i leave you alone … my parents will get more pleasure if you stay with us… please ..

Nishi:-(smiles) ok….

They hugs and smile ..

Shi:- thanks….


In car shivani thinks about goons words…

Shivi:- shivangi…. vyom…. i know this name before ..

Shivi stops the car..

S:-(she remembers when she looks at the wall of that old house she saw the names …)
I looks that names in old house ..

…..flash back..

Nishi:- someone beats that goons hardly before one or two hour..

………flash back ends…..

Shivi :- i should know about the thing that struggle in my life few days….


In old house….

Shivani enters the house and search around….


In bedi mansion ….

In kk room….

Kk in mind….
“Radhika love me.. but I’m not ready to accept anyone in my life… i want to clear her thought ..”

Ak:- may i come in…
Kk:-(with smile) come on…

Akash come and sit beside kk..

A:-sorry …
Kk:- for what?

Aki in silent ..

Kk hug him..

Kk:- i did wrong … i should control my anger and you don’t worry ..

Aki:- thanks …(in smile)

Kk:- radhika is your friend na..

Aki:- yes .. she is my best friend in college ..

Kk:- i want to meets her… if you bring her tomorrow in my stadium ..

Aki:-(with big smile) it’s my dream ..


Aki:-pat me..

Kk in confused and pats his cheek…

Aki:- oh god.. it’s real.. ok I’ll get her there ..

Aki runs to inform radhu ..

Kk in mind..:- i know you want to make me happy aki.. but i should maintain distance from radhu that is only fact for my family..


Akash in phone ….

A:- yes.. RG .. he wants to meet you .. please come with me I’ll pickup you morning ..

Radhu in other side..

R:- yes.. I’ll come..

Radhu in mind..:- i know kk make something wrong else he’ll not change like this….


Shi:- this house is so old but nothing in here… she suddenly saw one camera there…

One shadow is looks at her from far…

Shivani take the camera and remove the films roll from that..

Shivi :- i hope it’s will have some connection with this house and this names ..

Again she looks at the name board of the house that in the wall..

Sh:- vyom.. shivangi who are they???
Why goons mentioned that name for me??
Who tells varun bhaiya about kk?
Who stay with akash in library? ?
I should find everything ..

Shivi leave from there …

Some shadow watch her from terrance …

“Shivi you want to know my dark past .. it’ll danger for you..
Don’t come across in my revenge path…
Vyom is mine…
I’ll kill anyone for my revenge..”

Episode ends with the shadow back scene …..

Precap:- shivi tries to print the photos in the roll… but suddenly current off and someone hold her from behind …..

(A/N:- hiii… dears. Love you all(…riyaroy..amalahari.. )aisha request me to publish 03 in week .. so I’ll publish my post in fri..sat..sun..days… i start this in next week so next epic will come next Friday …. before i publish I’ll reply your lovely comments dear…and dislikers please tells your problem I’ll try my best to correct it bye..keep smile .. I’ll come next time with big update it’s small one forgive me…bye..)

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