My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Episode 9

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Episode 8

Love you all who read my FF. 

The episode starts with Lakshya reaching Sanskar’s house. He stops his car in front of Sanskar’s house and gets down. He sees another car there.

Lakshya:- Looks like Sanskar’s father is also in home!

He goes near the door and rings the door bell.

A woman’s voice is heard from inside, “Comingggg “

A woman opens the door.

Lakshya:- hello aunty! I’m Sanskar’s friend. Is he inside ? Can I meet him ?

The woman identifies him.

” You are Lakshya am I right? “

Lakshya:- ( surprised ) You remember me aunty,? I thought you have forgotten me!

Woman:- of course not beta! How can I forget you? So how’s your married life?

Lakshya:- going good!

Woman:- that’s so nice to hear. We have decided to get Sanskar married to a girl so that he will also be a responsible one just like you.

She smiles. Lakshya gets surprised.

Lakshya:- Is he getting married??

Sanskar’s mom:- yes beta. They have come to meet Sanskar today. That’s why I made him stay at home today without letting him go anywhere.

Lakshya:- Ok then I will come later aunty.

Sanskar’s mom:- ha beta. Thank you so much. You understand everything so well.

Lakshya smiles and leaves. He gets into car and returns back.

-The Scene Ends-

The next scene starts with Lakshya reaching home. He goes in.

Ragini:- You came back so early! Didn’t you meet Sanskar? Or did you fight with him?

Lakshya:- I didn’t meet him.

Ragini:- What? Why is that?

Lakshya:- He is busy.

Ragini looks at him. She comes near him.

Ragini:- Tell me what has happened?

Lakshya looks around and says, “He is getting married”

Ragini:- wow! To Swara?

Lakshya:- No. That’s the problem.

Ragini:- What! But he loves Swara?

Lakshya:- yes. It’s not his idea. His parents want him to get married so that he would become a responsible character like me.

Ragini:- I don’t think Sanskar will agree to this wedding.

Lakshya:- I know. But he can’t refuse.

Ragini:- What shall we do now? What will happen to Swara?

Lakshya:- I have some ideas running in my mind. We can try one after the other. But I need your help.

Ragini:- Of course I’ll help you. Tell me what to do.

Lakshya:- First we will try to talk to Sanskar’s parents. I don’t know whether it will work but let’s try.

Swara hears this.

Ragini:- ok. Shall I come too?

Lakshya:- We can’t go today. We will go tomorrow.

Ragini:- Ok.

They go inside. Swara looks on. She thinks, “They are going to meet his parents. Thank God at last! I hope they will accept me.”

She gets happy and goes to kitchen. Lakshya and Ragini have also come to kitchen.

They look at Swara in an innocent way. Swara smiles back at them..

Ragini thinks, “We will make everything fine soon. Don’t worry.”

Lakshya looks at Ragini. Swara and Lakshya sit for breakfast while Ragini serves them food. Their mom and dad are also seen having breakfast.

-The Scene Ends-

_next day_

@Swara’s home

Lakshya:- Are you ready ?

Ragini:- Yes let’s go

They try to leave.

mom comes there.

Mom:- where are you two going?

Ragini and Lakshya look at each other.

Ragini:- We are going to meet Laksh’s friend. We didn’t go anywhere since we came back.

Mom smiles.

Mom:- ok ok . Come soon . Take care .

Ragini:- ok mom.

They leave. Lakshya and Ragini gets on the car. Lakshya looks at Ragini.

Lakshya:- Your sister is my sister too. We will try our best to make her life better.

Ragini smiles.

Ragini:- I know you help me each and every time.

He smiles back. The car leaves.

-The Scene Ends-

The next scene starts with Ragini and Lakshya reaching Sanskar’s house.

They get down from the car and see Sanskar and his dad leaving.

Lakshya:- I think we are late!

Ragini:- No. It will be easy for us if Sanskar and his dad are not present. Mom’s always listen to others.

Lakshya:- Yes you are right.

They go near the front door and rings the bell.


Sanskar’s mom opens the door. She looks at them.

Thank you so much for reading….


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