My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Episode 8

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Episode 7

Thank you Fariha, Sandhiyaswasaniyan, Sus, Tani, Safa, Hemi dear , Anju, Amala, Milestone, Kumu, Anu, Minnie08, Mannu, Neha_01, Nabamita and Uzmasheem for commenting.Thank you everyone who read, liked and disliked my FF. Let’s start today’s episode.

The episode starts with all finishing lunch.

Sanskar says , ” Thank you aunty . I must go home now. Dad might be waiting. “

” I thought you will stay some more time. “

” Actually aunty I have some important work in office.” 

” Oh.. ok then dear. Take care. I hope you will come again ? ” 

” Of course! I will surely come tomorrow. I have to water flowers “

Lakshya interferes and says , ” what is that ? “

” Ah nothing nothing” Sanskar says quickly.

Lakshya:- Are you a flower lover ? I never knew that ! When did you start liking flowers ? 

Sanskar:- Ah!! I….not really.. actually…

Swara:- Yeah Bhai he is a flower lover. You know he got permission from mom to water my flower bushes every morning. 

Ragini:- O god! Are you serious? Swara, you are like a conquerer! 

Lakshya:- That doesn’t suit well. Isn’t it Swara? 

Swara:- Ha Bhai that doesn’t suit. See , now Bhai can understand me than you 

Ragini:- Ok now he has become a big one for you rather than me ha?

Swara giggles. 

Sanskar:- ok ok I’m leaving now. Take care everyone. 

Lakshya gives a side hug and Ragini says good bye. Sanskar greets Swara’s mom and looks at Swara. 

She doesn’t say anything. 

Lakshya:- Say good bye to him Swara.

Ragini:- ha ha bolo

Swara:- Ok good bye 

Sanskar smiles and leaves. 

-The Scene Ends-

Next day morning 

@ Swara’s home.

The next scene starts with Swara getting a message. 

“I won’t be able to come today. Dad doesn’t allow. – Sanskar”

Swara:- What happened to him? I don’t think he is lieing because he even got permission from Mom. Don’t know why. 

She goes down stairs. 

Ragini:- Sanskar will come now right Swara? 

Swara:- No. He said he won’t be able to come. His dad hasn’t allowed him to leave home. 

Lakshya:- What? That’s strange. Maybe his dad has some other plans today. 

Swara:- I hope so. 

Lakshya:- I was thinking to go to meet him. We didn’t even meet since a long time now. After all he is like my small brother. Will anyone of you join me? 

Ragini:- not me. Ask Swara

Swara:- No.

Lakshya:- Really? Ok then. Romeo might come to his Juliet! 

Swara smiles and leaves to kitchen. 

-The Scene Ends-

The next scene starts with Lakshya getting into the car. He looks for key but fails to find it. He gets down from the car and goes back to home.

Lakshya:- Ragini.. Do you know where the key of my car is ?

Ragini comes there .

Ragini:- No I thought you have it in your pockets?

Lakshya searches for key in his pockets. He finds it.

Lakshya:- Here it is !!!

Ragini:- You came back for no reason when you already had it in your pockets!!

Lakshya:- Maybe god want me to be late for sometime…

Ragini:- Then why not stay for some more minutes? 

Lakshya:- No it’s ok. I will leave. Have to return before lunch too right! 

Ragini:- yes ok then. Take care. Come soon. 

Lakshya:- Ok dear. Love you. 

Ragini smiles. Lakshya leaves. He starts the car. 

-The Scene Ends-

Thank you so much for reading. Sorry for the small update.

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