My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Episode 7

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Episode 6

Thank you Fariha, Sandhiyaswasaniyan, Sus, Tani, Safa, Hemi dear , Anju, Amala, Milestone, Kumu, Anu, Minnie08, Mannu, Neha_01, Nabamita and Uzmasheem for commenting. Thank you everyone who read, liked and disliked my FF. Let’s start today’s episode.

The episode starts with Sanskar trying to help Swara.

” See , I filled this grid ” 

Swara looks at the papers and says , 

” Yeah thanks for that ” 

Swara’s mom comes there with orange juice. She serves Sanskar.

Sanskar:- Thank you so much aunty.

Swara’s mom smiles. “I hope you are not hungry yet. I’m still preparing lunch. There will be another one for lunch today including your dad Swara.”

Swara:- Who could it be ? Harshi? 

Swara’s mom:- No beta. Not her. You can meet her at lunch time. 

Swara:- but mom who is her?

Swara’s mom:- it’s a surprise 

She smiles and leaves. 

Swara:- Mom.. tell pleaseee

Sanskar:- I thought you like surprises! 

Swara:- Oho it means you know who is coming for lunch! Tell me tell me.? 

She hits his hand. Sanskar says “what what? I don’t know. Don’t hit me . I’ll die by our wedding if you continue to hit me like this everyday. I already told you that I’m a poor innocent boy who doesn’t know anything. ?”

Swara:- Hey don’t shout. What if mom hears you? What will she think? 

Sanskar:- If she hears me, she will know that I want her daughter as my wife, and then she would give me her daughter saying, you are the perfect husband for my Swara. Ohh what a wonderful moment it is. 

Swara:- o god you are mad. 

She tries to leave. Sanskar stands up runs to her and holds her hand. Swara looks at him. Sanskar says “yes I’m mad by your love.” 

Swara looks at him in a happy mood and takes her hand back. 

“Mom will see” 

Sanskar:- I can’t help it Swara. I feel like asking your mom to give her daughter to me. 

Swara:- oh stop it ? I hope you haven’t forgotten what I had asked you to do ???

Sanskar:- I haven’t. But I thought a way to escape from it. I’ll ask your mom, she will agree without refusing because I’m the son of your boss. 

Swara:- Then you can go from here. Don’t ever try to come back to see me

Sanskar:- ? no no I won’t tell anything to your mom. 

Swara:- That’s like a good boy. 

Sanskar:- See I told you I’m a good one. 

Swara:- aren’t you going to complete my work? 

Sanskar:- Ok Miss. I’ll end it by lunch . 

He salutes and goes towards the bench to complete the work. 

Swara too follows him and sits in front of him. She too starts working. 

-The Scene Ends-

Next scene starts in an airport. A couple comes out of the airport. Girl says ,

” We should hurry up ! ” 

Other one asks, ” why? “

” I’m hungry ” 

” Ok then let’s hurry up ” 

They both get in a car and leaves . 

– The Scene Ends-

The next scene starts with a car stopping in front of Swara’s home. A boy, how is wearing a black sunglasses gets out of it. He opens the car door for the girl, who is wearing a pearl white dress which suits her beautiful look. She too gets out. 

Their car

Boy:- O mine! (He is surprised)

Girl:- Why? What happened? 

Boy:- You look like a princess Ragini.

Girl:- Aw! So sweet of you, laksh. 

Lakshya smiles at her. They look inside and sees Swara and Sanskar sitting on the garden. 

Ragini:- I think he is Swara’s to be one. What do you think? 

Lakshya:- I think he looks like Sanskar! But he can’t be here. He didn’t tell me anything like that ?

Ragini:- Whoever he is, I don’t really think he will match Swara. Because see how insensitive he is. Swara is sitting under this hot sun but that boy isn’t doing anything. So they don’t match. 

At the same time Sanskar looks at Swara. He quickly grabs a file and hold it upon her. 

Swara looks at him and gets happy.

Ragini:- Did he hear me? 

Lakshya:- I’m afraid not! 

This time Swara’s mom sees them standing in front of the gate and comes running.

“Why didn’t you ring the bell?” 

She opens the door for them. Swara and Sanskar sees them coming. They too go to welcome them. 

Swara’s mom:- Swara this is the surprise.

Swara runs and hugs Ragini.

Swara:- you didn’t tell me before coming!!!! Don’t you have to tell your sister?? After a long time! I missed you soooo much !!!!!!!!And ha hello Bhai. How was both of your journey??? Did you enjoy?? How was her behavior???

Lakshya:- Your sister almost killed me ! ? 

Ragini gets surprised.

Ragini:- stop lieing !!! Who tried to kill you ! 

Lakshya:- ? joking., My marriage life flows away like a feather 

Swara laughs ?

Ragini hits Lakshya. 

Lakshya:- Hey Sanskar, what’s up? You didn’t tell me that you are coming to meet Swara.

Sanskar:- Actually Dad told me to come and help her in her project. 

Swara’s mom:- Do you both know each other? 

Lakshya:- Of course mom. He’s one of my best friends. One of the coolest person I have ever met. 

Sanskar:- Haha thanks Laksh. 

Swara smiles. 

Swara’s mom:- Then it’s better. We’ll go inside and talk ok? Come. 

All of them go in. 

Thank you so much for reading….

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