My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Episode 11

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My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Episode 10

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The episode starts with Ragini and Lakshya reaching Home. They are still on car. 

Ragini:- Laksh, do you think this will work? 

Lakshya:- Maybe. We will tell Sanskar to update us. 

Ragini:- Will he? 

Lakshya:- Of course. He too doesn’t want this to happen. 

Ragini  smiles. They get down from the car and goes in. 

Ragini calls Mom.

Ragini:- Mom. We are back. 

Mom comes to them. 

Mom:- Aw good. Now what’s the plan for the rest of the day? When will your holiday end?

Lakshya:- I have one more week. Ragini has few more days. Right? 

Ragini:- yes Mom.

Lakshya:- we didn’t plan anything for the rest of the day Mom. 

His phone rings.

Lakshya gets a call from Sanskar

He looks at Ragini and Mom. 

Lakshya:- Mom , my friend. 

He turns back and goes outside. Mom and Ragini looks on.

Lakshya answers the call.

Lakshya:- Hello. Why Sanskar?

Sanskar:- I forgot to tell you something important. 

Lakshya:- Ok tell. 

Sanskar:- I have promised someone that…

Lakshya:- yes?

Sanskar:- Don’t jump in the middle.

Lakshya:- Ok ok tell fast.

Sanskar:- Why? Why are you so troubled?

Lakshya:- I’m not troubled.  Say .

Sanskar:- Then why did you say such a thing?

Lakshya gets angry and cuts the call.

@ Office 

Sanskar:- Hello?? Hello?? Laksh?? 

Oh mine he cut the call! I was just joking!

Swara:- Don’t joke unnecessarily.  By the way, what do you want to tell him? 

Sanskar:- Brother and sister are same.

Swara:- ?? 

Sanskar laughs and calls Lakshya again. 

@ Home 

Lakshya:- He’s calling again. 

He answers the call.

Lakshya:- Why?

Sanskar:- Don’t get angry Laksh. I was just joking. And you know your sister is also just like you. So curious to find out what I’m  going to tell you.

Lakshya laughs and says , “Its ok. She’s my sister right?” 

At the same time Ragini comes there and says, “Oh hello, she is my sister too ok?” 

Lakshya looks at her and smiles ?

Sanskar:- Oh wow! Your lovely wife is here too.

Lakshya:-? yes 

Sanskar:- Ok ok what I wanted to tell you is..

Lakshya:- ??

Sanskar:- I want you to water those flower bushes.

Lakshya:- What! ( in a high voice) 

Ragini looks at him surprised.  Lakshya sees her and talks in a low voice.

Lakshya:- Are you mad? You want me to do that? 

Ragini:-  Do what?

While @ Office 

Swara:- How could you? Is this the important thing?

Sanskar to Swara:- (in an emotional way) yes Swara. I promised you that i will water them somehow.  So I’m doing it. 

Swara looks at Sanskar’s eyes. Her heart is touched  by Sanskar’s words. 

While @ home

Lakshya tells to Ragini covering the phone with his hand,

“He wants me to water those plants!”

Ragini:- What?

She laughs. Lakshya looks at her so she stops laughing.  

Ragini:- ask. Ask him why? 

Lakshya:- Ha. Why? (To Sanskar)

Sanskar:- (in an emotional way) Because you are my friend. And because you want me to… I mean…. you know…

Lakshya:- Oh God. Blackmailing 

Sanskar  smiles and cuts the call.

Ragini:- Are you going to do it?

Lakshya:- Only because they are my sister’s flower bushes.

Ragini:- (in a funny way) this flower bushes are too much. 

They leave.

While @ Office 

Sanskar is looking at the phone after he cut the call. 

Swara looks at him.

Swara:- You talked so emotionally that I am pretty sure brother will do it.

Sanskar smiles at her. Swara get happy. 

-The Scene Ends-

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