My Life From Another One – SwaSan FF – Episode 1

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Swara reaches home from her car. She gets down. Her mother looks at her. She asks,

” You look tired dear “

” Yes mom. I will go and change quickly ” 

She goes in. 

After few minutes she comes out. 

” Where were you ? ” Swara’s mother questions her. 

” I went to meet my friend Harshi. I told you in morning mom “

” Oh .. yes yes you told ! I forgot ! ” 

Both smile at each other. Swara gets thinking.. She gets a message all of a sudden. ? She takes her phone and checks the message. 

” Harshi ” Swara doesn’t reply the message. 

” I don’t want to be a friend of such a girl but I can’t let her destroy her life… What should I do..” 

She gets a call. 

” Hello ? ” 

” Swara , it’s me. Why didn’t you reply my message? Are you fine ? ” 

Swara felt like saying , ” I do what I want. I don’t have time to type messages and send everyone” but she controls herself and says, 

” I was helping mother ” 

” Oh.. then okay. I thought you are wrost with me. I can’t understand how I can lead my life without you. You are my best friend. You are the only one who stayed with me when I needed you. ” 

Swara felt enough of Harshi. 

” I have to go. Mom is calling me for work. ” 

” Okay Swara. Let’s talk later ” 

Swara ends the call angrily. Her mother comes there .

” Why are you angry ? “

” Nothing mom. Just feeling bored ” 

“Well.. Did you give the things which I gave for your friend Harshi ? “

” Yes I gave ” 

” We must help them. They are poor people. What is life worth unless we help others ? ” 

” Yes mom ” 

Swara gets happy by her words. She goes into her room. 

“Harshi loves me so much. She trust me a lot. I can’t break her trust. Nor can I let her get destroyed……” Swara sits on her bed.. She gets thinking… She sees her family photo. 


Swara stands up.. She says in a determined voice “I won’t let anything happen to anyone Dadi. I’ll fulfil my promise to you. No matter what happens..Tears fall down from her beautiful eyes..


“Coming Mom”.. She wipes her tears and goes.

Swara goes to her Mom. “Swara, I invited your friend for lunch. She’ll come soon. Help me to arrange the table. Your dad will not come for lunch today.” 

“Why isn’t Dad coming?” 

“He took lunch box in morning. He said he has much work today. Maybe he’ll come late tonight.” 

They start cleaning the dishes. “Don’t take this much trouble please”

Swara and her mom looks at the door where the sound came.

Harshi says,

“May I come in?” 

Swara’smom gets happy and says,

“Of course dear. Come in. You are always welcome to this house. After all this is like your own home.”

Harshi comes in.

“Please don’t take this much trouble because of me. I will have lunch like all of you. I feel awkward eating like this in my best friend’s house!” 

Swara’s mom laughs and says,

“such a sweet girl. Ok come and have lunch with Swara. She was waiting for you.” 

“Mom won’t you have lunch with us?”  Swara asks. 

“No beta. I have to clean the house. Both of you eat. I will join after working.”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to join us!” Swara says with an annoying mood. 

“Yes aunty. Please join us.” 

Swara’s mom smiles and says ,

“My little daughters are very naughty. Ok ok I’ll come.” 

“Since when did she become your daughter?” Swara thinks.. She gets upset a bit but soon she understands that Harshi is her best friend and consoles her mind. 

All of them sits around the table.

 _Scene Ends_

Thank you so much for reading everyone. I will update the next part tonight .

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