My Life.. A Curse

I glared to the dark red liquid sleeping peacefully inside that gorgeous little glass.. it is so tempting.. like him.. what tge bl**dy hell.. all the tiny things in my life I’m comparing with that devil.. ge should go to hell.. but he is in this earth to torture me.. i hate this.. i hate this life.. he made my life as a hell. that moron Sanskar Maheswari.. i gulped the wine . . a sort of bitterness i felt.. why this taste bitter? oh god my tongue lost it.. lost to feel the taste.. i bit mu lips slowly.. damn it.. it too taste bitter.. i remember his words ” your lips are the most sweetest dish o have ever tasted..” oh.. hell.. i throw the little glass with all frustration.. poor glass.. what was its fault.. to get such a tragic destiny.. thank god my servant caresses its broken pieces in her soft palm.. i laughed loudly.. servant stared me with a scary look.. ” get lost lady.. i want privacy” i shouted at her.. she leaves without uttering anything.. i fall down in my kness.. tears roll down.. ” maa where r u? ” i cried badly.. I’m alone in this cruel world.. save me maa” i lay down .. i felt I’m dying.. the wounds in my heart are bleeding heavily.. i will die.. i will die bu this hell bleeding.. not only physical wounds but also the wounds in our heart can kill us..


Maheswari mansion

phone rings.. a women of 40’s attend the call..

” hello is this maheswari mansion? ”

” yes.. who r u?”

” my name is radha.. I’m working in swara di ‘s home”

” so what” ?

” can i speak to sanskar sir?”

” no”

” but i want..”

” hey lady how dare you to cut off my words.. swara gadodia is a closed chapter.. for me and for my son.. ”

” please madom.. swara di is in such a bad state..she may commit suicide .. I’m very scared.. please call your son..”

” don’t you have ears? or am i speaking in french? it is over means over.. my son never loved that stupid girl.. and he will not.. what all he done to her is just a drama.. and is was an actress .. tomorrow she will be replaced by another actress.. nothing more.. don’t dare to call this annapoorna maheswari next time..

i think it was bad.. i thought to write something and write another something.. forgive me if it is bad.. and this ff will be i don’t know about pairs or anything.. if you all like it i will try to write more.. else i will drop the idea.. and i will try to update my other ff’s also.. thank you for reading

Credit to: Rithu


  1. khusubu

    please continue and make pair swalak keep love triangle between swasanlak.because we all read many ff love triangle between swasanlak but the pair is swasan.please u change this.

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