My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 2

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Diya sat behind Arjun

As Arjun said that his brother asked him to pick her.

Arjun: so what did u said to him?

Diya: Why?

Arjun: Just curiosity..

Diya: I don’t love him.

Arjun was happy to hear that from her mouth. Then he saw her from the mirror..

Her eyes was so beautiful nd powerful..she placed her hands on his shoulders for balance.

Diya tried to see his reaction for placing her hands on him..but unfortunately she can’t.


Then Diya said him to stop..

She saw some children were playing with bubbles..she went there nd asked for it..

Then she began to play with that..nd also break some bubbles..

Its just girly types..some girls loves to play with bubbles..

(But I am not that type guys ?? )

Arjun saw her nd rewinded his Flashback with her..when he saw her first..nd when he realise his love for her.

Arjun’s brother nd Diya’s sister got married when Arjun was in 12 th grade nd Diya in 7 th grade.

At first he was upset with this proposal..that his bhabhi had sister not brother.

He thought he can have his age set..he doesn’t have his age group in relatives..some more elder than him..some were younger..

Nd that too 5 years different..He didn’t tried to see her after his Brother’s marriage..

After 3 years..His bhabhi’s family came to his relatives marriage.

Arjun was with his friends ..they were chattering randomly.

One of his friend asked him

“Don’t u have any hot girls in ur family side?”

Arjun: “shut up nd stop stalking at girls ”

Friend : there is no girls..only one baby girl.

Arjun: “what the?”

His friend pointed Diya..who was in uniform with sad face.

That was the second time he seen her..this time she looks First he didn’t felt anything for her…but now she looks different..he can’t say that how it feels like..nd she was so cute in uniform ..

Arjun scolded himself

“Arjun don’t stalk at school girl..what u thinking right now is wrong!”

But he can’t go with his mini mind..

Something was happening inside him..

After some minutes..she fade like someone did magic..

He was searching for her..

Then he saw her ..with her Mom..she went to
The room nd closed the door..

He waited for her..he still don’t know why he waited for.. she didn’t came outside..

After that he heard sound..inside the room..

He went to saw..he was blank after what he saw.

He can’t believe..she jumped from bride escaping from her marriage…but she was not the bride.

He went to her..nd stopped..

She saw him..nd released her hand within a minute..

She was in pink lehenga..

Arjun: where r u going? Marriage gonna happen inside.

Diya: so what? Am not the bride.

Arjun: but ur family was inside.

Diya: oh..i don’t want to be there.

Arjun: why?

Diya: why should i explain u?

Arjun: just curiosity,.

He seems that she was not convinced..

Arjun: otherwise i will call bhabhi..

She got irritated..nd said

Diya: there is old lady.,witch..nowadays she goy mad ..she wants me to marry like my dhi before she she started to search boy in this marriage too..its became her hobby..???

Arjun: what?

Diya: what?

Arjun control urself..shut ur mouth nd go inside..
But again he didn’t listen..

Diya: listen am goin.

Arjun: wait!

Diya: what?

Arjun: can i come with u?

Diya smiled nd they ran from there.


Diya waved her hand at him..then he came back to present..

That was love at second sight..u may say..

Love can happen at any time..

There is no any rule..that love should be happen only on first sight.

He wanted to tell this to her..but he can’t..

He said to himself..”i would say to her one day”

They both came to home.

Anjali (Diya sister) took her inside.

In a minute..Diya came back to him

Arjun wondered .

Diya: Arjun!

Arjun: huh?

She gave him Chocolate.

Arjun took that from her.

Arjun: for what?

Diya: just like that.

They both saw each other..

Maybe they didn’t confessed..They both happy with that feelings..

To be continued…

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