My imagination

Hi everyone I am new cum old to this
New because it’s my first time that I am writing any piece of work and old as I am such a big fan of ishqbaaz that the moment and get up and the moment before I sleep I always check this website for any new fan faction or work
It’s just a imagination piece of mine kind of a one shot
So my story starts from the latest precap only inwhich we saw that shivay takes Anika out front he fridge ..

So here it goes

The show starts from shivay sensing Anika around him (as weknow he already senses her without she being in notice) but he just feels as it is a misconception as Anika is nowhere to been seen. Anika tries to make some unintentional movement from inside the fridge as she senses herself in danger . Just then due to a sudden sound everyone gets alert and shivay being shivay runs to check what’s it thua opens the door of the fridge to find out what that Anika appears
He and whole family is shocked that how come Anika is in such conditions and tia prays that she is dead.
Shivay almost choked Anika Anika but she doesn’t respond. Shivay lifts Anika and takes her to their room . They check her heartbeat and find that she is breathing and call for the doctor.
The doctor comes and says that she will be fine in sometime and will wake up soon. Everyone departs to their room and shivay stays there holding her hand and thinks of his words that he doesn’t care for her. He accidentally says that Anika I do care for you PLZ wake up soon and cries…Anika wakes and says shivay..What happened my head is aching..Shivay smiles and says no he shouts Anika r u mad what were you doing on the fridge she says what I don’t remember what are you saying..She gets a little amused and he even shouts more..Omru and dadi gather in front of their room hearing their noise ..Shivay says r u and agar tumhe ho jata Kuch..She starts laughing and says how come sso cares for me is it a dream or so..He says now I understand you did it just because you wanted to hear right
Anika who is unable to understand anything says just shut up have u lost your mind
Who are you r u God are you my Sahil that would do such for you ..U have gone mad and you r an idiot ..Now keep quiet my head
Shivay understands the situation and says Ok sorry and take these medicines both of them argue a little more and Omru and dadi start laughing
Both of them get conscious and stop arguing.
Anika clears that she doesn’t know how this happened as she just drank tea.
She thinks that she will have to solve this mystery and plans to find the truth.

Should I continue ????

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  1. Pls continue
    Its amazing

    1. Sairan

      Thank you thank you so much saalini
      I just want ur suggestion
      That I can’t drag it too much because u no Na that in reality the truth won’t come out so easily..So I want to focus on Tia’s truth related to this incident only so in how many shots should I finish it ???

      1. Its your wish completly but pls continue

    2. Sairan

      Oh that’s really sweet of you I have submitted my next part for publication but it’s not related to the current track as according to me fan fiction means that what fans think
      Hope you like it

  2. Akshaya

    Yep your imagination is cool sairan . Please do continue dear

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a ton akansha
      Sorry I am posting the same comment again
      Need ur advice
      can’t drag it too much because u no Na that in reality the truth won’t come out so easily..So I want to focus on Tia’s truth related to this incident only so in how many shots should I finish it ???

      1. Akshaya

        Two to three shots for the revelation will do along with nok – jhok of the couples. Then afterwards concentrate on the romcom ( romance + comedy )

  3. Pooja26

    yes continue soon……

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot pooja
      Once again apologies for copying the comment
      can’t drag it too much because u no Na that in reality the truth won’t come out so easily..So I want to focus on Tia’s truth related to this incident only so in how many shots should I finish it ???

      1. Pooja26

        i think for tia’s truth 2 shots r enough
        plz show some shivika scences also 😉 😉

      2. Sairan

        Hey Pooja I have changed the track of my ff and it will have a lot of shivika moments and I am not focusing on tia track as it will take long time

  4. ofcourse…it sounds quite interesting…

    1. Sairan

      Thank u so much PRI

  5. Dheemahee

    Yup it is a nice one please continue and Post next one soon ?

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a ton dheemahee
      I’m really happy that u liked it
      I’ll just post the next epi right now

      1. Dheemahee

        Wow thanks please do it than I m just waiting ???

  6. Yaa you should continue

    1. Sairan

      Thank u so so much hriday

  7. Samaira20

    Nyc and cute one dear…Do continue its good….

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot samaira
      Will surely continue

  8. Umama shahnaz

    S s ssssss plz continue but write a big one

    1. Sairan

      It’s really sweet of you umama
      Thanks a lotttttt

  9. Nice…continue

    1. Sairan

      Thank u San

  10. Please continue

    1. Sairan

      Thank you I have done the needful

  11. SamSun

    yesss. pls do continue, shivika nok-jok is too good. will be waiting for the next update??☺☺

  12. Shivika

    It was fab dear plzz continue..u just nailed it… nxt one eagerly waiting for the episode

  13. Nice episode please continue ? ?

  14. Mihra-101

    Plz continue can’t wait for next update

  15. Sairan

    Thank you so muchhhhhh everyone
    I can’t reply to all comments as my neg is slow and or takes lotnof time
    But I am really happy that u liked my work
    Thanks a ton
    I would like to tell everyone that I ahve continued my ff but there is a change in tracks s I would want that Tia’s track should goon side by side as it is going jn the show
    My focus here is on anikas past
    Hope you all will like it

    1. Akshaya

      Yep go ahead bud

  16. Please please please continue. I liked it.

  17. Ssn

    More shivika seens . Delete tia asap

  18. It’s superb..continue dear

  19. Sounds nice… Plz cont n post next part asap.

  20. Sat_9492

    Yes please continue…..

  21. Plzz continue….
    Even i too do the same i woke up and chech the website and going to bed check again….
    On 31-12-16 and 1-01-17 i really missed ur all ffs and updates…..
    From Kaayu…

  22. Yup u should continue

  23. Soha

    it’s awesome and also bring truth of tia fast

  24. Puvi

    Its superb dear

  25. Sairan

    Thank u so much for more comments
    I would like to tell u that for now my focus is on anikas past and not ontia as this track is very much time consuming
    I have posted the second part and sent the 3rd part for review also
    Hope u like it

  26. Sorry 4 late cmmnt…..its great……plz continue……

    1. Sairan

      No need for sorry
      Thanks a lot..
      Part 2&3 are already published plz read them and kindly post ur reviews there also..Thanks ?

  27. Rucha

    It is really nice short and simple

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