My heart Belongs to her Mister (os)

My heart belongs to her mister (os)
This os is based on a fiction, however, the portrayed jodis will be mainly Swalak. (though im a swasanian). The additional characters will be played by Tejaswi prakash, and varun kapoor. There are cameos of Zain imam, Adity Rathore, vishal singh, Mohammad Nazim. So here it goes.

Helly shah as Radha Kapoor – she is sweet, yet clever, and luxury lover , rich heiresso f a miilionaire father. She is sambhav’s girlfriend and loves him. Howver, she is also attracted to her father’s business partners rich son Saurabh.
Namish taneja as Sambhav Desai ?later (sambhav desai jr.) – sambhav is a handsome, middle class boy. He is radha’s boyfriend and loves her a lot. He also cares for his friend (who was brought up by his parents), gauri.
Tejaswi Prakash as Gauri solanki – she is sweet, and polite girl. She loves sambhav a lot, but does not express it. She was brough up by the desai family.
Varun kapoor as Saurabh Vyas – a rich business tycoon’s son. Drug addicted and heartless. A playboy, and cruel hearted. Likes radha.
Zain Imam as Aditya Sen – radha and sambhav’s friend , also middle class.
Adity rathore as Sindoora – radha’s clever and greedy friend. Aditya’s ex girlfrend.
Vishal singh as Nikhil – sambhav’s friend
Mohammad Nazim as Jai – smabhav’s very rich best firned.

A girl (tejaswi prakash) is shown in blue salwar walking in the street..suddenly, a few goons get out of bike and start harassing her..the girl shouts help,help!!!
Radha and sambhav are shown in Radha’s car…
– God, this’s not even working properly..
– Its my car, sambhav, its dad brought it for me, its Prado 6 and worth 1 million,…
– Yah yah…ok, I never said, u were not rich…
– Hmmkkk…
– Hey..can u see the girl?
– Omg, lets move out of here..!!
– No,its..oh god, its Gauri..she is my childhood friend..i cant leave her here, goons are messing with her.
– What u mean, lets go, sambhav!
– Nope!
Sambhav gets out of the car…and runs to Gauri, Radha fumes..
Bulleya Plays in background..Sambhav goes and pushes the goons and starts fighting with them..
Radha worries..Gauri stares at sambhav..sambhav gets injured. The Gauri spots a rod and hits a goon’s head..goon falls down..2 other goons run away.Gauri runs and hugs sambhav..sambhav feels uneasy..
– Gauri, are u ok?
– Hmm..
– Should I drop u home?
– uMhm..thankyou sambhav..
– Ur most welcome…
Sambhav goes way and sees the road empty..surely Radha drove to her home…she must have been angry, he thinks..sambhav sighs..

@ Radha;s home..:Kapoor Mansion
Radha recalls,
Her dad saying “this son of a b*t*h will never let u anything..u deserve better”…these words run on her mind..suddenly, she gets a call..its Sindoora.
– Hi..
– Radhs..hey! the line’s disturbing. R u getting a call?
Radha checks..yes, sambhav is calling her..
– Yeah, sambhav is
– Don’t pick his call,Radhs..he does not deserve u .
– What do u mean, I love him!
– Love means nothing’s everything..even I liked Aditya,but look now, im happy with Shaurya, he showers me with loads of gifts..
– Hmm?
– can buy u love and happinesss..see..its a selfish world…love means absolutely nothing..
sindoora cuts the call…radha looks on..words run on her mind “it’s a selfish world, money is everything, that son of a b*t*h, u deseve better, money buys everything”….
Sambhav’s terrace…
Sambhav is trying to call radha…..sanam re plays..
– Let me call call??
He realizes his phone does not have that option..sambhav stares at the sky..
– Well, if I look at this beautiful moon and talk to RAdha, it will surely be a video call!!
Sambhav smiles..suddenly, Nikhil taps on his shoulder..
– Hey bro..
– Hi Nikhil..
– What are u doing..?
– Calling Radha..!!
– Oho..leave it..she is damn angry on u..well, honestly say, u love her or not?
– R u mad, oh yes u r!!…I forgot….but yeah, I do..
– She doesn’t think so..
– Why?
– U shout on her, insult her and she..
– Come on…(smiles), im sorry that Insulted her..but I feel bad when she says Saurabh Saurabh Saurabh all the time..i cant tolerate anyone else’s name on her lips..i feel my rights on her..i shout on her, as I consider her my own..u would never vent ur anger on outsiders , would u?
Nikhil flashes a smile
– Great then..Can I borrow ur bike, mine is under servicing.?
– Sure..?
– Thankx bye.!
– Bye..!
Sambhav sighs and tries call again..

@ radha’s room..\

Radha is in her nighty and humming, chatting with saurabh..
– Wow..what a boy, so rich …hehehe(smirks) (thinks)**
Sambhav’s call comes, and Radha gets a small blush..she goes to answer, but her dad and Sindoora’s words run on her mind…
“it’s a selfish world, money is everything, that son of a b*t*h, u deseve better, money buys everything”… “it’s a selfish world, money is everything, that son of a b*t*h, u deseve better, money buys everything”…. “it’s a selfish world, money is everything, that son of a b*t*h, u deseve better, money buys everything”….
Radha cuts the repeatedly comes. Radha cuts everytime, finally it 99th time and she cuts it again…
@ sambhav’s house..
Police horn buzzes..Nikhil comes with sambhav’s bike and sees a mess. He runs upstairs…sambhav is shown holding his dad, his dad is bleeding..his sisters are crying and his mom is howling..sambhav and nikhil put his dad on his bike and take him to hospital…it was the robbers..they robbed everything, now the desais were completely pennyless..
Jane nahi dene tujhe plays…

@City hospital..
Aditya and Jai came..they paid the operation bill..Jai huged sambhav..sambhav’s father was in ot..his sisters ,mother, aditya, nikhil and Gauri was present. She was an orphan..sambhav’s parents meants all to her…doc came out…
“ mr.desai has only a few minutes…he has called his son..we are sorry”..tears rolled down sambhav’s cheeks..he could see all so broken suddenly..he went inside..
His father signaled him and said to his ear something..sambhav said no..but he persisted..sambhav cried..sambhav’s father muttered its my last wish son..he breathed his last…sambhav wiped his tears. He held Gauri’s hands and led out of the hospital…

15 days later…..
A café is shown..sambhav is shown with Jai…
– How could u break ur fathers last wish..???
– Jai, I had fulfilled it, but now..Radha called me for something important..she’s my sorry for dad..but, I cant..i will say say everything to Radha and propose her with a hope that she would forgive me…
– Are u sure??
– Yeah
– Hmm…
Radha a enters in a balck dress…sambhav goes to hug her, but she moves away..kabhi jo badal barse plays…
– Sambhav ..i
– Radha , iwanted to say..
– Sorry sambhav,we are over!
– Huh?
– sorry..i have realized, we don’t have a dad wishes me to marry saurabh, his wish is my command..i realize, u cant give me everything that I, we are over!

That’s how, the mistress of his heart went way in her prado 6..tears rolled down his cheeks..he could see his own heart bursting, the sky breaking, he smiled with disappoint…if only god had blessed him with a million taka more..she would be his…

…Radha never contacted him afterwards..1 month later …one day, Radha’s father called him…

@Radha’s fathers office..
– May I come in>??
– Yes,sambhav,please\
– U called me, uncle..?
– Hmm..i did..
Screen goes black..
30 years later….
A 50 floor apartment is shown in place of Desai house..a woman comes and rings he bell..her face is revealed its Radha..she will be 50 only, but has wrinkled, grey hair, and specs with cotton saree…rain starts heavily….a man comes form behind, and puts n umbrella over her head…habiba looks on….its, its not…no,its sambhav, no, its not..he looked exactly like sambhav did..but he was so young…he gave her the umbrella and went way running in rain covering is head with a smile and entered his car and went away….jaadu hai nasha hai.played in the background when Radha remembered all their memories…
Tears rolled down her cheeks..she entered the apartment…inside sitting was a man…with a woman..
He was some Aditya sen, came for work and was discussing something with a women in formal clothes ..she was none other than Gauri…GAuri left…RAdha sat..Aditya was shocked!
– Do I know u??
– Im radha Saurabh vyas
– Radhs? U remember aditya, adi!..
– Adi…
– Yeah..
– Hi..
– How r u?..ok.ok…why are u this bad.??.
– Im saurabh’s widow.. he died this son’s sent to me old age..i have ran away from there..i want some help from mr.Sambhav desai..
– R u kidding me.! Seeking help from a dead person?
– Dead.?.don’t joke Adi, whole world knows mr.sambhav desai is a successful businessman, and u r…!
– U were very close to sambhav, so I can reveal it to u..sambhav is dead..he died 30 years ago
– Huh?
– The man u met.he is sambhav desi junior, he is ur sambhav’s son.
– Huh?
– 30 years back…the day u had a silly fight with sambhav..Over Gauri,…his father died..his last wish was to get Gauri married to sambhav..sambhav married her..but after a few days, he realized he could not deceive u and he divorced her. cause compared to u, even his father’s last wish meant nothing to him..Then the day u came and broke up with him and told him, he never deserved u ..and u were happy with saurabh.. You killed him..He became a walking dead..then one day, when ur wedding was finalized with saurabh..Ur father called him..He said to sambhav, that u were happy marrying saurabh..but, saurabh had a defected heart and would die in a year. but your sambhav never wanted u to cry like his mother did being a widow..his heart matched to saurabh..and ur father begged him to save ur marital save ur happiness, he gave his heart to saurabh and breathed his last..Gauri was pregnant and bore a son..she loved sambhav truly, thus, even after him leaving her, she took care of his son and named him sambhav, she was a single mother and raised him..
– Why did sambhav do this.?.(she cried)
– He did it because, it was the only way, u could hear his heartbeats, because, u would never hug him again..he knew Saurabh was a bad person, and he wanted his heart to guard u…bcoz if saurabh’s heart was with sambhav, he would never do anything bad to you!
– But saurabh loved me..
– He did not.!.u got love from sambhav’s heart in saurabh’s body..saurabh loved u from the bottom of sambhav’s heart..sambhav has gained peace, cause his heart was close to your heart when u hugged saurabh, cause his heart could always love u..he loved u truly, and that’s why, even after he left the world, he made sure, his heart would make another person love u truly as he did..he is in peace …now his heart belonged to ur mister…

The end…………………………………………….

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