Shot 3
San:(angrily at peak Voice) do u know how much i love her? Yes I’m imperfect in everything but she knows this before itself na.. Then y (his eyes starts teary) do u know karan I flirted with many girls but I have never crossed my limits? I always tells everything to my gini including my first crush, my outing with girls…. Then y all of a sudden she will starts to c my imperfection..v r in a relationship For 3 yrs.. All these three yrs Wat v had is not love right?… It’s called infatuation… (he cries) definitely I can’t digest these words when I hear it from my gini
Karan :(feels bad for him) pats him.. K leave let’s think about it later
San:(determinedly) no karan Wat u said is right?? I will break this relationship, it will b better if I say it first or else throughout her life she will feel bad for me
Karan nods
San:((shouts) so Wat v hAd is infatuation? (being intoxicated)

@next day college
As soon as he saw Ragini, he was shocked to see raglak were hugging ,sanskar hearts pains more but controls himself
San:gi .. Ragini
Raglak breaks the hug and looked at him
San:i want to speak to u Ragini.. I will b waiting over there
Ragini is confusingly walks to the backyard (becaz first time he called her by her full name)

Rag:y r u calling me
San:(cuts her) let’s break up
Rag eyes widened and she looked at him shockingly
San:sry I don’t think v love each other.. It’s just a form of affection.. Nothing else ((his throat chocked) don’t mistake me ..starts to leave Ragini :holds his hand
Both had a painful eye lock
Rag:(in cracking voice) could you give me “MY LAST FIRST KISS “NOW
both eyes become teary
San:immediately hugs her tightly by placing his head on her shoulder and cries.. I love you gini.. I can’t sacrifice u.. I love you (cries)
Rag:smiles with teary eyes and hugs him back
San:(when he senses her touch immediately break the hug) no gini I’m a imperfect boy.. U r perfect, v can’t b
Rag:immediately locked his lips with him
Rag:started kissing him Passionately, started exploring each and every corner of his lips ((sanskar doesn’t respond to it) She breaks the kiss after few minutes…
Rag:breathing heavily I don’t know Wat imperfections u have? I love you only sanskar.. I want to be with u only
San was frozen
Rag:pats him
San smiles widely and hugs her tightly as much as possible
Rag:smiles and buried her head into his chest… Sanskar
San:hmm(lost in the hug)
Rag:do u want to ask me anything?
San:ha by saying he breaks the hug, y u didn’t say to that u hate chocolate ice-cream
rag:smiles at his cuteness seriously I love it after knowing it was ur favorite
san::but u don’t do it for me wen u didn’t like it
rag:smiles and hugs him again then who will do it? I love to love ur favourites
San:gini I love you
Rag:i love you too.. Any other thing
San:nods as no
Rag:dont u want to know y I hugged laksh San:smiles I believe you more than me… But when I saw it I was hurt but now I’m clear it was just a friendly hug
Rag smiles
San:gini hereafter I will try to b punctual and I will try to reduce my flirts tooo
Rag pouts and nods as no then I will miss my sanskar.. B urself because I love my sanskar alot
San:smiles widely and pulled her into a warm hug …

Sara:did u propose her
Lak:nods but she rejected me.. Whatever v r thinking is wrong Sara.. Gini and sanskar loves each other unconditionally
Fb few minutes before raglak hug
Lak:proposed her
Rag:im already in a relationship.. U know it very well
Lak:but he is not correct person to u.. U will definitely didn’t Get happiness with him..i don’t know to whom is he flirting now
Rag:(angrily) stop it laksh.. Do u know Wat is love? It’s trust between each other.. I trust my sanskar and he too…do u know after you cam I’m not spending time with him properly but he never doubted me.. And when u said I hate chocolate icice-cream have u seen my sanskar how geniouly behaved? He is far better than u and whenever he saw my sad face, his heart pains… Yesterday he asked me to kiss him it’s not because he doubted our relationship.. It’s because he felt insecurity that I will leave him one day… Laksh don’t dare to say one word against my sanskar? I don’t need ur friend ship here after
Lak:feels bad and pleads her
At one point he cries and hugs her
Rag understand him and pats him by forgiving him
Fb ends
Sara:im Sry laksh

Leap of 2 yrs
Mandip is shown. A bride is sitting in front of the Agni.pandit is calling for a groom but he didn’t come
All were searching for him
Bride:search where girls crowd is much
Suj(sanskar’s mom) :pinches his ears when she saw him flirting with a random girl
Bride:(removed her veil a little) it’s our Ragini… Giggles by seeing sanskar reaction
San pouts By making faces he cam towards her and sat
San:gini u r too good but c mom she is always scolding me
Rag:dont worry after marriage I will c her
San:nods…gini I can flirt with girls after marriage na
Rag smiles widely of course my flirty boy Both chuckles

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