Shot 2
Leap of 1 month those days, .Ragini started avoiding sanskar unknowingly ,sanskar felt bad but in front of her he acts like he was happy and acts like it doesn’t bother him. ..
One fine day
Sara:do u love Ragini
Lak:wat r u asking Sara.. She already in love
Sara:but do u think he is correct person for our Ragini? No he doesn’t, he is exact opposite of Ragini.. He use to flirt with every girls, he use to drink and he use to lie fluently.. My frd Ragini deserve better than him.. I know u love her. .don’t lie to me
Lak:yes Sara I love her since childhood but she (his eyes became moist)
Sara:till u have time.. Plz don’t waste it.. If u didn’t tell ur love to her now then u can’t convey it throughout ur life span
Laksh nods

@ragini room
Rag is rolling over the bed “in mind “OMG Wat I did to my sanskar.. I started spending more time with laksh as I met him after many years but how can I forget my sanskar “she curses herself and dozed off

@next day college
As soon as she came to college she started searching for him.. After 45 min she found him in canteen as usual he is flirting with juniors
Rag:smiles and goes towards him, sanskar
San:looks at her
Rag:its been a long time shall v go some where
San:sry gini, he purposefully wrapped his arm around one girl shoulder, actually v both planned to go out ..bye I will meet you tmrw
Rag:was hurt not becaz he said no to outing.. Becaz it was the first time without her concern he went out with a girl pains her lot
@evening (that girl calls sanskar)
Girl:sanskar r u coming or not
San: Sry.. V will go sum other time and ends it
He frustratedly bangs his hand by remembering Ragini’s moist eyes

@next day
Rag:looks at him
San:shall v go outing today
Rag smiles widely and nods
San:feels happy by seeing her smiley face
When they abt to go, sara stops them
Sara:(drags laksh also) shall v Also join with us
Lak:less audibly Wat r u doing
Sara:im doing this for u only.. Keep quiet ..Guys say something
Ragsan nods unwillingly

@ice cream parlor
San:asks swara and laksh Wat they want?
Barrer :Sir ur order
San:Two vanilla and two chocolate
Lak:but Ragini u didn’t like chocolate ice-cream na
sAn:shocked becaz they always eat this only, Ragini never told him about it and he also didn’t ask it
Rag:(nervously) I started liking it sanskar
Lak:but u use to hate that smell also
Barrer came and placed the order
San:(hurt that she didn’t share a simple thing to him) plz take one chocolate ice-cream.. Ragini whatever you want, u order it
Rag:no I want this only
San:(strictly) no need to do for me
Rrag:but I’m k with it
Rag:nods and looks at barrer (raglak Together) butterscotch ice cream
San:smiles sarcastically

@karan home
San tells everything to him and feels bad
Karan:i think it’s ur insecurity..did u kiss Ragini b4
Karan :r u serious? In these 3 yr relationship u not even kissed her (laughs)
San:glares him
Karan:kk Sry, u ask her to kiss u.. If she obliged then it’s love only but if she didn’t means.. She didn’t have any feelings towards u

@next day
San holds her hand and dragged her in college backyard
Rag:wat happen sanskar?
San:gini(stammers) v r in a relationship for 3 yrs.. I want my first kiss
Rag:(shocked) but sanskar it should happen on its own.. Not like this
San:wat does it mean? Didn’t you believe me?
Rag:but (she refuses)
San:(Karan words comes to his mind) he frustrately leaves that place by seeing her nervousness and refusal
Rag stands by looking at him with moist eyes….

@karan home (elders went out)
Karan and sanskar started drinking alcohol..
Karan :better break up with her..u r example of imperfections and she is for perfection.. If u didn’t break up with her Now.. One day she will cum to u and will say..sry sanskar I got my love.. He is my laksh and I reliazed it.. Wat v had is just infatuation.. Plz hope u understand
San:(shouts) stop it

Im going to make as 3 shots

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