Shot 1
@ College
Ragini is shown in class but desperately watching room door for some one arrival…she became sad
After few minutes, she started searching for the person through out the college and smiled widely by seeing him around a girl (v can say flirting with that girl)

Rag smiles and goes towards him and pats his shoulder, he turns towards her…revelead as our sanskar
Rag:raises her eyebrow
San:gini one minute… (turns towards the girl) tina v will meet afterwards and hugs her

@college backyard (where they use to meet every time)
Rag:immediately holds his hand and ties a bracelet in it
San:(confused) Gini Wat is it for?
Rag:today is our 3 yr anniversary
San:(laughs) v r not married till yet
Rag:b serious.. U proposed me on this day before 3 yrs.. Always forgetting it?? K bye by saying she starts to leave
San:gini gini Sry yaar (pouts)
Rag:k shall v go outing today
Rag:(guessed by seeing his face expression) did u plan outing with Tina?
San:nods sadly
Rag:its k… Go
San:smiles widely

Sara (rag’s frd) :y u allow him to go outing with some other girl? ?
Rag:i trust him sara.. He use to flirt with girls but he knows his limits and he is doing it childishly only
Sara:but I think he is not correct person to u.. Then ur wish By saying she went
Rag gets into thinking….

@after few days
Rag:sanskar I’m going to sing in our college culturals…dont miss to cum
San:gini I will be der before half an hour
Rag:last time also u told same thing but u didn’t on time
San:promise …i will (he stops and started looking into the other girl who is standing some distance from them)
Rag:hits him.. U will never change
San smiles

@cultural time
Rag is desperately waiting for him but he didn’t come
Sara:i know he won’t come.. He will b chit chatting with the girls
Rag:looks at her
Sara:is it true only? Then y r u seeing me like this
Before Ragini could speaks, her name is called and she went to stage…. She starts singing a song by searching for her sanskar….
After cultural got over
When she abt to leave
San:holds her hand and pulled her into a private place.
Rag:sadly today also u didn’t cum on time
San:who told gini? I cam at middle of ur song
Rag:(excitingly) is it
San:nods and hugs her
Rag smiles but suddenly break the hug and hits him but still u didn’t on time (she pouts)
San:sry plzzz
Rag nods

@birthday party of karan (sanskar ‘S frd)
Music turns on
San :goes towards some random girl and started dancing with her
Rag became sad by seeing him (becaz she thought he will dance with her)
San:who saw her face, immediately goes towards her and forwards his hand may I dance with my queen
Rag nods happily
Both dances by forgetting the world around us

Rag:ha sanskar… Do u know who is he
San:our new classmate, yesterday only he joined na
Rag:not only our newclassmate.. He is my childhood frd, after 5 yrs I’m seeing him… He joined in our college itself excited
Person:gini stop.
San:y r u calling her gini?
Person :im the one who use to call her lik that?
San got irritated :ur name
Rag /person :(both together) LAKSH

Guys its 2 shot ff… Hope you like it…

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