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Green crops, that’s a beautiful village, in that village a beautiful house,
In that house two families Gadodiaya and Maheswari stay together. That’s a beautiful affectionate family. And this is the story about the beautiful, cheerful girl in that family, she is,
About family:
Their family is a farmer family. They have acres of lands. They only do agriculture by themselves. Shekar, Ram and Sanskar do farming in their own land.
In this story, Annapurna and Sujatha are own sisters to Shekar. Annapurna is married to Durga Prasad, and they both live in USA. Sujatha is married to Ram, and after marriage Sujatha and Ram are staying in Shekar’s house itself. Ram and Dp are brothers. Ram agreed to stay with Shekar because, sujatha is very attached to her brother Shekar. She couldn’t go away, so Ram came to Shekar’s house.
Although, maheswaris and gadodiayas are in same house, they emerged as single family. Of course, maheswaris are only Sujatha Ram Sanskar and uttara.

About characters:
Ragini gadodiya: she is a beautiful cheerful and proactive village girl. She is the name for bravery and happiness. If Ragini is coming, everyone will say, “Oh here, happiness is coming”. She is the smiling queen. She can heal any sadness with her cute smile. She is a ladli in her family. As her parents were dead at her childhood, the whole family treats her very affectionately. She treats her bade papa Shekar as her father and bade mom Sumi as her own mother. Ragini loves her family very much. That’s why she never left the family and went anywhere. She just studied up to 10th class, and next she didn’t want to leave village and go away. Because, that village don’t have higher education institutions. So what, she is very clever and she is a poet.
Ragini is Shekar’s younger brother’s daughter.

Shekar and Sumi: Shekar is elder son of dadaji. And he is loving brother to Annapurna and Sujatha. Swara is his only daughter. Sumi is his wife. Both Sumi and Shekar treat Ragini as their own daughter.

Dadi and Dadaji: Dadaji is head of the family. They are parents of Shekar, Annapurna, Sujatha and chandrashekar(he is Ragini’s father)

Swara Gadodiya: She is daughter of Shekar and Sumi. She is a studious student. She has to stay out of village on purpose of education. Books are only her world. But however, when she joins with her sister Ragini, they both become Shaithans of house(hahaha). She comes in holidays to village.

Ram and Dp: are brothers. They are married to Gadodiaya daughters Sujatha and Annapurna. Dp and Ap stays in USA. Ram and Sujatha stays in Gadodiya house only. But, everyone respects Ram, as he is younger Son-in-law of that house. Ram and Dp are maheswari family.

Sanskar maheswari: as expected, he is son of Sujatha and Ram. He is a perfect village boy. He always wears the traditional farmer attire dothi and shirt. Education is 1000 miles far away from him, but he is not illiterate. Same as Ragini, he has studied up to 10th, but it was harder for him to pass. But, he is very nice guy by heart. He is the dream boy of that all village girls. But he has only Swara in his heart. And Ragini is his best friend.

Laksh maheswari: he is son of Annapurna and Durga Prasad. Laksh is their one and only one son. They stay in USA. Laksh is well educated, handsome boy. He loves his family in that village, he came there once in childhood. After that, he never came there. He always feels nostalgic about his family. He is just waiting for the chance to come to his family.

Ragini is ladli in the family. From childhood, Ragini, Swara, Sanksar and Uttara are very friendly. But anyhow, Laksh is far from them, so they don’t have much relation with him.

Now, introduction of story.

Swara has completed her education All family members want to make her marriage. They all choose Laksh for her. Even Annapurna and Dp agreed with this. So, Laksh is coming to India, to see Swara. He wants to meet her, before marriage arrangements are made. Now, Sanskar is sad that Laksh is coming for Swara.
Sanskar already said to his family that he like Swara. But they didn’t agree as he is not well educated and it is Swara who is supposed to go to US, who is well educated. Laksh is coming only to see family but he doesn’t have interest on Swara. Neither she had interest on him.
Now, let’s see what Ragini is going to do……

So how is the introduction friends, if it is nice I will continue…
Plz comment, give your feedback and suggestions.

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  1. Varsha

    Thank you so for writing a ff wid raglak. Intro was super awsm nice perfect. I luvd raglak

    1. Astra

      Ur welcome dear… I was also waiting to write this ff, Thnk you so much varsha….

  2. Its so interesting… can’t wait to read it..

    1. Astra

      Thnk you so much Nitu….

  3. Nice story, waiting for raglak love track

    1. Astra

      Thnq lovely…..

    1. Astra

      Thnq dear…

  4. Nice

  5. Anjaly

    awesome intro.pls continue dear

    1. Astra

      Thnq dearr?

  6. Akshata

    You know whenever i read your name at the bottom of the story my face glows like 1000v bulb, coming to the intro of story its just outstanding.

    1. Astra

      Wow…really….thank you so much akshata….. Thnq dear…..???

      1. Akshata

        yes becoz ur my first frnd in TU, its started with ur princess ff 😀

      2. Astra

        And for me also dear….ur my first frnd…princess was my first ff

  7. Wow superb Dr…loved this intro…I think Raglak.. Love story happens… Unique thought…village girl and us boy…haha…waiting for next epi…
    I think I read some of ur Ff…

    1. Astra

      Yes…ur right… Thank you dear…?

    1. Astra


  8. Akshaya

    Interesting. Please update soon

    1. Astra

      Thank you..?

  9. Ruhani

    Wow interesting dr plz continue

    1. Astra

      Thnq ruhani….??

  10. Megha123

    Wow ??? too interesting plzz continue.

    1. Astra

      Thnq megha….???

  11. Very interesting yaar it was very nice. ? I’m eagerly waiting for next ep. ?☺

    1. Astra

      Thnq dear Anjali…..??

  12. Interesting dear update soon

    1. Astra

      Thnq dear….??

  13. Great start Astra. The concept sounds really exciting. Can’t wait to read more ? xx

    1. Astra

      Thank you so much fats…?

  14. love ragini

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