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Part 5:
Laksh is looking at Ragini doubted.
Ragini: what laksh? Why are you looking like that?
Laksh: why are you feeling nervous, as you did some mistake?
Ragini shocks with his words.
Ragini: why I will do mistake? I’m not at all nervous. See I’m happy, hehe…
She says with a fake smile. Laksh nods his head and shows her a bangle.
Ragini again shocks looking at it, because it is her bangle.
Laksh: do you know whose bangle is this? You have to find out for me that whose this bangle belong to in this village.

Ragini takes breath in relief and asks… “Why? Where did you find it?”
Laksh: hmm, I saw that letter girl. I like her. I didn’t see her face. Accidentally she fell on me, when I held her hands; one bangle came out of her hand.
Ragini smiles in herself that her plan succeeded.
Laksh: now, you have to do me a favour. you have to find out that girl…ok…? And no one should know about this…!
Ragini: oh Laksh, then what about Swara? What will you tell to family members?
Laksh: I will convince them later, you see this work first. I want to see her as soon as possible…

Says Laksh and goes away.
Ragini: now situation is in my control. But, thank god, he did not take this bangle near anyone else. Otherwise the secret would be out…
Sanskar: the secret is out….!
Ragini is shocked to see him.
Sanskar: whatever you are doing is not correct Ragini. You are not only cheating laksh, but you are cheating this family.
Ragini: cheating?? Do you know about Laksh? He has a gf in USA. And again, he wants another girlfriend here…! And he doesn’t want to revel this to family. That’s why I’m playing this game to stop this marriage.
Sanskar: but the way you choose is not correct. You are throwing yourself in problems.
Ragini: I don’t mind if it’s a problem to me. However, you said you will not help right…! Then keep calm…
She says and goes away. Sanskar looks on.
Next day is Sankranthi festival. Whole family is busy in preparations. Laksh is in Sanskar’s room.
Laksh: come on Sanskar, wear this jean.

Sanskar: no laksh. I never wore jeans. I’m always in dhoti.
Laksh: okay. Just for a change, today I will wear dhoti and you wear jeans.
Sanskar laughs. “dhoti doesn’t look good to you…”
Laksh: achha..! let’s see if it will suit or not. Let’s have new avatar…

Sanskar wears jeans with blue T-shirt. Laksh wears dhoti and a light yellow shirt.
They both come downstairs walking beside each other. All family members are looking amazingly at them. Swara keeps her looks on Sanskar. And he too looking at her.
Ragini just comes there and sees them. She is amazed to see Laksh. She keeps staring at him. She leans to a pillar being mesmerized with Laksh’s appearance. She unknowingly talks in heart, “Wow, he is very handsome. I feel like is moon himself is coming down…”
She soon shatters her thoughts.

While Swara is looking and Sanskar and Ragini is looking at Laksh, family members think, Swara is looking at Laksh and Ragini is seeing Sanskar.

All family members go around them and start praising them, “Wow Sanskar, wow Laksh…”
Ragini is still looking at Laksh. Laksh sees her. Ragini is also wearing a pretty yellow lehenga.
“Arey vah Ragini, you are looking so beautiful….” Says Laksh, goes near her and pulled her cheeks. Ragini and rest all are amazed with his behavior.
“hehe… I mean Swara, you are also beautiful” and he pulls her cheeks. He even pulls uttara’s Sujatha’s and Sumi’s cheeks.

“What happened to him today??” thinks Ragini.
Next he goes near Sanskar and pulls his cheeks and kisses him. Then Laksh looks at Ragini.
“Why he is behaving like this…??” she thinks again.

Dadaji: so, I want to tell an important thing. However laksh and swara are going to get married. We shall also perform Ragini’s and Sanskar marriage.
Ragini and Sanskar are shocked.

Sanskar: no way dadaji! I said I have always Swara in heart, and I wanted to marry only her. But you didn’t agree. It’s okay. But don’t ask me to marry other.
Swara looks him amazingly.

Ragini: yes dadaji, Sanskar is like friend to me. And we like to be like that…
Dadaji: fine…your wish…
Swara: maa, papa, dadaji, so…I too want to tell something.
Everyone look at Swara.

Swara: I don’t like marriage with Laksh.
Sanlakrag feels happy with her answer. But Sumi falls down in sudden heart attack. All gets panic looking at her.
Ragini at once runs into kitchen, she prepares something and makes Sumi drink it. She gets relieved.

Laksh: we are supposed to take mom to hospital. What did you made her drink?
Shekar: we need to cross village if we want hospital. It will be too late till then…! Sumi gets these attacks frequently when she hears shocking news. That’s why, we will be careful near her.
Swara sat beside Sumi and she is crying. Sanskar is looking sadly at her.
Dadi: and Ragini only knows how to prepare that medicine which gives instant relief.
Ragini: hahaha…. Ragini, the doctor…
She says like that to make situation light… but no one laughed…!

Sumi takes Swara’s hand and says, “Shona, I have kept much hopes on your marriage. I wanted to see you as a princess living happily in US. You can’t be happy in this facilities less village. That’s why I wanted you to marry Laksh. Don’t say, that you don’t like this marriage. Tell me. Tell me, that you will marry Laksh.”
Swara with teary eyes nods her head.
Dadaji: Sumi beta, don’t worry. Let’s do their engagement tomorrow itself.
Sumi, Shekar and Dadi feels happy.
Sanskar leaves from there with tears in eyes. Ragini and Sujatha look at him sadly. Laksh also leaves.

Ragini and Sujatha set everything for Sumi’s rest. Swara is still holding Sumi’s hand and crying in herself silently. Ragini looks at her and comes outside. She sees Sanskar is roaming here and there sadly. She even sees Laksh is going somewhere putting a sad face.

“Everyone became weak, but I will be strong. Sumi maa, wants Swara to be married to him. But the truth is, she will not be happy if she marries him. I can’t make her sad, or this happen. I will do something for this without hurting anyone.” Says Ragini in herself.

Laksh goes near the corn fields and sits under the tree thinking about that girl. “I was about to tell everyone that I love a girl. But in this situation if I say that, it becomes dangerous. What should I do? I have to bend to this situation?” thinks Laksh.

Suddenly a letter falls on him. Laksh takes that looks around and shouts, “Hey…who are you…? Come before me at once. I want to talk with you.”
But no one comes. Ragini who is hidden between the fields looking at him and she threw the letter.
Laksh opens the letter and reads it.
“I know that you are going to be engaged tomorrow. Don’t amaze how I know. I know everything about you. I follow you as a shadow always. You are going to engaged, but I can’t live without you. I’m going to jump in the well near temple tomorrow. If you want to see me first and last time, just once come there. After that you may do your engagement as you wish…!”

Laksh shocks after reading it. “No, she can’t do like that. But what should I do now….?” Laksh is confused….

Precap: Laksh caught red handedly.

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