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Someone knocks the door. Laksh leaves Ragini and goes to open the door. It is Annapurna.
Laksh: maa…?

Ap: laksh, pack the luggage soon. Tomorrow morning we are leaving to city.

Ragini: but maa, we are leaving to US after two days….

Ap: laksh, I’m talking with you… why that girl is talking in between?
Ragini looks on…

Laksh: ok maa, I will pack everything…
Ap leaves.
Laksh closes the door. He comes near Ragini again and puts his hands on her shoulders.
Laksh: so, where did we stop…?

Ragini: let’s stop here itself….

Laksh: what…?

Ragini: ap maa still didn’t excuse…

Laksh: but sumi maa excused right….

Ragini: but…
Laksh removes his hands. “haa…I was amazing that only, why the good news came so soon…?”
He goes and sleeps on bed. Ragini looks at him sadly.

Ragini goes down. All family members are packing stuff that Ragini should take. Like pickles, snacks, other food items.
Ragini is looking calmly at all of them.

Dadi: ladoo, after going there you have to eat properly. I think, there won’t be rice. So you have to adjust…

Swara: no need for that dadi, rice will be there. That’s why we are packing many pickles. Ragini, don’t forget to take this papads. You won’t eat daal without it right…!

Sanskar: why she will eat daal? She is going to eat chicken, mutton etc…

Sujatha: chup Sanskar… ragu, I have sewed this sweater for you…there will be more cold there naa…

Dadaji: ragu beta, take some god books with you. You like to do puja always…

Sumi: and don’t try any kitchen things… you don’t know cooking.

Everyone laugh. Just then Shekar comes there. Ragini doesn’t laugh. She silently hugs Shekar and cries.
Now hidden tears falls from everyone’s eyes. Everyone has heart weight. But, no one is showing it out.

Ram: chalo Rag, don’t cry like that. Lioness shouldn’t cry…
Night time,
Ragini and Laksh are sleeping at both ends of bed separately. Laksh is sleeping deeply. Ragini keeps thinking something. She sits and wakes up Laksh. Laksh wakes and looks at her yawning.

Ragini: sorry laksh, did I disturb you?

Laksh: you disturbed me many times… now, tell me…

Ragini: how far is US from India? How many hours it will take to go there?

Laksh keeps looking at her lovingly. Ragini looks confusedly.
He puts his index finger on her ear. And other finger on other ear.

Laksh: see, this ears distance is the distance between India and US. One at one end, other at other end. If it’s morning here, it’s night there.

Ragini: hmm…??

Laksh: and the number of hours right…! It is sum of your hand fingers and foot fingers.
He says and twists her cheek.

Ragini: aww…! That means it’s 20 hours?

Laksh: or more than that…

Ragini keeps thinking something.
Laksh: what are you thinking now?

Ragini: so, we can’t come to India whenever we want?

Laksh: oh Ragini, US is not in other planet. You can come whenever you want. But, it’s little tough.

Someone knocks the door. Ragini opens the door. Swara, Dadi, sumi and Sujatha are standing.
Ragini: what’s the matter…?

Swara: ragini, actually you are going away right. So, at least this day let’s sleep at one place.

Ragini nods her head with tears. Laksh goes into Sanskar’s room.

Swara and Sumi are sleeping at both sides of Ragini. Other side Sujatha and Dadi.
All the four of them has tears in eyes.

Swara and Sumi has kept their hands on Ragini. She kept hands on their hands.
Ragini: maa, tell me a story.

Sumi: says some snow white story…

Swara: sing a song Ragini…

Ragini sings: pholonka tharronka sabka kehnaa hei…
Ragini: maa, now… you sing…

Sumi sings: chaand bhi thum ho…mera suraj bhi thum ho…

Swara puts her head on Ragini’s shoulder. Sumi puts her head on Ragini’s head. Sujatha and Dadi are also crying silently.

Laksh and Sanskar are sleeping on terrace. They are looking at the moon without sleeping.
Sanskar: what laksh? Are you missing Ragini today?

Laksh laughs…
Laksh: you tell me bhai.. are you missing Swara?

Sanskar too laughs. “this is only one day we are missing them, but Ragini is going to miss all of us…”

Laksh keeps looking at moon thinking.
Sanskar: of course, we miss her too. That’s why…. All ladies wanted to spend with Ragu…

Laksh: yes sanky…I understand…
They sleep after sometime.
Next morning,
All the stuff is packed for journey. In three vehicles whole family goes to city.
After taking one day rest, next day is flight date.
Ragini doesn’t cry, but her heart is very heavy. She can’t eat anything. She can’t sleep. Everyone’s situation is also like that only.
She doesn’t smile or laugh. Laksh keeps observing her behavior. But, she acts as if she is happy.

Next day,
Everyone reaches airport. All are reminding their moments with her.
Ragini hugs each and everyone.
She takes blessings of dadi and dadaji and hugs them. Dadi keeps crying out. “my ladoo..”

Ragini: dadi maa, don’t cry. We will chat in webcam daily…
Next she hugs Sujatha and Ram. Sujatha keeps crying and Ram consoles her. Uttara hugs Ragini and cries badly.
Swara hugs Ragini and she too cries.

Swara: Ragini, I miss you…

Ragini: no swara…who can separate Ragini from swara? We are swaragini…
Swara even more cries.

Sanskar too takes Ragini near and pats her shoulder. “Princess, if any problems… tell to this senapati…” she laughs with teary eyes.

Laksh keeps looking at them emotionally.

Ap looks at that boringly. She is in modern dress. Even though she is Shekar’s own sister, she won’t feel emotional leaving her brother. She is used to America culture.

At last, Ragini comes near Sumi and Shekar.

Sumi: be brave dear…

Shekar: maa, papa, are always with you. Don’t worry.
She hugs them to.

Adarsh and pari have tears…
Ap: laksh, make it fast. We have to go into immigration…

Laksh nods his head and holds Ragini’s shoulders. Sumi and Ragini are holding hands tightly. Laksh moves Ragini gently. “Maa…” says Ragini and they keep their hands in touch till they move away. Their hands are parted. Sumi hugs Shekar and cries.
Ragini keeps crying looking at her family, while all family are cheering her bon voyage…

Laksh holds Ragini’s shoulders caringly and take her inside.

Ap, Dp, adarsh, pari, Ragini and laksh sit in flight. Ragini and Laksh are beside each other in two seater. Ragini keeps crying putting her face on Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh holds her hand and rubs.

Laksh: it’s ok Ragini… don’t cry….
He moves her head from his shoulder and wipes her tears. He hugs her. Ap keeps looking at them.

Laksh: Ragini… I can understand your pain. This situation is really hard to every girl. Leaving her family members, her hometown and friends.

Ragini keeps crying in his embrace.

Laksh: but the truth is, this is new start of your life. I promise you, that I will never make you sad. I will show you the new happiness.

He takes her face into his hands. Ragini stops crying and looks at him.
They then hear a announcement,
“please wear seat belts…”
Then Laksh puts seat belt around her waist.

Ragini: laksh? Why are you tying me to seat like this? I will not run away…

Laksh laughs: I’m not tying you. It’s seat belt. For security purpose.

Ragini hesitatingly: ha..ha.. I know, I was just joking.

Laksh laughs at her. when he is laughing like that happily Ragini also laughs looking at him.

Ragini: laksh, you have given me many things. But, what did I give you? I never did anything for you…

Laksh: I need always this smile on your face…will you do me that favor??

Ragini smiles with his wish, she puts her head on his shoulder. He is busy in setting hair on her face.

The flight takes off…

Laksh: Ragini, do you feel me as the villain who is taking away from family.

Ragini: No… a hero who is taking me to a new life….

Ap keeps looking at them.

Dp: what happened ap…?

Ap: I wished Swara could be my bahu. Because, she is educated and she will be helpful in our business. But, laksh married an illiterate village girl. How can he be happy with her…? he is well educated and clever. She is simply a traditional girl. She is not suitable as my bahu.

Dp: but, she is suitable as Laksh’s wife. And I’m sure, one day you will also tell, that she is best bahu in world.

Ap: impossible…! Even I make Laksh realize, that she is not suitable to him.

She says and looks at Raglak. They are happily laughing looking at each other.

Precap: Ragini rocks… US shocks….

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