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Hello all dear friends….Happy Independence Day……..
We are celebrating 70th Independence Day today… I’m happy to wish you all, and I’m feeling lucky to write this ff on this day.
If today, we are writing this ff’s or giving comments, having our own freedom of thought, this is all because of those great leaders who fought for us to gain Independence.
Let’s be proud of them all and let’s be proud for being Indians…!!
Mera Bharat Mahan….. I love India…… Jai hind…


So guys, today Ragini is also going to get freedom from family’s anger. Thanks for all the comments…..

Previous part:episode-11
Recap: Everyone ignores Ragini….except Laksh.

Part 12:

Everyone will be going inside, leaving Ragini alone there. Sumi’s words are only repeating in her mind. She gets upset with betrayal of family members. She looks at the current wire of motor.

“I love my family so much. If they all reject me, I can’t bear that pain….” thinks Ragini and moves to it.
She reminds all the words of her family. Without having any second thought, she touches the wire which has current. She gets current shock.

Swara sees that and shouts… “Ragini…..”
Sumi, Sujatha and Dadi are also shocked to see that. They all shout “Ragini….” And go near her.
Laksh comes in a run over there.
“No…! No one go should go near. You will also get shock too.” He says and takes a wooden stick and switches off the current switch with the stick. Soon Ragini falls down.

“Ragini….” Shouts everyone and come near her and start moving.
“Move…. Let’s take her in…” says Laksh and lifts her up. “Swara, go call a doctor fast….!” He says. Swara runs to call doctor.

Laksh carries Ragini into her room. He checks her pulse. Sumi, sujatha and Dadi are crying.
“Nothing to worry Dadi, Sumi maa, chachi…. She is breathing. Otherwise we needed to do CPR…. She is just unconscious.” He says.
Sumi comes near her and hugs her.

Sumi: Why did you do like this Ragu… I just said having anger on you… having anger means not having hatred. We all still love you. How can you leave this mother and go away….
Says Sumi and cries very badly. Dadi and Sujatha also cries. Just then Swara comes with doctor.
Doctor checks Ragini and gives some medicine. “This is minute shock. No need to worry. She is just unconscious. She will open her eyes after sometime.” says Doctor.

Shekar, Ram and Sanskar also just come. Shekar feels very bad of Ragini’s condition he cries. Sanskar consoles him.
Swara cries badly holding Ragini’s hand.

Doctor: See, if you cry like this, the patient may feel nervous. So, leave her alone. Everybody come outside. I’m telling know, she will open her eyes in few minutes.

Everyone start leaving out. But Sumi is still holding her hand and crying. Then Sanskar, comes near her… “Maa, let’s go…”
“No, I will stay with my daughter…” she says crying.
“No maa, let’s go….” Says Sanskar and takes her out.

But Laksh is inside itself. No one will see him that he is inside. He sits on bed beside her.

When the doctor is about to go all family members surround him.

Dadi: nothing danger to ladoo know…

Doctor: nothing mother….
Ram: shall we move her to hospital…

Doctor: no need sir….

Sujatha: few minutes are over, why didn’t she open her eyes still?

Doctor: only few seconds have passed madam…

Swara: what she has to eat when she wakes up…

Doctor: she can eat anything…

Shekar: what we have to do if she won’t open eyes…

Dadaji: that’s why doctor babu, stay here still she opens her eyes…
Doctor shocks.

Doctor is made to sit in sofa, and Sanskar sat beside him. Swara sat other side. Ladies start doing puja.

Laksh, who is holding Ragini’s hand inside the rooms laughs listening to their words.

Laksh: See Ragini, how our family members are concerned about you. Open your eyes and listen to it…

But there is no reaction in Ragini.
Laksh: Ragini, don’t make me cry. Just open your eyes….
He says and taps her shoulder. But she still doesn’t open.

Laksh says, “Ragini….” With low voice and moves towards her. He bends towards her and he places his face on her. He compassionately kisses her lips.

Tears start coming out her eyes. Her hands and legs tremble. Her tears touch his lips and he gets amazed. He opens his eyes and looks at her moving back a bit.
Ragini is looking straight into his eyes, with tears filled.

Laksh: ragini….
He says slowly and runs out.

“Maa…papa….everyone… Ragini has opened her eyes…” he shouts.

Everyone rushes into her room leaving back poor doctor aside. When the doctor is about to go, Sanskar stops him.
“Jaldi kya hei doctor? Just wait for sometime…” he says. Doctor looks innocently at him.

Sumi rushes to Ragini and hugs her.
“Mere bacchaa… you are alright…! You have scared this mother.” Says Sumi and cries very badly.
Shekar too goes near Ragini and places his hand on her head. Swara sits at other side of Ragini and holding her hand. Dadi and Sujatha are looking with teary eyes.

Laksh is standing far from them…

Ragini is un reacted.
Sumi rubs her cheeks…. “Kya hua beta? Why are you looking like that? Excuse this mother…! Haa, you don’t have angry on me right…!” she says.
“I’m sorry too Ragini…! Excuse your sister also…” says Swara with a pout but crying face.

But Ragini is still un reacted. She is looking at everyone newly.

“What happened Ragini…?” asks Sujatha.

Then they will listen un expected answer from her mouth….

“Who are you all…??” Ragini’s question.

Everyone are hell shocked with her question.

“Why am I here? Who are you…..?” she repeats her question.

Everyone are looking shockingly at her. Ragini is looking at everyone with her innocent eyes….

Precap: New Ragini……
I know, this is a short update… a bit busy today….

Happy Independence day once again friends…..

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    I hope ragini doesnt acting
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    But dont make ragini act

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  6. Sreevijayan

    Happy Independence day to u too..awesome update dear..OMG..ragini lost her memory? Hw can a person lose deir memory aftr getting a shock?

    This is one of my fav ff

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      1. Sreevijayan

        U knw wht on bed rest frm past 3 weeks since i fractured my right hand..and d reason of my falling is dt i gt shock frm d system..wid dt shock i falled md fractured…so whn i was reading d update i actually gt anothr shock of my life..hehe…cant wait for ur updates..u r my fav writer and dis is my fav ff

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        I’m so sorry dear…. How are you feeling now…?? Thanku so much dear…. You will understand why I said like that later…? keep reading…

  7. Akshata

    Happy independence day you too!!!!!!!
    Whoa!!! ragini is suffering from memory loss. i am so excited to see new ragini. may be this situation will help laksh to fall her in love with him. awesome update.

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