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Recap: family came to know Ragini is that letter girl. They gets anger on her..!

Part 11:

Ragini holds Laksh’s hand. He turns back. She is looking passionately at him.

Ragini: thank you Laksh….

Laksh smiles… Good night..

And leaves. He goes into his room. Sanskar comes near him.

Sanskar: how is Ragini feeling….?

Laksh: I gave her tablet. She will feel better by morning.

Sanskar: can I ask you something…

Laksh: yup…

Sanskar: are you not angry with her…? Actually, she has done wrong…

Laksh: mistake is there from our side too. You know that she is that letter girl, and you didn’t try to stop. And me, even though, I know…. I was also silent…

Sanskar amazes… What..? You know all that..?

Laksh: yes… I didn’t say to anyone. And, why I will have anger on her…? After all, I have loved her so much….

Sanskar smiles….

Next morning,

Ragini wakes up and feels good. But she is scared to face the family. She comes out of her room. Laksh is not wake up yet.

Sujatha and Sumi are doing some works in kitchen. Ragini goes near them to help.

Sujatha: you need not do anything. Go away….

Ragini hurts.

Sumi: sujatha, there is no need to talk to her. Let her do whatever she want.

Ragini in teary eyes… “Maa, I’m sorry. I agree that i have done mistake. Now, please excuse me…”

Sumi: sujatha, I’m going away… Call me when she leaves.

Then Ragini only goes away.

Then she goes near dadi who is arranging everything near puja.

Ragini: dadi, I will bring flowers for you….

Dadi grabs basket from her hands.

Dadi: don’t do puja mandir apavitr by entering here. You liar…!

Ragini deeply gets hurt with her words.

Sanskar looks at her sadly. He is about to talk with her, then Ram comes.

Ram: chalo, let’s go to farm….

Sanskar: just a second papa. I will talk with Ragini…

Shekar: it’s getting late sanskar. Let’s go. There is no need to talk….

Shekar takes away Sanskar.

Ragini feels sad again. Then she hears dadaji’s voice.

Dadaji: Parvati..(dadi). Bring me the newspaper.

Then Ragini takes newspaper and goes near him.

Ragini: dadaji, paper….

He gets up furiously and goes away. Ragini looks on with teary eyes.

While, this much happening, Laksh is sleeping peacefully. He doesn’t know all this was happening. He suddenly remembers Ragini and wakes up.

Ragini sat near the well and she was crying silently. Suddenly she feels a warm hand holding her hand. It’s Laksh.

Laksh: wow, your fever came down. But, your eyes are crying…..

Ragini: nobody are talking with me Laksh. You have excused me, why can’t they all do that… I think no one likes me….

Laksh sits beside her and he puts hand on her hand.

Laksh: no Ragini, they all love you. They have right to get anger on you… Don’t you agree..?

Ragini nods her head.

Dadi sees they are talking closely.

Dadi: see that shameless girl, she has trapped Laksh, who is supposed to be Swara’s.

Sujatha and Sumi looks at them.

Ragini: no one will excuse me that easily Laksh. But, if I do a thing surely, they will be happy.

Laksh: what is it….?

Ragini: I will make you and Swara together. Then they will excuse me….

Laksh shocks with her words. Just then Swara comes listening to it.

Swara: there is no need of it Ragini. However I don’t like him. Or he don’t like me. So, don’t try to do anything. Moreover, he is already in love with you. I can’t accept a person who loves another girl.

Ragini: but Swara, family has decided your alliance first….! If you won’t agree for this, I will not get other way to get close to our family…

Swara shouts: stop it Ragini….

Ragini shocks.

Laksh: Swara, why are you yelling at her. She has done everything for you. Yes…! She did mistake. But….

Swara: Laksh!! Here, sisters are talking. Don’t come in between us…!!

Laksh becomes silent.

Swara: how selfish are you Ragini. Firstly, you started trapping Laksh having crush on him and you just kept me as a reason…! Now, I don’t like to marry him… You want to force me…??

Ragini: that’s not true Swara. I have done that really for you. I don’t have any crush on Laksh. I don’t love him…

Laksh: Ragini, you need not fear for anyone. Yes..! You have wrote letters just acting. But the truth is you have loved me…! You have loved me…but you don’t know that…

Ragini shouts: stop it Laksh…! I didn’t love you…! I don’t love you… I… Don’t…. Love you….

Laksh shocks with her words.

Laksh: but Ragini…!

Ragini joins hands to him.

Ragini: please, go away from my life Laksh. You are nothing for me…!

Says Ragini crying. Laksh starts going away from there silently. Ragini looks at him in tears.

Sujatha, Sumi and Dadi comes there with her shouts..

Sujatha: kya hei chori? Why are you shouting like that…?

Dadi: people who has done mistake don’t have right to shout…!

Ragini shouts again, “why are you killing me with your words like this..? Kill me at once, instead of this….!”

Sumi: why we have to kill you? Go to hell if you want….!!!

Ragini shocks with her words.

Swara: maa, don’t say like that….

Dadi then takes away everybody.

Ragini remains alone over there….!!!

Precap: Ragini looks at a current wire….. Raglak first kiss…..

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  1. Varsha

    OMG! rags gone mad?? she luvs lucky n why she’s hidin. Raglak r cute evn if dey r friends till nw. Luv d way lucky cares fr hr.

    1. Astra

      She is doing for Swara… But she will open up… Thanku varsha…..??

  2. waiting for raglak kiss

    1. Astra


  3. Oh god bechara laksh…plz rags realise ur feelng towards him soon..waitng dat family wl forgive her ..n omg precap isssss sooo shockng n interestng …waitng for it eagerlyyyyy..plz post soon..u know na i loved readng ur ff…n plz try to post a long one astra ..keep rockng dear 😉 😉

    1. Astra

      Thnq fairy…?? I will try dear…??

  4. Sreevijayan

    Astraaa…awesome awesome…pls update a longer part na… feeling really bad for ragini…..

    1. Astra

      Thanku so much dear??

  5. Nice story line I luv laksh character in this ff very much update next part fast

    1. Astra

      Thnq dear??

  6. aweee poor ragini she’s pyara bacha

    1. Astra

      Yes yar…☺️?

  7. Awww.. My poor lucky.. He loves alot ragini… Bt she is not understanding… Excited for next part… Plz be regular

    1. Astra

      Thnq dear..? sure yar

  8. Sindhura

    Its too much off dadi and swara why cant she understand

    1. Astra

      Hmm….. Yes…

  9. Omg what is going on ????????. Feeling bad for ragini . Superb ep ????

    1. Astra

      Thank you dear??

  10. Akshata

    you made me cry, i cant see her sad. i can understand their pov and rude behavior but sumi’s words were really harsh. precap is damn interesting.

    1. Astra

      Of course dear…, it is very sad…? but, for next twist… It’s compulsory…. Don’t be sad yar, they will excuse her…???? thanku dear….

  11. awesome nd precap seems so interesting..???

    1. Astra

      Thnq Saranya….??

  12. Wow amazing yaar,

    1. Astra

      Thnq keerthi?

  13. So_ni

    Awesome update

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      Thnq dear?

  14. Megha123

    Feeling sad for ragu ……….hope the family forgives her soon …

    1. Astra

      Yes dear…she will be forgiven..?

  15. this not right ragini has done all this innocence and waiting for next part soon

    1. Astra

      Thnq Nikky…I will update soon

  16. RagLak kiss or is it a mouth to mouth breath??? Hahaa

    Family is being so rude with my ragu.. m not likingthem..

    Poor LAKSH…:(

    1. Astra

      I’m also sad for them.. Don’t wry, everything will set…

  17. Superb dear and waiting for precap. Plz update ASAP

    1. Astra

      Thank you ammu…??

  18. Amazing, but feeling bad for ragu

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      Thnq lovely…

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      Thnq dear?

  20. Hemalattha

    awesome and Interesting

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      Thnq dear?

  21. Great update. Awww poor Ragini, all the taunts she is receiving is very sad. The family are being so harsh on her ?. And aww poor Laksh too. My cuties RagLak are suffering so much. I hope things get better soon. Can’t wait to read more. Especially the kiss in the next episode, it sounds so DREAMY ?❤️?

    1. Astra

      Thnq fats…??

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