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part 10

Shekar and Ram gets down from jeep.

Shekar looks angrily at Ragini. She doesn’t understand what happened. Shekar drags her and make her sit in jeep. Seeing him anger, she don’t feel dare enough to open her mouth.

Ram comes near Laksh and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Ram: we came to know the truth. Everyone are feeling guilty of misunderstanding you… come let’s go…

Laksh: but papa…

Ram takes him into jeep.

Everyone are silent. Ragini will be tensed, as she has never seen Shekar angry.
They reach home.

Shekar again drags Ragini and pushes her in to house. She stands at center. Everyone are at one side and looking angrily at her. Sanskar is at other side. Ragini looks at him and he looks at her in pity way.

Sujatha: how you cheated us chori…!

Ragini looks at her confused…

Dadi: don’t look innocently like that…! You aren’t that much innocent as we thought.

Ragini is still confused..!

Swara: don’t confuse Ragini sis….! Your truth is out. We came to know, that you are the letter girl…!

Ragini is shocked. Even laksh. Sanskar puts his face un reacted. She looks at him.

Swara: don’t worry. Your crime partner Sanskar has got scolding too…

Ragini: no…there is no mistake of him…

Sujatha: arey chori, we know that. He just know your deed. You did everything.

Sanskar: mom please…

Sujatha: chup Sanskar…! You lost the chance of speaking.

Ram: we were always happy that you are clever, but we never thought that you will cheat us with that cleverness.

Shekar: don’t you have shame to do like this? If you really loved Laksh, you could have said us…. Why to write these kinds of silly letters….

Ragini: no papa… I didn’t love him…

Shekar shouts: shut up…!

Ragini trembles. Laksh shocks.

Shekar: why did you do if you didn’t love him??

Dadi: you wanted to cheat your sister… you wanted to trap her would be?

Ragini shouts: bas…! Please stop telling like that…! Yes… that’s truth I have written letters to Laksh. But, I did it for Swara…

Swara: now, what is this new drama Ragini…?

Ragini: not drama Swara, I’m telling truth. I thought Laksh is a bad guy. So, I wanted to show him as bad before you all… that’s why I have to do that. I didn’t have another way. You will never believe me if I say that…

Shekar: So…. For that, you can write love letters to unknown boy…? You can put a misconception on you… you can do whatever you want….???

Ragini was silently weeping.

Shekar shouts: answer me…

Ragini trembles…and in stammering voice, “papa, I know that I’m doing mistake. But, I didn’t get any other idea. I didn’t wanted to hurt Sumi maa. That’s why I choose this path.
But, later I came to know, that Laksh is noble. I could have known it before…”

She says and slaps herself.

Laksh and Sanskar are looking sadly at her. everyone are calm. Ragini looks at Sumi.

Ragini: maa…., don’t be calm like that. Slap me 100 times or 1000 times. But, please talk with me… please look at me once….
Says Ragini going near Sumi.

Sumi: Shekar…! I’m not talking with that girl. She has cheated her bade maa and her daughter. And also this family. I don’t know what punishment you will give her…? but, I’m never going to talk with her….!!

Sumi goes away. Ragini keeps looking at her with teary eyes.

Dadi: I want to send her out of house. She deserves the punishment given to Laksh.

Shekar: let it be maa…, let’s all don’t talk with her…! it will be a nice punishment to her…!

Ragini looks on…everyone excuses Laksh and asks him for sorry. He is permitted to stay in house. They all go away.

Swara is there itself.

Ragini comes near her, “Swara, at least you talk with me. I’m your best friend right…! I’m your only sister right…!”

Swara: that was all past Ragini. Not now…
Ragini shocks.

Swara: I don’t tolerate, if anyone cheats my family. And you are ladli of this family, everyone love you so much. How could you expect excuse for your mistake…??

Sanskar: Swara, you are not supposed to speak like that. She has done just for you…!

Ragini looking at Swara, “let it be Sanskar… she is correct. I’m not supposed to be excused. I’m a bad girl… that’s it…” she says crying.

Swara goes away. Sanskar is about to talk with Ragini, but sujatha calls him.

Sujatha: Sanskar, you need not talk with her! come back at once…

Sanskar goes away looking sadly at Ragini.

Laksh comes near her to console her.

Ragini: leave me alone laksh…

She says and runs to her room. Laksh looks on….

Ragini closes her doors and starts crying very badly.

At dinner time, everyone gather at dining. But Ragini didn’t come. Nobody are interested to talk with her. Laksh didn’t want to eat as Ragini didn’t eat. He goes to Ragini’s room to see her. He knocks the door, but as the door is not locked, he goes inside. Ragini is sleeping.

Laksh: Ragini, come and eat something. You didn’t eat anything from morning.

But she didn’t react.
Laksh: Ragini…

He calls and goes near her. He touches her hand and shocked. She has burning fever.

He runs down,
“Maa, papa, dadi… Ragini is not well. She is feeling with high fever…” he says.

Everyone look concernedly at him. When Swara is about to go, Dadi stops her.

Dadi: Swara, there is no need to go. She might be acting again with fake fever.

Swara: but dadi…

Dadi: shut up and sit…!

Swara remains with teary eyes. Laksh gets upset with family behavior. He goes into her room. Laksh wets a cloth again and about to keep on her forehead. But he reminds her words, “Don’t come near me…!”

He stops for a while, and then again, “I’m sorry Ragini…. I have to do this…” he says and starts wiping her hands and foot with the wet cloth to decrease the temperature.

After a while, she opens her eyes. Laksh brings rice mixed with some sambar and comes near her.

Laksh: Ragini, come on eat something.

Ragini simply moves her head saying ‘no…’

He makes her to sit so that she leans to bed’s wall.

He brings 1st spoon near her mouth. She turns away her face.

Laksh: Ragini… I didn’t eat anything. I won’t eat anything unless you eat…

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: I’m speaking truth Ragini… come on… eat up…

Then Ragini opens her mouth. He starts feeding her. She eats everything.

Laksh: That’s a good girl…! Now, I will bring tablet for you…

He says and brings tablet.

Shekar sees how Laksh is taking care of Ragini and smiles in himself.

Laksh brings tablet and makes her to take it.

Ragini in low voice… “I have ate. Then you eat now…”

Laksh: it’s okay Ragini… I will eat…

Ragini: first you go and eat…

Laksh: I will go as soon as you sleep.

Ragini starts crying again.

Laksh: what happened to you suddenly?

Ragini: If my parents were alive, it wouldn’t have like this. They could have excused me. But, bade papa, bade mom, everyone… didn’t even care if I got fever…
Laksh puts hand on her cheek.

“Ragini, they all love you so much. So, they have right to get anger on you. Just be patient for this day…everything will be normal again…” he says.

Ragini keeps looking at him.

Ragini: laksh, go away. If our family members see us like this again, it won’t be good.

Laksh nods his head and about to go away. Ragini holds his hand.

He turns to her. She is looking passionately at him….

Precap: Whole family going to ignore Ragini.

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  1. Awesome dear love it but feeling bad for ragini. I love the way laksh care for ragini. Update soon I’m eagerly waiting .???

    1. Astra

      Thank you so much anjali??

  2. laksh care towards rag is gud.

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      Thnq dear?

  3. aww but lakshya love her so much next part soon

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  4. aww but lakshya love her so much next part soonplzz

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  6. I feel bad for ragini:(

    1. Astra

      Hmm… Don’t wry dear… It’s gonna be fine?

  7. Awesome

  8. Shana98

    Awesome felt sorry for ragini but the way he was taking care of her she should accept his love towards her ❤️❤️????

    1. Astra

      Thnq so much dear??

  9. Sreevijayan

    I love ragini…. nd feeling bad for her…. bt dats bad to ignore her even whn she had fever…pls pls pls continue soon…loved it

    1. Astra

      Thank you very much dear….??

  10. Astra it ws super dooper dooper awesome episode dear…i really felttt sooo bad for ragsss….n laksh’s care towards her ws jst incredible…lovng him a lotzzzzzzz z. ..hope rags soon falls for him n pray dat family members forgive ragini…plz post nxt part soon ,jst cant wait for it…i really love readng ur ff dear…keep rockng grl 😉 😉

    1. Astra

      Aww….thank you very much fairy…..???

  11. Superb, feeling bad for ragini but raglak scenes are amazing

    1. Astra

      Thank you lovely…..??

  12. Sindhura

    Poor girl

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  13. Varsha

    Awww so cute raglak scene dear, i luv it. I thnk dey wil get thm married lets see

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      Thnq varsha?? lets see…?

  14. nice laksh s so good…

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      Thnq dear….?

  15. Megha123

    Awsm loved laksh’s care for ragu at the same time feeling bad for ragini

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  16. Superb episode

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  17. Poor ragini

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  18. Akshata

    well i am pretty late to comment…. you just nailed it once again, i am feeling bad for ragini. but one question why shekhar was happy? when he saw laksh taking care of ragini? is thee something in his mind? loved it.

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    2. Astra

      Thank you so much aki…. ?? I will tell that later…? but remember that line, because I’m going to revel it very lately..??

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        and i am eagerly waiting 😀

  19. Super episode… Raglak scenes are super…but whole family ignore her…so bad for ragini…

    1. Astra

      Thnq suhani….??

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  21. Wonderful update Astra ❤️❤️❤️. Although I felt sorry for Ragini, I loved how the family were ignoring her cause we got to see a lot of Laksh’s concern and love. The way Laksh fed her and made sure her fever decreased was pure bliss ?. Laksh is so sweet in your FF and I just love him ❤️. Can’t wait to read more xx

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    Raglak scenes are just amazing

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