My dear!!!!! (OS)


Hi guys..
This is an os on abhi and pragyaa…
Guys life is all about happiness..
Lets see how happiness makes life beautiful….


abhi:a great businessman…
pragyaa: searching for a job…
Now lets get into the story..
Its late in the night.
abhi is driving his car..
It starts raining..

pragya feels like eating an ice cream..
So she comes to eat an icecream..
After eating ..she turns to find a gang of guys..

They start coming towards her.
pragya moves back..
Destiny brings abhi to the same road…
abhi sees this..
He gets down from the car
pragya turns..
She saw a guy..

As there was no light….
pragya couldn’t see the guy’s face
Its our abhi..
abhi. Saves pragya..
abhi leaves
pragya runs behind..
abhi turns..
pragya’s face is clearly seen in the moon’s light..
abhi is mesmerized
pragya: thank you..
abhi leaves..
pragya reaches home..

Next day..
pragya reaches malhotra company for interview..
She gets selected..
pragya starts working in the malhotra company..
pragya never met her boss.
Her colleagues tell her that he is not seen except his pa
pragya thinks to himself
Such a workaholic
Life goes happily..

After three months ..
pragya gets a call from his dadi
dadi: pragya come home soon today..
pragya: sure dadi
pragya goes home..
She gets shocked to see lot of people at home..
pragya goes to dadi
pragya: dadi
dadi: pragya go get ready
pragya: what’s this
dadi:i gave u photo right
pragya to herself: i did not see it
dadi:they have to see you
Go get ready

pragya gets ready and comes down..
dadi: pragya greet them
pragya greets them.
dadi: pragya take blessings from them.
pragya does.
Lady: sry pragya my son had work..
pragya smiles..
dadi: then ok so..
Lady: i really like pragya
We want her as our DIL??
dadi: sure ..
He gives sweet to the lady..
Lady leaves..

pragya goes to her room.
She sleeps..
A beautiful morning ..
As usual pragya is on her routine works..
pragya suddenly notices the ring on her finger..
Actually the lady gave pragya a ring..
pragya to herself: im engaged..
pragya goes to her work.

Poen comes
He gives lot of work.
pragya works until late night.
She turns to see the light in M.D’s cabin.
pragya again starts her work..
pragya finishes her work..

Its 9 pm
She leaves..
Its dark outside.
pragya gets scared..
She stands still.
Suddenly she hears footsteps..
pragya feels safe ..
She starts walking..
This continues for one month..

One day
pragya finishes the file lately
Her head asked her to hand it over to the MD
pragya knocks at the door.
MD : come in..
pragya couldn’t see his face as he is standing facing the wall.
pragya hands over the files and leaves..
pragya comes outside ..
pragya waits for her follower
pragya starts walking after hearing footsteps..
Suddenly. A gang of rowdies start teasing her
pragya tries to run..

Suddenly a goon holds her hand..
The guy comes and hits everyone..
pragya : thank you abhi sir.
abhi: how do you know..
pragya: while giving the file ..
I saw your reflection on the glass window..
abhi smiles together..
abhi and pragya starts walking..
pragya: your footsteps gave me a confidence.
abhi: oh thats funny..
They reach pragya’s home.
pragya: thank you sir.
Why do you follow me everday??.
abhi pulls her hand.
She comes close to him.
abhi: i should know about my fiance right andi should protect you
he winks…
pragya is shocked.

abhi: you did not see my photo still.
pragya smiles and she blushes.
abhi : you go home i will call u
After one hour…
pragya receives a call
pragya: abhi..
They started talking for hours..
Soon they became very close to each other..
One day..
pragya: when you saw me what did you think??
abhi : idiot who loves eating icecream during rain..
pragya: it was you who saved me.
abhi smiles..
pragya hugs him…
Ekdv bgm plays…
abhi and pragya became one soul of happiness.
They married and they lived happily ever after..

Some things turns our life..
Its our mindset that makes it a good day or bad day

So smile please..
Hope u guys remember me

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  1. Wow!!!!! Ammu awesome os loved it missed your writings keep rocking

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      Thanks minu

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    Hi Ammu…rocking OS! Loved it???…missed you?

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    Awesome ammu akka its superbb so cute n sweet akka

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    Super. ..short and sweet crisp os. ..great

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    Lovely nd cute os…

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    So cute

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    Such a sweet Os dear 🙂

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