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” wow who knew this would be so much fun ” yelled a drunk naira amongst many other drunk and whipped teens in a graduation party. Yes She graduated she was the most studious and nerdy girl in the whole school but she had a damn perfect figure which totally stood out in the tight-fitting maroon dress she was wearing matching heels and accessories her best friend Gayu had made her wear . She wasn’t the most fashionable women around but as Gayu lived with her in an apartment Gayu got from her rich parents for her birthday she was able to lend naira a few things .  Naira was an orphan so Gayu’s parents treated her like their own daughter
” Calm Naira who knew u drank must say u surprised me ”
” I am full of surprissesssss I am coming neeeeeeeed to go to the washroooooom  ” said naira who slurred her words. She tried to walk but stumbled with every step she looked back at Gayu and saw her engaging with a man. Naira was almost made it to the washroom surprisingly without  the need to go to the hospital but then her luck ran out and a boy who was about 18 cornered her

Naira pov
S**t Naira you always manage to get yourself in trouble. Now what?
” hello beautiful ” said the man must say he had broad shoulders with a really god jawline but he Is not my type. Wait naira is judging  a man wow what alcohol makes a person is just outstanding.
“uhh hi ” I replied
” come on my apartment is just a few minutes away come with me and we will have fun baby girl ” he said as he forced himself on me , I tried to scream but he covered my mouth I whimpered and squirmed under him but he stayed put. He almost got under my dress when I felt his weight get off me . I looked up and saw the most handsome man with the boy’s throat in his hands 
” Get Lost ADITYA ” he shouted making me a bit scared and i flinched into the corner
the guy who i assume is aditya scurried off leaving me with Kartik  duh i know his name he is the most famous boy of the school and now a doctor ( I know right at such a young age ) from what i know he has a girlfriend .
” you sure are a pretty girl how comes i never noticed you ” he said
” come with me we will have a night of pleasure ” he continued seductively
” sure ” i have no idea what came over me it wasn’t me but the alcohol talking behalf of myself ”
after a few minutes of driving he stopped in front of his house which could be known as a mansion . It was white outside with a path of roses leading to the door on the left side was a fountain which glimmered and shined in the moonlight and on the right was a small bench where you could sit and just admire the view. he led me inside and to his room  not caring if he broke anything just eager to get things started. He kicked open and closed his door while he threw me on the bed none of us sober enough to understand what was going on around us he lay on top of me and covered us with the duvet .

when I woke up  I was sore I didn’t know where I was until I saw a muscular man laying beside me and slowly the events of last night slowly unrevealed themselves upon me . I realized we hadn’t used protection. I got on my dress and ran out like a lunatic bought 3 different pregnancy tests and reached mine and Gayu’s apartment I frantically walked in and saw Gayu passed out on a couch . I ran to the washroom and did all the necessities for the tests I waited the longest minutes of my life  I slowly checked each one and BOOM …. All showed positive my life came crashing down I wasn’t ready for a baby but I certainly wasn’t getting rid off it . I waited for Gayu to wake up and I told her and her parents thankfully the understood and took the responsibilities of all my need I couldn’t thank the enough . Now telling this to the baby’s father my heart ached in pain wondering what his response would be . I went over to his house thankfully I remembered the way and the maid let me in . I walked over to his room and I saw him in bed with his girlfriend  Naina I looked away and they finally noticed me after minutes of listening to torture . Kartik waked over to me furious for me disturbing his session I was panicking but when he appeared in front of  me I couldn’t control my hormones and let everything out
” I am pregnant ” I blurted
” so ” he replied casually
” with your child ” that got his attention he stared at me blankly for a muuit before he started laughing is head off
” Do you think that trick will work on me we were only in bed for 1 night and now you come and say I am the father of your child BULLSHIT that’s all you girls can do I know the father of the child must have left you because of your ugliness and now you have come to me taking advantage of the fact that we had a One night stand ” he replied breaking my heart even more after every word .  Tears streamed down my face and he pushed me to the ground and shut the door on me
I ran and ran the 1 hr back to my apartment and told Gayu and her parents what happened . Gayu was  ready to tear his head apart but we all stopped her . Gayu’s parents said to raise the child alone with their support  was so happy to get a family again.
” don’t worry baby mumma will look after you ” I said as I placed my hands on my tummy

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