My daughter (Part 1)

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In neherwal residence…

Some lady is doing pooja in house temple( she is none other than sumithra and adopted mother of swara) and Mr.raj neherwal(adopted father of swara)..

Sumithra gives aarati to raj..

Raj: we’re s my princess??

Sumi: ur princess will not getup till now and I m going to wake her up..

Raj: haha..

Sumi: gives angry look…and asks wat..

Raj: raj smiles bigger..hahahaha..

Sumi: turns back and see swara hav got ready already and making fun of sumi in back of her….tum. …and runs behind her..

Swara: uuuhhhhhh..and runs…and hide behind raj….

Sumi: move raj…

Raj: stops sumi and y u r running behind her..I cannot catch her because u r getting old..

Sumi: stares at raj..achaa..u r older than me..did u forget tat old man..

Raj: my age is only also girls r waiting in que. ..may u rite swara..

Swara: ya dad..I will recommend my frnds and winks..

Sumi: aap…two..r incredibble..and gives a angry look..

Swara: mom u r my best frnd..I I’ll recommend u nly to papa..and winks..

Raj: kya??

Swara: runs from there giving kiss to sumi. ..I m gng to get’s getting late for my coll..

Raj: smiles..sumi it’s time to tell her the truth..if she find it by herself it ill b tough for all..

Sumi: with teary raj..please v I’ll hide for some days..I m vry possesive abt swara..I connot tolerate if she goes from here..

Raj: sumi..she I’ll always stay as our daughter nly. ..but it is important for swara to knw truth..

Swara: wat truth dad??

Raj and sumi: wipes their eyes and turns..

Raj: looks at sumi where she shakes her head to not to say..and says sumi s worried abt ragging in coll..

Swara: kya???hahahaha..and i m not a kid. ..I I’ll take care of myself. ..and u knw papa..I think u r rite and winks..

Sumi: tum..and runs behind swara..

Swara: runs to the sofa and starts jumping like kid and laugh loud..

Sumi: pulls her down and hugs her tight. .

And three of them share a hug ..

After that swara leaves for coll in scooty..

Swara reaches coll…she parked her scooty..and begins to leave for class..

That is wen a senior boy stops her…

Boy: hey. ..helloo…u. ..come here..we’re r u gng..

Swara: gng class bhaiyaa..

Boy: kya???bhaiyaa??achaa… u ill b having punishment for calling me as bhaiyaa…

Swara: wat…punishment..sir? ??

Boy: sir? ??ohoo tis ladki..turning me into nuts…

That’s when a boy enters and joins ragging grp. .

He is… intelligent..very popular in coll..
He is karthick Mehra..all girls fall for him..

Karthick: kya huoo hari??

Hari: tis girl is calling me bhaiyaa.. sir.. etc. .man..

Karthick: hello..That is wen he saw her face…which is turned to red due to tears..

Karthick gets mesmerized by her beauty..swara is tall..intelligent.. beautiful..
She wears a yellow colour kurti and looks gorgeous..

Hari: u ill hav punishment for sure..and s about tell punishment that is wen karthick holds hari’s hand and stops..

Karthick: let her go…and nods to hari..

Hari: k..u can go..

Swara stares at karthick and leaves…

Hari: kya huooo…hero.. and winks..

Karthick: nothing..let’s leave for class..
They began to walk that is wen mandavi appear and makes hari fall in dirty water..

Mandavi: to herself..if u try to hurt my daughter I I’ll even kill them..try to b away from my daughter..but ragging common in coll..I ill leave u because of ur frnd..and ur not that bad..

Karthick helps hari and they move towards hostel for change of dress. ..

Swara reaches class..and take the seat..

Neherwal family goes out for dinner.. karthick meets swara in restaurant…

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Credit to: Sukanya

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  1. Awesome episode, loved parent daughter relationship with swara…ragging was very funny…karthik the hero fell for her at first sight…wow…mandavi loved swara very much, she is protecting her everywhere…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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