My daughter (intro)

Hi frnds..
I hope u guys love my ff…

It’s horror based story..

A car is shown in midnight passing through the road in jungle very fast..a middle age lady and her husband r in car..the car suddenly breakdown there..her husband get down to chk..after some min he came back and said to his wife that car has some problem and ask her to stay in car and he I’ll call the mechanic and cum back..she sits in car anixiuosly..

At same time a lady is shown with bad injuries trying to deliver the baby near some falls last she delivered the baby..she try to getup wit baby but she can’t and she fell into water by keeping the baby near water and she didnt able to swim due to bad injuries and starts drown.. Baby starts to cry…

The woman in the car hear the baby cry and starts to go into jungle…she saw a baby near the lake..she runs to the baby and take her before drowning..

the lady starts to search for the baby’s parents..But she can’t able to find..that’s when she saw a woman drowned in water and lost her life but she can’t able to see her face because it starts raining..she runs back to car and saw her husband waiting for her near car..she runs to him and said everything..her husband came back to lake to chk but the water pulls the body and flows down..

He returns back and said to his wife.. they saw the baby crying due to hungry.. they sit in car and goes..they reach some roadside tea shop for milk..the woman giv the baby milk which is brought..she says to her husband shall v grow her..v r shifting our home from Delhi to Mumbai due to ur wrk…and v r not having out own’s god’s gift for us..pls.. shall..her husband cut her in middle.. she is our child from one can change that.. they both smile hugging the child…

At back of them a the ghost of the same lady is shown smiling at the child..

18 years leap…

A girl(swara) is shown sleeping peacefully in room in midnight..the same woman(swara’s real mom..let her name mandavi) is shown coming and checking on her..mandavi I’ll chk on swara daily and she ill b seen helping swara in various situation..

Mandavi: u r happy now swara with tis family…I m vry happy..But ur real family is not like that..ur dad is vry bad.. he killed me swara..But i m happy that u got vry gud family who treats u like their princess..


Mandavi: gets happy that her daughter hear her voice during sleep..and disappear..

swara: wake-up with startle but finds no one…she lie back.. and gets to sleep..

swara first day of college…

Hi frnds…
It’s just my try..if u like it..let me knw in comments..depending on ur comments I I’ll write further..

It I’ll not b scary story..mandavi just want justice for her death.

Credit to: Sukanya

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  1. Nice intresting dr

  2. Awesome episode, little creepy…I didn’t see credit name here…who is the author?….loved this start..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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