My dark night raglak (Part 4)


Ragini thought maybe my hate for Knight Laksh developed into love.

She smiled at today events n fell asleep.

At midnight

A warrior went towards knight Laksh home.warrior saw knight laksh practicing.Warrior slowly took cautioned steps not to alarm Laksh of their presence.Suddenly someone placed a sword on warriors neck.Moonlight shined on them.warrior was a girl n laksh was the one who placed sword on her neck.Girl scanned the surroundings and saw a stick lying near her.She kicked laksh shin n pulled herself down n took the stick in her hands.They both fought .Laksh broke the stick n she hit his hand using stick n made him lose his weapon.

Laksh captured her n pinned her on a tree.he ran his hands up n down on her arms.the girls face was covered Β by a scarf.She struggled n tried to hit Β him but laksh bolded her fist n placed a kiss on her lips through scarf.Girl stopped struggling Β n hugged him.He slowly removed her scarf n the girl face was visible.He slowly ran his fingers over her face n locked her in a kiss.He slowly removed her warrior suit knots n turned her n placed wet kisses on her shoulder.She was wearing a white dress.He pulled her close holding her waist and kissed her.


She pushed him Β and said laksh I love you.He said I too love you.No laksh how many days are we going to meet like this.When will we tell our love to everyone.He said but if they know you are my love then they will hurt you. You will protect me na laksh.Yes love with my life.Then let’s stop this game n tell everyone the truth.

Who is the girl laksh is in love with?to know this stay tuned for next part.

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