my betterhalf (Episode 2)

Hi ! This is mars back with next epi. First of all thank you so much for your appreciation . I was very nervous to write ff but now I got bit relaxed.
Special thanks to kalki dear she helped me and make Me aware about posting ff thank you sooo much.
Coming to story let’s begin

My better half
Epi 2
Kolkata airport–
A girl come out of airport. She is wearing white 3/4 caprey,chocolate brown loose top and multicolored scarf around her neck. Her hairs are open and few were fallen on her forehead. She is looking simply beautiful and elegant. Ofcouse she is swara.
She looked at her wrist watch
Swara: hmm its 2 pm he must be in office only.
She moved towards cab and asked cabdriver to move towards maheshwari industries.

Maheshwari industries—-
Sanskar is really annoyed bcoz of the ignorance of the person he wants to talk. He had already shouted at some employees.Everyone got to know about his angry mood so there was pin drop silence. Sanskar moved to reception
Sanskar: listen I don’t want any disturbance so whoever comes to meet me tell that I m not in office.
Sweta(Receptionist): OK sir.
Sanskar moved towards his cabin whereas someone is looking no no staring at him. She is ragini
Ragini ( monologue): what happen to him in the morning he was fine. Huh! He is too moody. How I m going to handle him after marriage. ( she blushed)
Ragini went to her cabin dreaming about her future with sanskar.

Outside maheshwari industries—
A cab stopped and swara came out. She picked her bag and payed cabdriver then moved towards enterance . watchman(wm) saw her and stood up from his chair.
Swara: namaste Dada .how are you.?
WM: I m fine swara beti .u here at this time.
Swara: yes I just came from airport.
WM: ok
He blessed her and she entered inside and went to reception.
Swara and sweta share a friendly bond.
Swara: hey sweta what’s up?
Sweta( looked up ): swara mam u here?
Swara: uff all are asking same question .and plz sweta stop calling mam and your answer yes I m here. why I should not be here?
Sweta: no no I didn’t mean that one min it means sir also don’t know about your arrival ?
Swara: no its surprise.
Sweta: that why he is angry otherwise if he knew u r coming he always remain happy .
Swara: oh it means he is angry.
Sweta: yes too much. Even he had strictly ordered not to disturb him.
Swara: let’s see just call him and do what I say.
Sweta called sanskar and kept phone on speaker.
Sweta: Sir actually someone is here to meet you.
Sanskar (angrily): did u forgot what I told you.
Sweta ( little afraid): sir she is not ready to go and wants to meet u.
Sanskar :does she have appointment?
Sweta: no sir.
Sanskar: then tell her that this sanskar maheshwari don’t meet anybody without appointment.
Sanskar cut the call.
Swara was shocked to see his anger but was fuming
Swara: how dare he to ask me about appointment. I will see him .
Swara left towards sanskar’s cabin and sweta just smiled.

Sanskar’s cabin —
Swara peeped inside and saw him busy in some file she entered without making noise and stood near his table whereas sanskar was totally unaware about her presence. Swara got angry seeing his negligence.
Swara( tapped on the table): so Mr maheahwari I need appointment to meet you?
Sanskar jerked
Sanskar( angrily):what the ( looked up)swara. No no she can’t be here I m again hallucinating her idiot.
Swara( smiles): I m here only sanskar.
Sanskar got up from his chair and moved towards her and poked her shoulder.
Sanskar: u r real?
Swara( irked): no my ghost is standing. I m seriously here only.
As soon as sanskar realized its true he took swara into bone crushing hug.
Sanskar: oh god! U r here swara I just can’t believe.
Swara: sanskar let me take breath.
Sanskar: opps sorry u OK na?
Swara nodded. Both looked at each other. The longing for each other can be clearly seen in their eyes.
Sanskar caressed swara’s face and removed her hairs from forehead and gently kissed at the top of her forehead where she have putted vermilion of his name.Then his eyes moved towards her neck but he gave annoyed look .swara chuckled and immediately removed scarf displaying her milky neck adorned with mangalsutar addressing her as only and only his.sanakar bend and softly kissed her neck.swara closed her eyes feeling her husband’s touch after long 6 months.
Sanskar hugged her and she tightened the hug more.
Sanskar (whispered in her ear): I missed u.
Swara: missed you more.
Their beautiful moment was disturbed by knock on the door.
Swara went and stood in front of table and sanskar got sitted on his chair .
Sanskar(bossy tone): come in.
There entered ragini with some files in her hands.
To be Continued…..

Precap: swara and ragini”s first meet. Swasan went to house and others reaction seeing Swara.

Thank you for reading. Just give me you views through comments and plzz tell me about lacknesses in story so that I can improve.

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