Must reads SWASAN fan fictions ANALYSIS


I am a crazy swasan fan. I live them a lot. Especially Sanskar. Varun Kapoor and Swasan are the sole reasons I watch SR.

I found many fan fictions and im a silent reader of almost all of them. But few are my favourites. I would love to share it with you all.

Saba’s path from hate to love and incomplete scrapbook.
They are my first favourites. I love them a lot. Path from hate to love is the story I read and kept on crying at the climax. Though she changed it but I couldn’t get over it easily. The hand over was like for a week.


Deepa’s best friends and why does it affect me?
It hurts not seeing these ffs in the analysis even though they are just too good. Its on hold right now but will be continued soon. So guys do read this.


Vini’s Swasan fan fiction season 1 and 2
She’s a lovely writer and portrayed Sanskar’s character so well in both the ffs. Just loved them. And always desperately waiting for her updates.


Sree’s Limitless love and Acceptance.
Limitless love was good but right now Acceptance is too good. With every ff of hers Sree is improving tremendously. The plot of her stories are just too good. Should read!!


Sindhuja’s I dreamed a dream and all one shots.
Her one shots are so heart wrenching and I dreamed a dream is like an evergreen ff. Again I was unhappy not seeing this in many analysis. It’s a beautiful story. Must read!!


Anu’s Destiny, Fix You, Fixing Broken Souls, Arranged To Be His, Childhood Sweethearts.
Too many? But all of them are too good. But Fixing Broken Souls is my favourite as its pretty emotional and well written. And Childhood Sweethearts is also good without any twists and so cute… Must reads!

Anjali’s Mr. Maheshwari and I
Again a realistic story line and the vocabulary and usage of words is really good. Must read again.


Meher’s Kuch Iss Tarah and Smile that stole my heart.
Aww. Her stories stole my heart. The way she uses emoticons in her ff is so cute. Can never stop read it.


Sethootys Bz I loved her.
Gosh! I have no words for this ff. Its too good. Again Sanky is my hero hero. Family portrayal is also awesome.


And a special mention for Dolly. Please read all her ffs. You will love them. All are equally good.

Now some awards.

Queen of Romance : Saba and Vini.

Queen of Emotions : Anu and Anjali

Queen of Plot and Suspense : Sree

Queen of quirks and fun : Meher and Sujata (Stay Away….)

And Saba, Vini, Sindhuja, Anu and Anjali have excellent writing skills. Must say. Strong vocabulary and grammar. So hats off!

Credit to: Crazy

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  1. I agree wid u.saba is my favourite ff writer becoz she is the best nd incomplete scrapbook is too good bt its writer is kashish .her writing skills are just awsm. Now coming to deepa’s friends nd why does it still effect me are superb.she is a wonderful writer nd i had read all parts of her ff nd i m disappointed not to c her name in analysis. Nd anu’s all ff are unique nd simply wow anjali’s Mr maheshwari nd i nd sree’s acceptance are fabulous both are skillful writers nd i also like suju’s ff nd meher

  2. Okay! I’m so glad u loved my fanfics. Seriously that’s really sweet of you ❤

    And even I feel Saba di and Vini di are queen of romance. And my Anju she’s Queen of hearts yaar! Sree Queen of suspense. Lol. That’s really well written analysis. If we ignore the fact that u missed so many which people usually do I think this was the best analysis I have read so far. Not cause it had my name. I’m not that selfish. But I loved the queen wala thing. It was new and innovative ♥

    Love you loadszz ??

    1. Aww… Queen of hearts?? 😮 😮

      Will always treasure this…


      LOVE YOU SIS!!!

  3. Thank you so much dear…

    I am glad to share this award with SU aka sujata… ?? I never expect this award n now I will work hard n gain more awards.. N readers ???
    Jokes apart

    M glad that u lyk my writings n seeing ur name among ur favourite writers is not less than a gift…

    Thanku dear keep reading ??

    Keep laughing ????

    Luv u loads ??

  4. Thanks yaar …for including my name .-.its such an honor dear …
    And I am happy that u read all my ff …..and have praised me …what else an writer want more than this …..this would be the happiest moment of a writer of telly updates …..
    Cheers for swasan characters….who gave life to uur stories
    Thanks dear …..

  5. Am super happy after seeing this analysis!!! I was also really pleased to see Akira’s ff analysis… Not because my name is there or a nything.. BUT because It had Sindhuja’s name…. I absolutely love her writing skills and ideas…
    Stupendous, marvellous… I just love her writing….

    I love all the others mentioned here though i haven’t read incomplete scrapbook and few of Dolly’s ffs…..

    My Sree definitely deserves Queen of suspense…. You know more than her, I’M THRILLED THAT YOU WROTE THIS ABOUT HER….
    My sis is awesome!!! and she deserves Queen if emotions as well in my opinion…

    AND Queesn of emotions?? 😮 😮 Lol… I never expected that… For vocab or writing skills itself I’m still a bit surprised…

    BUT emotions?? No idea what to say….
    BUT SUPER PLEASED TO SHARE THIS WITH ANU!!!! 🙂 🙂 My sis has mastered the art of emotions at a young age…
    That too juggling three different ffs with three different emotion portrayal… HATS OFF TO HER!!!

    LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!! And I really really want to meet Sindhuja!!

    Sree.. Introduce us… I’m so eager and waiting like a starving dog to meet her…

    Forgive the bad description…

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH CRAZY!!!!! I loved this analysis a lot… And am grateful to have a place here!!!!

    1. Why are u confused about being queen of emotions. I agree with Crazy. The way u have described Swasan’s emotions is commendable. But I still believe that it queen of hearts first! U stole my heart just in a day when I started reading ur ff! Just too good ur my didi. Love you a lot! ❤

      1. * crying right now* *tears of joy*

        LOVE YOU SIS!!!!!! Ur the sweetest!!! <3 <3 <3

      2. Anu and Anjali.. Guys did you got chance to read Deepa’s FF ?

  6. swasan lover

    Hey can u give me link of the last episode which saba changed …i wanna get over of sanskar’s death ..i still affects me ..

  7. Plz send the link of saba’s ff plz plz i’m eagerly waiting 4 dat plz any of u post in tellyupdates plz plz plz plz i luved dat vry mch

  8. Someone u know

    Guys…i too need d link of saba’s ff last epi… A path hate to was d first swaragini ff i read..but i didn’t read it after chap 15 or smthing..coz i got some family issues..and i stopped reading ff..and i re started currently..plz..plz I’M LITERALLY BEGGING..

  9. Analysis on my fiction am hell shock…thank u Dr….

  10. u r write they r the best writers….we all them n their stories….

  11. I’m a silent reader here. But loved Fixing Broken Souls a lot. It is my fav”””””””

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