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Hey, I am ******, I have always commented in most of the ffs. But I don’t want to reveal who I am now. It may be cowardly of me, But still..
1) Mr Maheshwari and I – Anjali
2) Fixing broken souls – Anu (Nisha)
3) A modern tale of love – Mandy
4) Realisation, Exoneration and Acceptance – Alahna
5) Meri Aashiqui – Dolly
6) Acceptance – Sree
7) Childhood Sweethearts & Arranged to be his – Anu (Nisha)
8) Kuch iss tarah – Meher
9) It’s not revenge, It’s love – Aryna
10) Mileya Mileya – G_S
1) Anjali – Mr Maheshwari and I
2) Fixing broken souls and other stories – Anu (Nisha)
3) Kuch iss tarah – Meher
4) It’s not revenge, It’s love – Aryna
5) Realisation, Exoneration and Acceptance – Alahna
1) Acceptance – Sree
2) Mr Maheshwari and I – Anjali
3) Fixing broken souls – Anu & Destiny – Anu
4) It’s not revenge, It’s love – Aryna
1) Realisation, Exoneration and Acceptance – Alahna
2) It’s not revenge, It’s love – Aryna
3) From darkness to light – Neha
4) The path to happiness – Anjali
5) Arranged to be his – Anu
1) Mr Maheshwari and I πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
2) Arranged to be his
3) From darkness to light
4) Kuch iss tarah
5) Fixing broken souls
I want to mention just one thing. I read many ffs but these are the ones I had to include. I didn’t want to include any of Neha’s ffs or Vini and Saba di’s ff. But couldn’t stop about from darkness with light.
And I have to mention one thing.
I love you Anjali!
I am 22 years old. I do comment in ur ff from time to time, but not that often. GUESS WHO?
I admire you so so so so so much. I don’t know what it is about you. But you have captivated me. I know that sounds creepy but I didn’t know how else to put it.
First I thought it was just your writing, then I realised what sort of a person you were. You know, when you told about yourself, I was surprised and sorry for you. But then, because of YOU, other people realised that you can be open about yourself. I really loved you for that.
You were the one who made us feel that we are not just people in front of a computer or phone, But friends who need and support each other.
And this is going to sound stalkery but i’ve read all your comments in Eva’s ff. I was so shocked when I read your defensive comments. Not one place did I feel you insulted the person. Yet you managed to compel/convince the person in a way that really impressed me.
You have so many friends here. Youre part of so many groups
you, sree and anu
you, eva and riya
you and that group called army i think
you, natasha and sujata
you and sakshi, you and juan, you and rai
sorry for sounding stalkery again. i’m embarassed a bit to tell u all this but cant help it
i just love ur mmai… some people love those intense thrillers and all. but i love nice slow family stories. and urs is exactly that.
you seem like a very genuine person. you really care and worry for the others even though you have many problems of ur own.
I love Saba and Vini’s ff. but the one that will always stand out for me is Mr Maheshwari and I. Thank you Anjali for such a great ff. I have no idea why your comments are decreasing everyday instead of increasing. If it were upto me, you deserve more than 1000 comments.
For people who disagree with my choices, please don’t bash here. This is my opinion.
And yeah, I’m a girl only. Not some obsessed boy.
Please, please please comment.

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  1. issss you so dumbo

    Shithead girl….
    Over obsessed gurl…
    I hate Mr. Maheshwari and I……. And its sooooooo boring…..

    1. Dear if u hate mr maheshwari n I then don’t read that. .. N yr we don’t lyk many things but hum unhe ja ke ni bolte na… ?

    2. You missed a fan fiction called breakdown swaragini

    3. Lol ???

      I understand why you found my sister’s ff boring. Cause you didn’t understand its depth yet. ???

      Don’t bash her guys. Show her some sympathy πŸ˜›

    4. Lol ? ? ? ?

      I know why you found it boring cause you didn’t understand the depth if the ff. Its great. Try ti understand and Im sure you’ll not find it boring. But just awesome <3<3<3

      1. Be with your depth only Anu…no need to force others to accept your opinion…u like your ‘sis’ ff fine..she finds it boring..that’s her opinion..and that’s what u people and Anjali do..only sympathize….read your sis need to advertise here…

      2. Sorry Vishaka! Not a word about Anu… She was just trying to support me…

      3. Leave, Anu, we can’t impress everyone at the same time. We know how is Anjali. I think that’s enough. Let them placee their opinion too.

    5. Agreed….tbh the way she supported Eva….its more like pitying Eva..and writing for her….so sorry to say but u try to be over friendly Anjali…specially with Eva and Anu…maybe u three r friends…and the even I saw the replies…they were insulting…..check it again???

    6. I read mmai..and its a good story…but even I feel Anjali is kinda over friendly or maybe an attension seeker…maybe my mistake…in judging her…anyways..good that she supports her friend…..

    7. If you think its pity Vish, ur mistaken. There’s a huge gap between Pity and Love. I love her and that’s why I’m taking her stand. And if you think I’m advertising her ff then ur wrong again. She doesn’t need it cause she already has many readers/friends/admirers/sisters.

      Sorry if my words hit you hard because Ur words did hit me hard. But then I will apologise.

      Not forcing my opinion. Reading is ur option but declaring it boring is just not done. If you don’t like it, then dont read it. Why are you telling others that its boring? They have their own mind. Analysis should be meant for encouragement.

  2. So agree with you..

  3. Yeah baby I agree with you… Anjali is so cute yr… I mean she mixes well with everyone.. .. I think jittery frnds usne banaye hai yaha pe. Itz enough to show how humble she is…

    Coming to the point…
    Thanks for luving kuch iss tarah dear… ??

    Luv u loads ????

  4. I love all the fan fiction of SwaSan!!!!! you will also love Angel Goldie Tu mera humsafar and kritika’s ff too!!!!

  5. You are correct anju is really a sweetheart glad to be her sister…. She is really so good at heart……

    N issss you so dumbo if u find mmai so boring….. I’m amused how can anyone say it boring but anju it’s good for you make it more interesting

  6. ❀?Natasha?❀

    Well said……..every word is true…..,?????

  7. hey i m a silent reader I havnt commented BT someone here is bashing anjali which I can’t tolerate.guys u dono wat a beautiful wrting skil she as. hr way of describing t characters r splendid and hr story I can’t describe it it’s mind blowing and one more thing if u don’t knw to admire it thn just keep mum do u knw hw difficult to wrt a story

  8. Thanks a lot! I love Anjali more as a human than as a writer. No wonder MMAI is one of the best ff here but the way Di supports her friends is just commendable.

    1. And yep , I’m glad u liked all my fanfics. ??

  9. guys one request too ask t tellyupdates to post you are mine fiction and nehas swasan – endless love I’m not getting its chapters after part 4

  10. I have read all the ffs above.. But I suggest try reading Journey of being stubborn to falling in love and Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta hai… These two ffs are also good

  11. Well… Lol… I don’t know what to say….

    First of all to the people who don’t like my ff…
    Thnxx for ur opinion.. I’m sorry I failed to impress you but I’m happy with it… slow though it is…
    I really don’t mind you hating it… but just don’t judge me based on the ff…

    As for me being over friendly, maaybe it seems that way… I really don’t know…
    But I certainly wasn’t pitying Eva… I promise you that… I hate pity… Please.. I have been on the receiving end of pity for years…. Ik how it feels… So please not that word for what I do… It’s too hurtful… More than ur other slanders…

    And over-friendly… Maybe it seems that way to you…. I am like this even in coll and school and no one has ever told me anything like that before…. So I can’t tell…

    But guys, If u think I’m some desperate girl.. That I’m not.. I love making friends and i act the same here as I do in my life….

    Attention seeker toh I am… I’m a very self obsessed person… I will listen to everyone and help everyone… But I am narcisstic and self obsessed… So i don’t really know when I come across as attention seeking…

    Well …. This is the truth… People fell free to bash me… Not ******…. she is one of my readers and doesn’t deserve any bashing…

    But no words of pity please… That really hurt me…

    EVA, If you’re reading this, I hope you understand that that wasn’t pity…..

    The other things didn’t hurt bcos it is truee… So i really don’t care…

    1. Anjali..u r a sweet heart and the ones bashing Anjali….plz don’t say something that u regret about later…u r bashing a kind person like Anjali..and plz..don’t ruin our friendship by using words like sympathy and pity…

  12. Heyyy..Issss u so dumbo..if u find its boring then just neglect it yaar.. u have no r8 to bash any1.. nd u r saying that ff anu said r8..u didn’t understand its depth..its fabulous dear..

    nd mean nd Unknown u don’t know her..we all are her friends.. her we all know much sweet,cute c is..c is really such a sweetheart..pious soul..she is not over friendly..that’s called sweet..ok?? don’t judge any1 personally if u don’t know about her fully..

    nd I don’t know who are u dear. I agree with ur every single line … one of the best analysis u dear. nd really Anju is very sweet..??

  13. Now, coming to you ******,
    I don’t know what to tell… .Never would I have expected such a…. idk honour? feedback?

    I seriously don’t know what to tell you…
    Just that I will forever treasure your words with me….

    Thank you… Thank you sooo much!! For loving this story….. For loving me… Lol…

    I am just speechless… Thnxxx thnxx a lot!!!

    Hope I continue to impress you…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ <3 <3

    Anu, Meher, Neha, Natasha, Tvisha!! Thnxxx a lot!! Love you guys….

    Ohh yeah, I do love all the ffs mentioned… Other than meri aashiqui… I still have to read it… have read everything else πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    2. Anjali! Janta janti hai ki aap kaisi thi Eva k sath. Many of us had been with her at that time. And we all know who did what. So, please don’t mind those bashings. But for the first time, I think you have been bashed. But may be really because you couldnt impress her. We actually can’t impress everyone at the same time. so we neeed to move on with those who really love you. Leave those onwe in amillion people. Good bashing but. She could tell you that you are boring.

      Well, I don’t agree with her though. I find it extremely interesting and truly beautiful. Keep writing dear. Loads pf love. But one thing to say, people, please don’t question anyone’s way of friendship. Everyone is a human and they are the way they are. If u can’t accept that it’s okay but don’t bash that person. Over-friendly??!! LOL. I don’t agree though. How can aperson be over-friendly when you don’t mingle with her personally. In this olnline world, people can show only that much which they wantt to show, only real life peple can know a better concept abt her. But, talking with a person reavelas a lot gradually. And i find Anjali an awesome human being by that. She is honest- the pioneer thing i that. Yet she behaved politely with everyone.

  14. Hi everyone. I am anjali’s best friend. I do not wish to disclose my name, so am not gonna.
    This analysis is nice and perfect for anjali. I know her from 6th and you people have no idea just what sort of a person she is. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever known.
    She joined my school after her mom passed away and when she told me, I burst out crying. You know she was the one who comforted me… she has always..always been there for me and our other friends. When some of us didn’t bring our lunch to school or wouldn’t eat, she used to make us way bcos she didn’t want us to fall sick…

    Anjali has always had a way with words.even when she speaks to a person she always talks really politely.. she never gets angry or any statement… she is the most bubbly and funniest person ever…

    But she also knows when to be serious.. anjali has always been empathetic. Uk she guesses how I’m feeling before I can tell her.. and whether I call her at 2 or 3 or 4…she’s always there for me…

    U call her over friendly… I call her the best friend one could possibly have. As some of u have said, she loves to make friends. And if she sounds over friendly… it’s because she is sooo happy to meet new people… anjali has always been a person who loves mingling with all sorts of people…

    I never commented bcos she used to send everything to me beforehand… but today when she called and told me she was hurt , I was really angry…

    In 9 years this is probably only the third time she’s called me for that reason… she’s put up with my shit all these years… she’s had all sorts of stuff happen to her… but one comment hurt her… And all because of one word… pity….

    Seriously if u really knew anjali, you would realise what is meant by pity. I haven’t read eva’s story so Idk what has happened there. But telling anjali she pitied someone was really wrong. Poor girl… I swear to God… I am pissed off right now.. anjali told me…chill it’s ok… everyone else support me and love me..

    But I had to tell you ppl the truth. Hope you guys understand at least now. Insult her ff if u want… not promoting it but it’s better than telling absolute bullshit about my BEST FRIEND….
    The one who has always cheered others even when she was the one who needed cheering…

    Jalsssuuu… sorry dudeee… ik u wanted me to keep shut… but how on earth do u expect me to do that?? Love you dudee… ??

    1. Anjali bestie

      Yeah.. I have repliedd using anjali’s name and id…. but this is her bestie… NOT HER….

  15. Anju don’t cry ha plzz…. bhul jao unlogo ki baat… hum h na Anju.. U know 2mhe ek baat pata h?.. jab koi bht aage nikal jte h n sb unki tarif krte h toh unme se kuch lg aise hote h jo kbhi kisi aur ki khushi dkh nhi pati.. jab wo lg piche rh jti h toh JEALOUS hoti h.. n bash krne lg jti h

    yeh swasan ff analysis thi ryt.. toh yaha pe bashing kaha se aa gayi… u know isiliye me jb v analysis pdhti hu dar jayi hi ki kahi kisi ko bsh ns kare.. pr itna sb kuch khne k baad v bsh krti h…

    guyz agr uski ff psnd nhi krti toh mat pdho.. bt aise bsh mat kro.. jisne v ye 1st shuru ki na plz asge se aisa mat karo

    1. Aww..Rups… Don’t worry… I didn’t cry and all….. I just tell her everything that happens.. She feels more bad than I did…

      I really couldn’t care less about the other comments.. But that word pity.. That shocked me… And so, my bestie got pissed… Uk she came home at one in the night, just to make sure I was ok.. <3 <3 <3

      She's my angel… Calm when i'm high….

      So yeah… don't worry… I'm not crying or whatever.. ME the smiling…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ see?

      LOVE YOU!!

      And bisha!! thanks so much yaar!! Ur really sweet.. <3 <3 :* :*

  16. Just want to say one thing here… to those who dint like her fan fiction.. or found it boring .. u r not u noe saying bad about her but she clearly is the winner here..the people who have replied here ( saying good or bad ) dsnt matter .. but it shows that u have been following her … and her stories and they have created an impact on u..
    and I guess that’s wad a writer tries to do .
    so Anjali Is The WINNER ..!

  17. hey ever tried swasan advertising love just read it n its awsummmm too

  18. Hey why alhana is not posting realisation… Eagerly waiting for it

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