must read swasan ff analysis part-1

I am anonymous. It has been a while since I saw any analysis. Doesn’t matter really but just wanted to post my views.
1) You just need to have a little faith – Anjali ( Longest OS ever. Took me an hour to read it, but was worth every minute. A story of two normal people with normal lives. Very heart touching. MUST READ)
2) Winning the challenge – Salluuz ( A very cute story. Family story. Also MUST READ)
3) Krishna Aur Unki Radha – Piyali ( Another long and cute OS. College story)
4) I too had a love story, I’ll be your shadow even in darkness, Thank you Swara etc – Meher ( All her OSs are amazing. Love you Meher. MUST READ)
5) Itni si baat hain – Ashu ( Cute story)
6) The inner demons – Anu (A MUST READ. Very realistic story)

1) Acceptance – Sree
Love ur work di! Thank you so much for the amazing stories. Can’t wait for the next chapter
2) Mr Maheshwari and I – Anjali
Simply superb family story. And one of the best ffs ever. At least for me. And ur new ff PYAAR KA DARD HAI. Wow. What a beginning. Can’t wait for both ur ffs now.
3) Don and his Roma – Ireena
Love this story to infinity. No words for your imagination.
4) Fixing broken souls – Anu
I love this story. Will miss it when it’s over.
5) Kuch iss tarah – Meher
Made me laugh a lot. Love it. And the new season 😮 😮 Waiting for everything to be alright again.
6) Bz I loved her – Sethooty
Another family story. And the kids are just too naughty. Love this.

I have read more and more. These are just a few of my faves. Please don’t bash me.

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  1. oh….I don’t know your name but tysm..
    I’m really happy that u like my ff…again a big thanx?????

  2. And that’s why I call Anju queen of hearts.
    And Sree queen of suspense.
    And Meher is my one shot queen ???

    Three lovely ppl! So glad to meet them.

    1. Awww….. love you sis!!!!????? but that’s not true…..???

      Ur the queen of hearts…. I will be queen of hearts elder sister…???

    2. Aww it was so cute anu… ??

  3. I think Sujata di’s OS Unspoken Love is also good . Read it. Very good os it is

  4. And it seems ppl love anonymous and Anu these days. Should I change my name to Nisha???? ???

    1. Lol…. kuch bhi rakhle…. idc…. ???

      Nisha is so nice… I don’t understand y I don’t like it… or find it weird..

  5. Love you anonymous for the love you showered on my work ??

    Though I think I dont deserve it .

    Haha I’m laughing my heads now ???

  6. And guys pray for Virat and RCB today ??? pray ? ? ? ? ?

  7. Thank you sooo much anonymous for liking my work….. loving *

    Am really honoured to be placed in the is list though there are better one shots there….like bisha’s ireena’s su’s

    But anyways thanks for the love and support….. and wow…. pkdh is also mentioned….???
    Hope you like that as it progresses…??

  8. u r really ryt……. anjali’s tht os it was such a wndrful work….. n her mr maheshwari and I, n anus, meher, sree my fvrtssssssss…….. bo words for thie wrk…. it os jst fabuloues…..
    sree’s twists…. anu’s boom… she make each episodes very spcl…. anjali no words jst speechless n meher omg i really lvd ur wrks…. whn read her wrks we can feel it….. u make it emotional n heart touching……
    a bow for u all…..
    n the one who analyse this much clearly… ????
    lotz of love… ??

  9. TThnkuso much…

    M glad that you lyk my writings…

    But I agree with anjali u should read bisha’s one shotz they are osm…

    I hvnt read any of the one shot except anjali’s but will definitely read soon…

  10. Hi Anu or nisha ( don’t know the reason of two names)… Well I do have the same name like u that’s anu… I recently wrote an os and few people ( I guess ) misunderstood me as u .. I am sure because I am completely new to tu and viewers mentioned that they are very fond of my ff which practically has not been written me.. I must say u r quite very popular here

  11. Omg thanku Dr…everytime wen I saw my name in fiction analysis… I became a days am lazy to write read and update …happy to know that u like my fiction…

  12. Thank u dear…I’m glad u liked my os!! And am really honoured tht u found my very first os among the best!!

    Thanks a lot!
    And I agree with u, all the writers here r really awesome- anu, anju, sree r actually my fav too….I love their wrks…and meher’s one shots r awesome….

  13. My jethanis r the best…love u both Meher jethani ji and Anjali jethani ji????

    1. Even our devrani ji is best….

      Luv u too Evu ????

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