Hello everyone! This is to be brought notice to all SWARAGINI fans…be it SwaSan OR RagSan or SwaLak or RagLak as ur fav pair.

Just now I read a post called ‘Ideal Swaragini’. M very sorry but I just wanted to shoot the writer down. I mean if one detests something…we often badmouth the thing, don’t we? But why publically? What is this that Tejaswi applies fake makeup and Helly is getting fat and all that? It is their personal life…they must understand…why are we fans after their life?
What wrong has Swara done that all Ragini fans HATE her? Not actually HATE….DESPISE her? Showing her to be characterless in FF’s, insulting her, bringing her image down….what the f**k is this all?

Coming to me….I HATE RAGINI….and most of u all have read my FF’s and OS’s….and all of u know that I give equal importance to Ragini as I give to Swara….why can’t u all do the same? What is wrong with u all? People are suggesting new leads! Arey u shd have complained against the CV’s when the show started only….why the hell does it have to be now?
Now bashers will say that we are also independent, we also have rights to bash and blah blah….what is called utter crap….
So let me bring to their notice, that they are not fans. Not at all.

Tejaswi and Helly are so good friends, u see. If Tejaswi gets to know that her fans bash Helly, or vice versa, u think she’ll like it?
And as for people like Miss Soha…sorry but I had to point u out…
Those who don’t like the serial and make posts for correcting the mistakes of the CV’s, sorry but u all are spoiling ur own image I must say.
I also know that I’ll have a number of bashers here commenting on my post. Do so, do na, no one will stop u, but just u be ready for the answer that I’ll give u…
And yes….why I posted it in Fan Fiction, is bcz I know this is the only popular genre that has been visited thoroughly by everyone.
So goodbye everyone and SWARAGINI fans say aloud with me

“No matter what, regardless of whoever we love, we are SWARAGINI FANS!!!”

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  1. maine kabhi bhi kisi par bash nahe kiya.mujhe srif swasan pasand hai.i don’t like ragsan y swalak.mujhe raglak main koi prblm nahe hai

  2. Yes dear nowadys its too much..dnt knw y thy all r bshing..wat thy do all get by doing these stupid thngs nd by insultng whm thy dnt like..wats da actors fault r there..thy do accordng to character of da script..if u like dem u shuld focus on dem nt on ne othr…i love swasan nd almost thy r my faviourte.. But it doesnt meant dat i wl bash other one(raglak)..i dnt hv ne prblm wth dem..i just love my words to describe dem..

  3. Sumeeta

    kya likha hai laddo.i am not a double satandard at first i tell that i am a swasanians.but i do not hate raglak. but i hate them some time when i read filthy comments on swasan by filthy raglakians.i never badmouth about raglak or temish.yes i criticised them but i did not use abusive words.after recent temish iv i was starting to hate them .but recent insta post made me happy it decrese my hateness towards them lil.
    swaragini is my fav drama .i criticise fake prego drama because it s i have right criticise their plot.
    aur ragsan ki bat ragsan never meant to be exist in my life.serial me kabhi dikhaya hi nahi ragsan is a couple. so i did not consider as a couple.
    aur rahi ragini ki make up ki bat.ha wo wahat make up lagati me tejasawi kya kar sak te to make up man ki kam hai na to make up man ko bolo.
    rahi helly ki baath wo kaha se fat lagti hai yar.tum logo k akhe hai ya dhakkan yar.

    1. Sumeeta

      laddo tere post par hazar like mere taraf se

  4. Jwala

    only I can say see how much they try to degrade swara/helly she will get more success and happiness in her life.. in between nice post

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      100000000 percent correct jwala love helly …

    2. Vyshu10

      Yes dear….These ppl can’t stop our Helly from achieving heights. They can’t change the fact that Helly is loved by so many people. Love Helly.

  5. u r absolutely correct ladoo….
    i agree wid u…. luv swaragini…
    nd i think tht if they r so concerned fr their makeup nd weight gain… they should stop watching the swaragini or any other serial ndcstrt watching india’s next top model or some other fashion show coz acting is nt judged by looks…

  6. now now days teju is applying very less make its clearly mention in SBS eating session as her scene is tensed and said she is actually beauty

  7. U people are seriously damn irritating..everyday u people post stupid analysis..I wonder how much precious time u all have to waste..more than bashers it is u people who initate the fire between them..why dont u people do some productive work rather than wasting ur time..

    1. Ah….I already said….bashers stay away….I dnt kno whether u r a basher or not….but I must say it’s my duty as a fan….I am not into all these activities….but the recent post “Ideal Swaragini” made me write this…..and yes…I am doing productive work…writing a Fan fiction and m also a topper….topper since 8 yrs at school…if u still wanna say that I dnt do productive work and m wasting my tym…then I must say hats off to this dumb brain of urs…now just f**k off before I shoot u…

      1. Yey I can see how much productive work u r doing by writing this stupid analysis…and about topper than m in NAVY dear..thats y I said do some useful work rather than wasting ur precious time in all this..

    2. Leyo…ye to aur bada wala???
      Seriously….u r in navy?
      Even my father is in navy…
      And as far as i know, Navy ppl have proper manners..
      But I guess u don’t possess those…
      So though I know u r far elder than me…
      But m really sorry m saying this…
      Even u r wasting ur ‘precious time’ by reading my analysis…so bye bye u may leave this page.
      I must not see u here again.

      1. oh God..mai to dar gayi..someone save me from this laddoo seriously u will say and I will go away..hahahahaha nice dream..continue…wid ur stupid analysis and stupid hahahahahaha..being younger u dont have manner how to speak wid elder and saying me..

      2. Shruthis

        muskaan if analysis are written .. if you are soo much productive things to do,then why don’t you do yourself ? and haa why are you reading it if you have such problems with this analysis ?why are you wasting in this by commenting.
        by this i can see how much productive things you doo
        it is said that see yourself first before pointing at others 🙂

  8. Heltej

    They wont stop bashing….. So m thinking… M gonna get all their names… Send to production house to cast them in any show… Let us see their ‘beautiful and slim body’ in tv! It will be thrilling to see them in any show! Or otherwise i will suggest them for miss universe… ! That will be fun!

  9. Ritipriya

    Well said dear…. An new hear… But every social network has only bashing & bashing… Why cant we give them equal chance yarr… What the fault of helly & teju they are selected for Swaragini… They both are good friends from first….
    But the bashers.. I dont think they are true fans… Coz, if they then they respect both of their friendship.. Am a swasan fan.. & i respect raglak pair… & trust me Like Swaragini bonding so much…

  10. Sanjanaagrawal

    Well said dear and we are true SWARAGINI FANS ….

  11. Shut up ladoo.
    stop being maha like swara n dont overact

    1. Haye…teri phooti kismat jo tune meri warning ko lightly le liya…par u kno what? Ye tune sahi nahi kiya…meri warning ko jo lightly le matlab wo duniya bhar ka sabse ghatiya, cheap, idiot, dumbo, duffer aur f**king insaan hai…aur I guess ye sab tum ho…
      Itni badi wali shameless ladki shayad hi maine aaj tak dekhi ho…isse pehle ki main kuch bhi inappropriate keh du…bass dafaa ho jao yahaan se…
      And u have no rights to shut me up..
      And it’s not ‘maha’, it’s ‘mahaan’
      Pehle hindi angrezi padh le…phir mere post par comment kar liyo…
      Now just u get lost frm here…or u dnt kno…

      1. Nice reply Di…Lots of Kisses and Hugs to you for this…Aapne mere man ki iksha puri kar Di…And you Soha 100 slaps to you from my side…Pray for yourself If you ever came in front of me then really for 6 month you will not able to see your face…Shameless Girl…
        Hate u to the core of my heart

  12. Vyshu10

    well said dear….

  13. u r 100%true

  14. RUPA

    Well said laddoo…..

  15. Hemalattha

    u r absolutely correct n
    i agree

  16. Hi dont waste ur time coz bashers never stop to bash swaragini.

    Dear dont waste ur precious time In writting such articals.

    Peoples never understand.
    They hurt other

    1. I truly agree to this.

  17. Hey laddo do you remember me its me divya well i told you that soon i will be starting an os but now its an ss so do read and cmnt Junooniyat Hai yahi and well said and calm down as i dont like any one getting angry love you??

    1. Divya it’s u…u have already started it? Do send me the link dear…I just so wanna read it??
      And I’ve also started an FF….cmpltd 2 chaps alongwith the prologue….it’s gr8 to see u back…!

  18. Shruthis

    hey laddoo well said dear 🙂

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