Muskaan 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty plans to find Muskaan’s details

Muskaan 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua asking Muskaan to write an application, since they are facing water scarcity. Muskaan writes the application. Bua asks her to sign as well. Muskaan does so. Bua and Bunty smile. Bua asks him to find Muskaan’s truth. Ronak and Sir ji argue. Sir ji asks are you really falling for Muskaan. Ronak says she is making you dance right now. Bunty fakes Muskaan’s sign and takes the application for college. He leaves. Gayatri says its Muskaan’s first rasoi today, no one will go out today. She praises him and says family is imp for him. Ronak asks is that so, smile please. Sir ji smiles. Ronak goes to call Muskaan. He takes tea for her. Muskaan wears the saree. Ronak comes with tea. She asks him to go out. He asks what, why, I got tea for you. She asks him to just go, she didn’t

wear the saree properly. He leaves.

Gayatri asks why did Muskaan scream. He says she has seen a lizard. She laughs. He says she is wearing saree. She says then go and help her, she is your wife. He says but…. She asks him to go. He goes in. Muskaan says you came again. He says mum has sent me in, just hurry up. She asks him not to open eyes. He says my eyes are close. She wears the saree. She says I m not able to make the pleats. He says I will help. He goes closing eyes. He holds her hand and opens eyes. Bunty meets principal and thanks him. He fools him about Muskaan’s treatment. He gets the file. He thinks now I will find Muskaan’s truth. Gayatri asks Muskaan to always keep smiling. Ronak jokes. Gayatri asks Ronak to help Muskaan in the ritual. She asks Sir ji to help Ronak. Sir ji refuses. She insists. She gives the rice in Muskaan’s hand.

Ronak troubles Sir ji by dropping the rice. Gayatri asks Sir ji to pick the rice. Sir ji gets angry seeing Ronak dropping the rice. Gayatri asks him to come ahead and pick the rice, since he is head of family. Sir ji helps them. Ronak says there is a problem in this rasam, give the rice in Muskaan’s saree. Gayatri says this rasam shows family’s unity. Bua gets a call. Bunty says I will get all info about Muskaan and come. Bua smiles and plans against Muskaan. Sir ji fulfills ritual and goes. Bunty reaches some place. Muskaan tries to make food. She calls Ronak for help. He says it means you used to make tasty tiffin food. She says yes, Gayatri asked me to make something, I don’t know anything other than roti and curry. Ronak agrees.

Bunty reaches some house and gets shocked seeing……

Update Credit to: Amena

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