Muskaan 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Lumi spots Muskaan

Muskaan 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti entertaining Muskaan with a story. Muskaan questions her. She asks Aarti what happened next. Aarti and Muskaan play and laugh. Sujoy and Sapna meet Muskaan. Sujoy gets fed up of beating. Muskaan goes. Aarti dances with the girls. Nagada sang….plays…. Muskaan reaches there and gets shocked seeing the girls dancing. She doesn’t see Aarti. Suzaine looks around. Sapna and Sujoy come there. The lights go. Suzaine takes Muskaan away from there. Tabassum gets angry on power failure. The men compliment Aarti. Muskaan asks Jaya to leave her. Jaya says you will get caught then. Suzaine says game over, fine I will tell truth to everyone. The lights come. Muskaan says I don’t want to lose the game. Jaya asks her not to roam in the house. Suzaine says you can go anywhere when

you win the game.

Muskaan says I m a little kid, you are scolding me, I want to meet everyone. Jaya says I understand, but you have to be careful. Suzaine says we all dance, you also dance at home right. Muskaan says that lady was dancing so gracefully. Jaya lies that its a dance competition. Muskaan says like it happens in our school. Suzaine says yes, you will be making us win. She sends Muskaan and says we will stop her every time she goes there, we have to look after her. Aarti comes back. She asks Muskaan to write the tough word, else she can’t win. She tells some tough words. She gives chocolate to Muskaan. She gets milk for her. Rakhi gets busy in work. Sapna and Sujoy go to her. Aarti checks the book and says its wrong. Muskaan says I know it, I will rectify it.

Aarti says have your book, I will just go and come. Muskaan sneaks out and goes to meet Suzaine. She sees Lumi with face pack and thinks she is Suzaine. She asks her for food. Lumi gets shocked and shouts ghost. Suzaine shuts her mouth and says she is Aarti’s daughter Muskaan. The man praises Aarti’s courage and says we will get Muskaan’s admission done. The lady says our organization works for this, everyone has right to get educated. The man asks her for name and address. Aarti asks why is this needed. The man says we need the details to share with media. Jaya says I will explain you, come. Aarti says sorry, I don’t wish anyone to know about it. The man says we want the media to cover this, so that we get reward from govt. Lumi cries. Suzaine says Rakhi shouldn’t know about Muskaan. They eat food. Sujoy refuses to have food. Rakhi scolds him. Suzaine says we will go and sleep now. The man says Aarti ji, you have to decide and accept our condition, else we can’t help you. Aarti worries.

Muskaan runs downstairs. Tabassum and everyone see Muskaan at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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