Muskaan 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharma gets bailed

Muskaan 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti getting saved by Tabassum. Tabassum scolds him for molesting Aarti. He says how can you such decent things here, when the things are on sold here. He creates a scene by breaking the table. She slaps him and sends him away. Sharma gets arrested. Rakhi throws a man out. Tabassum asks them to come and have food. Rakhi says when the man wakes up and sees his wife in morning, he will forget the madness. Aarti gets sad. Rakhi says men can never stay happy.

Aarti thinks what if Sharma reveals the truth in school, Muskaan may pay the price for it. She worries and leaves the food. Muskaan says I love you and miss you mumma. Sharma says I m innocent. Inspector scolds him for visiting the brothel. Aarti comes there and asks inspector to free Sharma. She pays the bail. Inspector taunts

her on the affair. He leaves Sharma.

Aarti says sorry, I didn’t wish this to happen. Sharma says such things happen at such places, I was mistaken, forgive me, people speak wrong about you, so I got greedy, I know you are not such, maybe this is called a lotus growing in dirty mud. He takes tea. She says its late, I should leave. He asks her to have tea. She says good people also live in this society. He thanks her and smiles. She goes. He sees the tea cup with her lipstick mark and throws it. He says I will take revenge for this. Tabassum goes to feed Jaya.

Jaya turns away. Tabassum says you think everything is in my hands, even my hands are tied like yours. She gets angry and locks Jaya again. Suzaine reads the news and laughs. Aarti says I had gone to get massage oil for mum. Suzaine jokes on her. Muskaan waits for her turn. The other girls perform. Muskaan performs on Kanha maane na….. All the kids perform well. Muskaan gets anxious to know the results. Muskaan wins the first prize. She gets too happy. She asks warden to call Aarti to inform. Aarti reads a newspaper. She thinks to have a savings scheme for Muskaan’s education. She gets Muskaan’s call. Muskaan gives her kisses and says just come to me soon. Aarti asks why, are you fine. Muskaan says talk to warden. Aarti thinks of Sharma and worries. Warden says you have hidden a big thing from us.

Muskaan says principal has called mumma to school to sign papers, she will get chocolates for me, I will go on picnic, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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