Muskaan 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Hanumanth rescues Ronak

Muskaan 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji making Gayatri against Muskaan. Ronak comes and says Muskaan is with me. He shows Muskaan at the door. Sir ji gets shocked. Gayatri and Dolly smile. Muskaan comes in. Gayatri asks where had you been, you went with Bua. Ronak says Bua didn’t get her back home, but Muskaan managed it, don’t worry. Gayatri says something is happening since your marriage. Ronak agrees and taunts Sir ji. Gayatri asks Muskaan to keep a phone with her if she goes somewhere. Muskaan taunts Bua and asks for prasad. Bua gives her. Muskaan says Lord always blesses devotees, you also bless me.

Ronak smiles seeing Sir ji. Bua says don’t know how did this happen. Ronak comes and says I will tell you. He tells them that he asked Hanumanth to keep an eye at the house. FB shows…….

Hanumanth calls Muskaan. Dolly tells him that Muskaan went to temple with Bua. Hanumanth rushes to temple. He finds Muskaan getting kidnapped. He says I told my Lord that I will protect Muskaan, today my friends are with me. Hanumanth, Muskaan and friends get into a fight with Sir ji’s goons. Hanumanth gets beaten up.

Muskaan hits the goon and saves him. Hanumanth takes Muskaan with him. He gets Ronak’s call. Ronak asks where is Muskaan, she didn’t return from temple. Hanumanth says I m fine, I have bashed up goons, Muskaan is also a fighter, she supported me, I saved her from goons, I m getting her. FB ends. Ronak says Muskaan is my responsibility here, I fulfill my responsibility well, remember this. He warns Sir ji and Bua. He smiles and goes. Sir ji says my son is like me, he wants me to accept Muskaan as bahu, which I will never do. Lovely says I don’t find this girl right. Her husband says we will find her family background. Lovely says we will take her class. Lovely asks Muskaan about her family. She asks Muskaan what’s her full name. Muskaan says Mrs. Muskaan Ronak Singh. Gayatri comes. Dolly says Lovely and Jiju are troubling Muskaan. Lovely says we should know about Muskaan. Muskaan recalls Suzaine’s words. Ronak comes and sees Lovely interrogating Muskaan. He says you don’t take my interview ever, ask me something.

Gayatri says let her ask, she will be satisfied. Lovely asks Muskaan what’s her address. Muskaan sees a diary. She tells their own address. Lovely says don’t act smart. Muskaan says I have eloped and ran away, now this is my house, my family ended ties with me, my Sasural is everything for me. Ronak says yes, what’s mine is of her. Gayatri says yes, I m also of her now. She hugs Muskaan. Ronak comes to Muskaan and claps for her smartness. She asks him to thank her for saving him. She act to cry. He gets shocked. He asks why are you crying, what happened, calm down, anyone will come. Gayatri comes and asks what happened. Ronak says I m asking the same. Muskaan says he always hurts my heart. Gayatri asks what did he do. Muskaan lies to make him say thanks. She says he scolded me. Gayatri asks Ronak to thank Muskaan. Ronak refuses. Gayatri insists. Ronak thanks Muskaan. Gayatri says she is a lovely girl, don’t make her cry. She goes. Ronak says once Sir ji’s truth comes out, I want you to go away from me. She thinks she knows that this time will not come back, so she wants to live this well, so that she has some good memories. Bua says Bunty, Muskaan wasn’t telling her address, there is some matter.

Muskaan cuts he finger and shouts mum. Ronak cares for Muskaan. She looks at him. Bunty comes to the college and asks principal for Muskaan’s documents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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