Muskaan 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti gets grateful to Tabassum

Muskaan 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti telling Tabassum about Muskaan’s innocent questions. She says I change a lot when I meet her, I feel free like I m flying. She recalls Muskaan and cries. Its morning, Aarti and Muskaan wake up and see each other’s pic. Muskaan greets her family members by seeing the drawing. Muskaan hides the drawing under the pillow. She counts the days and says there is dance class today. Priya says you are school’s best dancer. Muskaan says I m very excited, I can dance all day. Aarti hides Muskaan’s pic when Lumi comes. Lumi asks her to come fast. Jaya’s state is bad. Aarti asks her to freshen up, what happened.

Suzaine says this happens here normally, Lumi doesn’t understand and worries. Muskaan dances while brushing her teeth. She says we are doing brushing dance. Warden

asks her to brush teeth well. Everyone worries seeing Jaya’s bad state. Tabassum scolds Jaya. She says I will not return the money, you need to agree. They all see Jaya chained and feel bad for her. Tabassum asks them to leave. Aarti cries and says it hurts us also, we can’t do anything for Jaya, its written in her fate.

Rakhi asks her children to go and have a bath. Suzaine asks Ghosh to get a lipstick for her. Ghosh doesn’t understand the name of the shade. They laugh. Aarti gives them aarti. She comes to Tabassum and sees her praying. Tabassum says Muskaan will be like you want. Aarti says you have done a favor on me, that I m capable of praying for Muskaan. Tabassum says your mum was my best friend, I promised her that I will take care of you, just relations matter in life. Aarti says yes, you never know when we get related, your friend has helped us a lot. They recall getting help from Tabassum’s friend and getting little Muskaan raised by the lady.

Aarti gives the baby to the lady. The lady promises to keep Muskaan close to heart. Aarti cries. FB ends. Aarti says Muskaan doesn’t know about her mothers. Tabassum says your heart is still the same, you are not stone hearted. Tabassum says you are still the same, you do so gaudy makeup. She laughs. Tabassum asks her to give the bag to Ghosh. Aarti says its too heavy. Tabassum removes half of the things and asks her to take the bag now. Aarti calls her childish and hugs. She says you are like Muskaan, she teaches me to give bag. They laugh.

Warden checks Aarti Bose’s ID card. Sharma looks on. He drops his daughter. He asks warden to show the card. He thinks of Aarti and says I will handover the card to her, don’t worry, I will not take anything from her wallet. He thinks its good I got this card, else I would have not got Aarti at this address.

Muskaan dances. She says I will be selected in the dance competition, when mumma came, she has sung a song, I will dance on that song, I don’t know why didn’t Aarti call me. She talks to the moon and asks the moon to take care of Aarti. She says I love you mumma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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