Muskaan 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan recalls the past

Muskaan 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lomi asking the guests to get seated, the arrangements are done for them. Tabassum gets the betel for them. The man praises her. Aarti comes there as the dancer. She performs with her sisters and entertains the guests. Mohe rang de lal….plays….. Tabassum watches her daughters’ dancing. Lomi performs a pole dance on Mahi ve…..Tabassum’s men drag Jaya back to the house. Aarti and her sisters dance on Choli ke piche…. They get shocked when the men throw Jaya in Tabassum’s feet. Jaya gets hurt. Everyone look on. Tabassum drags Jaya to Amit. She scolds Jaya and says I did all the rasams as marriage, but Jaya has a habit to run away, take her away, she is yours now. Amit stares at Jaya. The man gives money to Ghosh. Amit touches Jaya. She pushes him. Amit asks

are you angry, you can get restless and this will be fun.

Aarti and everyone looks on. Jaya takes a wine bottle and hits on his hand. She asks them not to touch her. The man says this girl has gone mad, did you call us here to kill us. Tabassum says listen to me. The man says we will come back to take our money back. She says give me some time, I will prepare her. The man says you couldn’t convince Jaya. All the guests leave. Tabassum slaps Jaya. Jaya says I will run away, I won’t stay here. Tabassum says shut up, Aarti had also run away, she had to get married and have children, she has done this, she got a child, what did she get, she got ruined and had to return here, look at Aarti, she performs dance and wears costly clothes, she is living like a queen, people throw money at her.

Aarti recalls crying with labor pain. Doctor tells her that he can’t admit her as she has no money. Tabassum finds Aarti and runs to help her. FB ends. Rakhi says Aarti had given birth to a dead baby. Aarti and Tabassum recall Muskaan’s birth. Rakhi says Aarti didn’t talk of marriage again. Tabassum says your fate will bring you back here, you have to agree to me. She sends Jaya. Aarti recalls how she decided to save Muskaan from the world in which she was raised. She says my daughter will wear anklet, not ghungroos. Tabassum says no mother wants this, but this is helplessness, there is no other place for us, she has to do the same.

Aarti says my daughter won’t do this. Tabassum says she doesn’t have a normal life in fate, you have to come back to the kotha. Aarti cries and makes Tabassum swear to free her daughter. Tabassum agrees. She says fine, but if your daughter reaches the Kotha, then you have to make her wear the ghungroos. Aarti gets shocked. She says no one will know about her. Tabassum says everyone will just know that you gave birth to a dead baby. Aarti names the baby Muskaan.

Muskaan tells about her two dreams, she will go to her Nani’s house and become the best dancer of the world.

Update Credit to: Amena

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