Muskaan 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan questions Aarti

Muskaan 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum shouting what happened to Aarti. They all rush to ask Aarti. Tabassum asks what happened, open the door. Aarti stops Muskaan and shuts her mouth. She asks Muskaan to trust her and hide, she will tell her everything. She opens the door and says I was fighting a battle with cockroach. Tabassum says you scared me. Suzaine says I will help you. Aarti says no, this is my fight, I will fight alone. Tabassum asks Aarti to come downstairs. They all leave.

Muskaan says I m a cockroach, you are so bad. Aarti says you aren’t. Ghosh talks to kids. Sapna says I want to become a pilot and fly. Rakhi slaps her and scolds. Aarti stops Rakhi. Rakhi asks what will happen if Sapna dreams, my daughter won’t see dreams, you also saw dreams, what happened with you. Aarti says what if

wrong happened with me, she has a right to dream. Rakhi says you won’t understand to have a daughter. Aarti gets sad. Muskaan makes a call to talk to Priya. Sujoy and Sapna go to practice with Guru ji. Rakhi says I m their mum, not you, will you teach me how to handle them. She scolds Aarti. Aarti gets sad. Tabassum asks Aarti not to worry, Muskaan won’t come here, I remember my promise, till Muskaan is away, none can put ghungroo in her legs, just pray that Muskaan never steps in here. Muskaan tells Payal about the game. She asks her to talk to principal. Payal asks her to listen to her once. Chadda comes and says Sapna will become like Aarti when she grows up, I wish Aarti’s daughter was alive, I would have got much money for her. Aarti shouts Chadda…. don’t talk about her. Chadda argues.

Tabassum asks Aarti to go upstairs. Payal says principal told us that you are baad and you came from bad place, your mum is really bad. Muskaan cries and asks why are you saying this, don’t call my mumma bad. Aarti comes to room and hears Muskaan. Muskaan ends call and hugs Aarti. She says Payal said this place is bad. Aarti says no, I will tell everything, your principal and I had a big fight. Muskaan asks why. Aarti says he called you liar, you acted to meet me, I told him that you can’t call Muskaan a liar, then we had a fight. Muskaan asks why didn’t you tell me before.

Aarti says do something in life that no one can deny you, get educated well. Muskaan agrees. Aarti says don’t let anyone question your identity, you are really good. Muskaan nods. Aarti says I have to take care of everyone, I will just come. Tabassum asks Aarti to go and get ready. Aarti says I was thinking to go and meet Muskaan. Tabassum says fine, go. Aarti takes food for Muskaan. She asks Muskaan to sit in room and study. Muskaan promises that she will study well. Sujoy and Sapna play hide and seek. He sees Muskaan again. Sapna says you lost, what happened. Sujoy shows Muskaan to Sapna. Sapna and Sujoy check her. Muskaan says first promise me, you won’t tell anyone about me. Sapna says promise, make Sujoy promise too. Muskaan says I have to become ghost if he tells them. He says no, I promise. Muskaan says we are friends now.

Muskaan plays with Sujoy and Sapna. Rakhi comes to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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