Muskaan 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti insults Sir ji

Muskaan 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji saying Aarti, you were Tabassum’s pride before. She asks him to free her, she wants to go back to Muskaan. He asks how shall I forgive you for insulting me. She apologizes to him. She says if you want, you can do anything. He says you said right, I can do anything if I want, I can get you free, but why will I want this, why shall I think good for you, tell me, did you do good to me. She cries. He says I will forget everything, but on one condition, you say yes easily and then you change, I think I have to be sure. She says I won’t do this again, please me for the last time, I m ready to bear all the pain. He says fine, this will be the last chance. Muskaan washes many clothes and wants to rush to school.

She sees Aarti’s reflection. She asks Lumi was Aarti

hurt, why was her clothes stained by blood. Lumi says no, that was sindoor color. Sir ji gives the papers to Aarti. She thanks him for freeing her. He says its papers of Muskaan’s freedom from you, she will belong to Tabassum now, not you, the children shouldn’t be punished for parents’ mistake. She gets shocked. He says you won’t have any relation with Muskaan, your daughter won’t get happiness if she stays with you. Sujoy asks won’t you go to school. Muskaan says I have to wash clothes. Sujoy asks her to go fast, she will manage. Sapna says I will tell mummy. Sujoy scolds her. Sapna shouts to Rakhi. Rakhi comes and saves Sapna from getting hurt. She says face is much imp, you should be fine. She scolds Sujoy.

She says Muskaan is no one to you, Sapna is my diamond and you are black coal for me, I m helpless to raise you, I know you won’t be loyal to me ever. Sujoy argues with her. Tabassum looks on. Sir ji says break all relations with Muskaan. Aarti tears the papers and throws on Sir ji. She says I have courage of a mother, you have broken women’s courage all the time, I was wrong to have hope from you, these papers can’t end my story.

Sir ji laughs and says your story will end in the market now, Muskaan will be sold there, I will see how much courage you have. She asks will you have courage to do this in front of a mother, you might have courage, you would have done the same with your mum too. He gets angry and hits her. He scolds her. She says I hate you. She spits on his face and says you won’t be able to do anything. She humiliates him. He goes angrily. Inspector says you know what you have done. She says I m a mum and can fight with even Lord for my child. Sujoy goes out of window and asks Muskaan to come with him if he wants. Muskaan says you help me a lot, how can I let you go. He says I won’t go. He promises her and hugs. Muskaan says I have done all the work, I will run to school now.

Tabassum asks her to stop. Sir ji comes home and stops Muskaan. Muskaan says I got late for school. He says you won’t go anywhere now. She says let me go, teacher won’t let me come and punish me, please. He says your time is going to change now, you will go where I take you. She says I don’t want to go anywhere. He takes her back home. Muskaan asks him to let her go. Everyone looks on. Muskaan says I have done all the work, why are you stopping me. Tabassum asks what’s the matter. Sir ji says I have changed, Muskaan won’t be here, I m taking her with me. They get shocked. Suzaine asks do you want to write anything else in her fate. Sir ji says shut up, no one will talk in between. He scolds them. He takes Muskaan with him.

Sir ji shoots down Muskaan. She falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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