Muskaan 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan wants to meet family

Muskaan 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti cooking food. She gets busy. Muskaan studies in room. She goes out and sees Sujoy and Sapna playing. Rakhi gets angry seeing her lazy children. Muskaan plays with marbles. Sujoy sees her and gets shocked. He asks who are you. She acts like a ghost and scares her. He runs away. Sapna comes. Sujoy says I have seen the ghost, she is a scary girl. Sapna says you think of ghost always. Muskaan scares him. He faints. Sapna worries. Muskaan hides from Rakhi. Rakhi sees Sujoy and rushes. Sujoy gets conscious and thinks of Muskaan. Rakhi asks him the matter. She scolds him.

Aarti says he is a kid, this would happen, its not good to beat him. Rakhi says they are my children, I can beat them, why are you saying in between. Aarti says this is not your sasural, we are your family. She

goes. Muskaan looks on.

Aarti comes to her room and locks door. She asks Muskaan what is she doing. She lies that her dad has gone to earn money. Muskaan asks does he send money. Aarti says yes, so I can buy your books. Muskaan thinks Sujoy and Sapna’s dad isn’t good, my dad is good. She smiles. Rakhi doesn’t like the clothes. Suzaine asks the man to show other clothes. He says its bridal wear, its not for you. Suzaine argues with the man. Jaya looks on. Tabassum sees Jaya and gets sad. Jaya goes to her room and cries. Tabassum consoles her.

Jaya says I was afraid of darkness in childhood, I used to run to my mum and feel safe, but my mum pushed me into this darkness today. Tabassum says I can give you a shoulder to cry, but not anything more. Suzaine stops the man and asks him to get out. Aarti and Tabassum scold the man and ask him to leave. The man pays money and gets an entry. Muskaan sees the makeup items in Suzaine’s room. Suzaine comes there and sees the nail paint open. She says who would have done this. Jaya thinks did Muskaan come here. Jaya sends Suzaine and asks Muskaan to come out. Muskaan says you will make me lose the game some day. Lumi says I have to shop something for my sister, will you come along. Aarti agrees. Lumi thanks her.

Tabassum asks won’t you go and meet Muskaan, is everything fine. Aarti says what shall I do, Muskaan isn’t getting time, I m sad and you also keep reminding me. She thinks mum is doubting, I have to do something. Sujoy and Sapna try to call the ghost. Jaya sees them. Sujoy says don’t tell mum, else we will get slapped, I have seen the ghost, its some girl. Jaya worries. Aarti comes to Muskaan. Muskaan says we will surprise everyone, the game will end today, I have to meet everyone. Aarti worries. Muskaan says my holidays are ending, I have to go school. Aarti says you can’t go to school. Muskaan asks why. Aarti says there is curfew. Muskaan says you are lying, I have to meet everyone right away. She runs and knocks the door. Everyone gets shocked. Aarti worries.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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